The Unbearable Derp Of AOC

The Unbearable Derp Of AOC

The Unbearable Derp Of AOC

It’s like these women have a private competition. Alleged Veep Kamala Harris and Congressreptile Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, that is. The battle is for who can drip the most derp out of their gaping maws. Harris rarely speaks for more than a few minutes at a derp. Harris’s scripted speeches are stunningly bad, but she nods her head vigorously at the end, gives a cackle, well pleased with herself, as in her “passage of time” speech. AOC, on the other end of the spectrum, loves the rambling, stream of consciousness derp. She really buys into her own hype. She is a deep thinker, just ask her.

AOC took the competition to new depths with her Instagram live, dorm room philosophy jive the other night. It was nearly one hour long. The main subject of AOC’s derp disquisition was the horrific murder of 19 children and two adults in Uvalde, Texas. Thematically, she hates white men, corporations and America. Although Sandy Cortez is engaged to a fly white guy, a ginger no less, she has serious white patriarch issues. The world would be perfect if it weren’t for white supremacy:

AOC’s district includes the Bronx. Maybe she could pay attention to her own district. The New York Post ran this headline: “23 alleged Bronx gang members busted after ‘wildly’ shooting on streets, bragging in drill rap songs”. I have a feeling this wasn’t a gang of white supremacists. AOC cares about criminal justice reform and defunding the police, but cares not a whit about the victims of violence, unless she can use them politically.

And, speaking of the patriarchy and white supremacy, all of the heads of social media companies are men. From The Post Millennial:

“I mean, and who’s managing — who’s in charge of all of these platforms that are perpetuating this misinformation and violence? Men,” said Ocasio-Cortez. “Mark Zuckerberg, where you at bro? Where are you at? 4chan. Reddit. What’s up? Because all these little things that they’re talking about when they say free speech, they don’t actually mean it. Because they don’t they don’t protect all speech. They do draw a line at some point.”
“But you know, people like Mark Zuckerberg are busy having dinner with Tucker Carlson, who’s also airing little great replacement theories that are inciting violence. And he’s platforming the very people that mass shooters are citing in their own very clearly written manifestos,” she continued.

Dollars to donuts that AOC has not read any of the manifestos. Then, OAC goes to the Olive Garden Unlimited Salad Bowl of word salads:

“And, you know, like, check on the men in your life, seriously,” she said.
“Because there’s, it just feels like there’s very few, like role models and examples of people talking about this in healthy ways,” Ocasio-Cortez continued.

“And it’s a big problem, because there are a lot of crises. And especially as we try to evolve out of a world that is predatory on women, gay, non-binary and trans people, because traditional regressive, you know, patriarchal values, really create men’s identity in relation — create, like, men’s identity, and uplift men’s identity in relation to other things, in relation to like, how women treat them, how much stuff they have, et cetera,” she said.

“And when, for a very long period of time, we have been taught that trans and non-binary and, and women are less than, as they say, in oppressive societies, equality feels like oppression, and so I think they’re, you know, there are a lot of structures that are having identity crises right now because there is progress towards equality. But there is such a thing as healthy masculinity that is not rooted in the subjugation of other people, and that other people’s full personhood does not detract from that,” she said.

My ability to diagram a sentence is having an identity crisis right now. AOC needs to get out and meet some “normies”. Gay, straight, trans, Black, Brown or White, the normies are out here trying to live their best lives without hating anyone.

In case you are a glutton for punishment, here is the full video of the derp:

My Sweet Baby Jesus, that girl is dumb. For a common sense take, read Victory Girls’ own Cameron’s thoughts on the need for active fathers in the home.

I hope that Kamala isn’t going to speak anywhere this weekend. The unbearable derp of AOC is enough for one week.

Featured Image: Miki Jourdan/ and altered/Creative Commons

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  • Sam L. says:

    I will not read or listen to whatever Kamala or AOC writes or speaks.

  • DevilDog Ding says:

    She’s a simpleton alright, but she’s got bodacious tatas, which probably explains something.

  • Windy Wilson says:

    That cackle at the end by the “Oppucant” of the office of VP reminds me of the trained chickens that used to play a tune in the cages as sort of live vending machines in rural areas of the midwest. I am of an age to remember the tail end of them, and they used to cackle at the end when they got the pellet of feed.
    Her speeches bear a haunting resemblance to the tunes the chickens used to peck out for their reward.

  • Scott says:

    That girl is looking at dumb in the rearview mirror!

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