Kamala Harris: Top 3 Worst Soundbites Of 2021

Kamala Harris: Top 3 Worst Soundbites Of 2021

Kamala Harris: Top 3 Worst Soundbites Of 2021

Did everyone expect Kamala Harris to be this bad at her job? I think the obvious answer, given how she dropped out before an actual primary vote was held, is yes.

But with Joe Biden‘s handlers resurrecting her national profile by deciding that she was exactly the intersectional candidate they wanted, Kamala Harris is now vice president. Maybe, in the long run, that will have been a good thing because it will have kept her from being another Barbara Boxer or Dianne Feinstein, being a senator from California in electoral pepetuity until retirement or death. In the short run, we are in deep trouble, because Harris is deeply incompetent and one fall down the stairs away from being president of the United States.

Nobody likes her. And yet we can’t get rid of her. Thanks, Joe Biden!

That being said, here are the Top 3 Worst Soundbites that actually came out of Kamala Harris’s mouth during 2021. Yes, this list could have been longer, but no one has all day to read that post. In no particular order, here are my picks…

3) Kamala Harris campaigns for Terry McAuliffe in church.
Campaigning for Terry McAuliffe wasn’t the problem. Doing it in church was the problem. And listen to how Kamala Harris sounds while she’s doing it. Do you honestly believe that she is a sincere churchgoer who is reaching out to the black community for their benefit? Or does she sound like a deeply cynical politician who is trying to make sure that the Democrats scrape up all the votes they can at the last minute?

And the worst part is that we all know that if Mike Pence had stumped for any Republican candidate for governor by pre-recording and broadcasting a video message that would be shown in churches, the Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) would have had conniption fits on national television, demanding that the IRS start yanking non-profit status from those churches immediately. Kamala Harris does this? Not a peep.

2) Kamala Harris can’t get her message straight on the southern border.
Okay, I admit that this is kind of cheating on my part. But honestly, Harris is just so bad at talking to the press, and it was never more apparent when she was trying to explain herself on her first trip abroad. Joe Biden put Kamala Harris in charge of the border, and then she promptly tried to dodge any responsibility for the job itself. It wasn’t until she was taking her trip to Guatemala and Mexico that the press finally caught up to her… and the end result was a cornucopia of ridiculous quotes that showed just how bad she is at her job.

“And I haven’t been to Europe!”
“But when I’m in Guatemala (giggle) dealing with root causes, I think we should have a conversation about what’s going on in Guatemala!”
“I’ve said I’m going to go to the border!”
“I’m not finished (disgusted chuckle)…”
Oh yeah, Kamala Harris is a real charmer. Even with as desperate as the press is to cover for Biden, they won’t do it for Kamala.

1) Kamala Harris slanders the Border Patrol.
It wasn’t just Kamala Harris who threw the Border Patrol under the bus. But because Harris was SUPPOSED TO BE the person “in charge” of fixing the southern border, her words allegedly carried more weight. And these were, hands down, absolutely horrible.

As we all know, this entire fake story was concocted by the media, who was desperate to cover up the actual crisis at the border. And the entire Biden administration bought it hook, line, and sinker, because it covered their asses. And Kamala Harris was more than happy to dishonestly smear the Border Patrol because doing so distracted the media from her own pathetic job performance. And the “investigation” has turned up… nothing. The Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Inspector General DECLINED to investigate, and sent it back to the Border Patrol’s Office of Professional Responsibility. Which means that the agents involved are essentially going to be scolded by their HR department, because NO WHIPPING OCCURED. There was NO crime, no assault. This story has died in the national media, but it has become the launchpad for a lawsuit by the Haitian illegals involved – who want to return to the country that treated them so badly and deported them while their case goes through the courts, surprise!

The reason this quote by Kamala Harris made the #1 slot is because she didn’t wait to see what had happened. She was desperate to sound “tough” and “authoritative” and took the opportunity to slime the Border Patrol because that was the quick and easy way to do it. She showed zero leadership – she let herself be led through the nose by a sensationalist media whose own photographer said the “whipping” never happened. But why attempt to learn the facts when the media presents you with the perfect opportunity to cover your ass?

We have three more years with Kamala Harris on the national stage. She will either be waiting in the wings for Joe Biden to fall down to the point that Jill Biden and Ron Klain can no longer prop him up to appear sentient, or in charge herself. Brace yourselves, everyone, because the Kamala Harris Experience is only going to get more obnoxiously dangerous.

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