Kavanaugh Hearing: Soulless, Democrat Douche Contest

Kavanaugh Hearing: Soulless, Democrat Douche Contest

Kavanaugh Hearing: Soulless, Democrat Douche Contest

The Kavanaugh Hearing today made the Clarence Thomas Hearing look like a lovely tea with the Queen. As everyone knew they would, the Dummocrats on the Judiciary Committee praised Christine Blasey Ford for her courage and bravery and her believability. The Republicans used Rachel Mitchell to ask their questions. For the morning session as Victory Girls’ wonderful Deanna Fisher wrote, Rachel Mitchell was the clear winner. Read Deanna’s piece here. Just so you know, I do not believe Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted Blasey Ford or anyone else. I believe that Dr. Blasey Ford has been sexually assaulted and is psychologically quite fragile in her very nature.

Now, that we have that out of the way, let’s get on to the afternoon session. Rachel Mitchell was an epic fail here. At the break, I saw Lindsey Graham and John Cornyn talking and thought, “A change is about to come.” And it did. Yes, we all agree Lindsey Graham finally found his manhood again. Charles Grassley is righteously angry, at last. Brett Kavanaugh showed his completely understandable emotions.

Senator Charles Grassley swears in Dr. Christine Blasey Ford at the morning session of the Kavanaugh Hearing. Photo credit: AP/Tom Williams

But, my people, let us now Dish on the Dems. The Democrats must have gotten together before the hearing started and decided to have a contest. The contest was “Who Could Be the Most Soulless Douche Contest?” And, boy, did they all go for it. We’ll go through them all, but let’s start with the Rank Member (Yes, I did that on purpose.).

1. Dianne Feinstein: This aged hag bounced between “I didn’t hide Ford’s allegations” and “I didn’t leak Ford’s letter”. Maybe her Chinese spy did it. Chairman Charles Grassley was frustrated with DiFi as was the SCOTUS nominee. The woman is 85 and fecking old. Time to retire DiFi. She is soulless, but low on the total douche scale. I am blaming senile dementia in her hippocampus.

2. Patrick Leahy: Speaking of old. He is only 78 but looks older. Did you know the combined ages of the Senators from Vermont is 155 years. Bernie Sanders and Leahy are the Senators. Dayum, Vermont, is that all you got? Leahy was most interested in Kavanaugh’s high school year book and drinking. From the looks of Senator Leahy, he might know about alcopops. Thundering anger about a high school year book and beer. Leahy is soulless and a douche, but does he have the vim and vigor needed to pull out a win?

3. Dick Durbin: For the love of God, Illinois, give us a break. Durbin is a lawyer and has been a U.S. Senator for two decades. He knows the Senate Judiciary Committee has it’s own investigators which made his stunt soulless and douchey. From “Fox News.com”:

Durbin, as part of his questioning of Kavanaugh Thursday, challenged the Supreme Court nominee to himself request an FBI investigation of the allegations.

“I’ve got a suggestion for you. Right now, turn to your left, in the front row, to [White House Counsel] Don McGahn,” Durbin said. “Ask him to suspend this hearing and nomination process until the FBI completes its investigation of the charges made by Dr. Ford and others.”

Durbin knows these sexual assault charges are polecat excrement. Durbin has a real shot at winning the soulless douche championship.

4. Sheldon Whitehouse: This mental midget with a smile like the Grinch claimed the Republicans were conspiring to deny Blasey Ford a fair hearing. Not even minor league douchery. Go home Sheldon. You don’t even get a participation trophy.

5. Amy Klobuchar: Minnesota is cold and frigid much like…never mind. This woman is a piker in the douche and soulless category. Give her a few years and she could equal DiFi. No participation trophy for her either.

6. Christopher Coons: Like his state Delaware, Coons is little. I mean, in intelligence, imagination and philosophy. Nope to this loser. Just postpone for a week and let the FBI investigate. Loser.

7. Richard Blumenthal: I have a special hatred in my heart for Richard Blumenthal. I lived in Connecticut and didn’t care for the State. The whole State. And, as a military daughter, mother and aunt, I despise people who lie about their service. Richard Blumenthal lied about deployment. Since he has no understanding in his hippocampus about hypocrisy, he opened his pie hole after the session:

Jerk face hypocritical liar. Definite contender for the the Soulless Douche winner.

8. Mazie Hirono: She is a man-hating, partisan hack. Not smart enough to be soulless or douchey. Mahalo, beyotch.

9. Cory Booker:


10. Kamala Harris: Oh these two youthful contenders have it all. Youth, overweening ambition, craven desire for power. Booker has admitted to groping in high school and doesn’t see the hypocrisy in his questioning of Kavanaugh. Truly soulless.

And, Harris plays to the camera like a champion. Dripping condescension from the Obama School of Acting, she is definitely in it for the long haul.

Definitely both contenders.

Okay VG readers. I have laid it all out for you. It’s your turn. Which Dummocrat won the “Most Soulless Douche Contest”? Let’s hear it.

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  • Skillyboo says:

    I fear democrats, with this charade, have lowered the moral standards of decency and civility for generations to come. They have demonstrated to their followers that no low is too low and violence will soon be the next logical step that they will take. Sad times, very sad times.

  • GWB says:

    If anyone wonders why there ever was a LIB* movement, this is exactly why. There are days (like today) when it’s very difficult to muster the energy to bother to defend our once-beautiful and once-free nation. Burn it down now so we can start rebuilding.

    And NO, Trump will not save us. All he’s done so far is stop greasing the zipline to hell. (That’s a big thing, but it ain’t enough.)

    (* LIB = Let It Burn.)

  • Robin H says:

    Durbin and Bloomenthal are tied for my vote. Durbin for his berating of Kavanaugh enough that Grassley had to intervene and Bloomenthal for his quote about lies.

    Kamala and Cory are just trying to outdo each other in advance of the 2020 elections. They think they have what it takes to take on Trump. LOL

    There were no winners here today, and the biggest loser was our Republic.

  • Macx says:

    Tie for first. All of ‘em

  • BWitt says:

    When Kissinger was asked about the Iraq/Iran war in the 80’s, he is said to have remarked it was a pity they both couldn’t lose.

    In the spirit of that quip, I think all decent people should be generous and loudly exclaim they all won. They all took various bites of the Big Cheese soufflé douche.

    Every. Damn. One. Of. Them.

  • Flying Dutchman says:

    DiFi. Two reasons:

    1. She led the whingeing about an FBI investigation, whilst sitting on evidence which could have been handed over to the Agency and investigated right off the top as part of their background check.

    2. She violated her own constituent’s request for anonymity when she didn’t have to, then blamed the constituent.

    She is directly responsible for eviscerating two people and their families, one of which had placed enormous trust in her. The law can’t even name such a crime, let alone punish it.


  • Ralph says:

    Listening to Hirono, reminded me of listening to historic recordings of Tokyo Rose, or Hanoi Hannah. Her twisted logic made me want to throw my remote at the TV when I saw her image, or heard her voice. It’s the kind of cold, calculating, soulless calm that Satan may have displayed while attempting to tempt Christ for 40 days, and nights. I mean seriously, Hirono, and her cohorts are putting Kavanaugh on what amounts to a trial, and she slyly suggests to Ford that the Witch Hunt that Kavanaugh is enduring, is merely a job interview process. What? The dems made up their mind before the hearings began, that they weren’t collectively going to vote for Kavanaugh’s confirmation. So, for this propaganda generator to suggest that Ford’s accusations shouldn’t be scrutinized, because this is merely Kavanaugh’s job interview, in my opinion, makes Hirono the number one candidate for soulless douche.

  • Rdm says:

    Manchin, for being a soulless coward and not doing what he should have done long ago and just given Schumer the finger.

  • DontGetOutMuch says:

    Sparticus: Hypocrite of the year award winner falls short and is only runner up in the total Douche contest.
    Kamala (I’ll put you down as a no) Harris: Winner winner chicken dinner. (Query: Is that racist?) I don’t know what it is about Senator Harris as a person, but she is just the creepiest most evil person I believe I have ever viewed on television. Including fictional characters. I have not met her in person, but onscreen she comes across as more evil than Hannibal Lecter.

  • Rick Caird says:

    ” I believe that Dr. Blasey Ford has been sexually assaulted and is psychologically quite fragile in her very nature.”

    I disagree. I have some experience with recovered memory and will say that recovered memories are usually false memories. People that experience the trauma of something like rape do not forget for 30 years, In fact, they pretty much never forget. They may miss details, but the actual event is always with them. Elizabeth Loftus did work on false memory when we were in the midst of the horrifying cacophony accusations from recovered memory in the 80’s. Patients, with the help of their therapists, often manage to construct these narratives to explain their own behavior and feelings. That is why this “Believe the Woman” hash tag is so frightening.
    Without some evidence, do not believe anyone claiming recovered memory. It is not accurate.

    • GWB says:

      This isn’t a case of a “recovered” memory, though. It was a suppressed memory, in the sense of “I’ve tried to forget this for 30 years, and I finally need to deal with it.”

      I will agree with the “manage to construct these narratives to explain their own behavior and feelings” bit. I have my own stupidity that I’ve tried to forget over the years, and the ego certainly tries to blur certain bits and put a filter on others. (Since it’s my own stupidity, it’s enough that I remember it did happen; specifics aren’t important to reinforcing “don’t ever do anything like that again.”)

  • Paul Izzo says:

    I vote for Hazy Mazie. When she said shut up males and step up, she meant shut up, kneel and submit to SJW mob rule. I’m not big on submitting to mob rule.

  • Brien Downes says:


  • Hillary.

    You know its true.

  • Jim says:

    My senator Durbin is an oily POS. He’s the Eddie Haskell of the Senate. He could propose a Cute Puppies Get Hugs law, and I’d be suspicious of his motives.

  • GWB says:

    Sort of like super-delegates, I have to give a determinative amount of points to Feinstein for starting this whole mess with the leaks and such (and, evidently throwing the accuser, herself, under the bus with the lawerly shenanigans).

    None of the other points awarded can overcome that bit, so I have to declare Feinstein as the winner.

  • Tim says:

    I think you’re letting your judgement be swayed by the bright and shiny things here. Sure Harris and Booker are showing great potential to become paragons of DC corruption but I don’t think either is the complete package yet. They need a few more years of moral corrosion. Then it will be as visible to the naked eye as is corruption on the bleak face of Richard Blumenthal. I’d say Blumenthal richly deserves the soulless douche title at the present time.

  • bud says:

    Blumenthal by a length, with Hirono for Place and Durbin at Show. Feinswine made an valiant effort, but her sge showed in a distant 4th.

    Smarmy beats Stupidly Egotistic and Corrupt Pro.

  • opus says:

    Your take is so close to mine it’s scary. Many of these clowns are caricatures and light weights. I can almost go with Bud/s slate but mine is Blumie, Harris and Durbin. Three failures from failed states. Bloomie wins because when ever I see him I can’t decide whether to retch or get the punching bag out. I’ve never despised a politician like that guy ,

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