Kamala Harris Pulls Another Flip Flop

Kamala Harris Pulls Another Flip Flop

Kamala Harris Pulls Another Flip Flop

Ah yes, another day, another Kamala Harris complete reversal of what she said on camera before.

It’s moments like this that illustrate just what a poor choice for vice president Kamala Harris truly was. Harris has a long reputation as a female John Kerry – being for things before she was against them. But this latest one is a REAL doozy, mostly because we all saw it coming.

Yes, you saw that with your very own eyes. Kamala the champion of the environment, who vowed to ban fracking, is proving yet again that she will say ANYTHING to get elected. The best part is that it’s all on video.

The Democrats have a huge problem. Joe Biden’s cognitive decline is becoming more and more apparent every time he is let out of the basement.

And Kamala Harris is pretty much writing Trump campaign ads at this point. Every time she flip flops, that’s an instant ad being made. This is the problem with being chosen for your skin color and your gender, rather than your political convictions. Kamala Harris has zero political convictions. She will do or say anything to make sure she stays in office. And she’s pretty dumb about it, as well.

Which is why the media are now having to go fully in the tank for the Democrats and not even hide it. Biden gets softball questions about the “state of Trump’s soul” and “getting angry,” while Kamala gets to skate away from her obvious flip flop because the media need Biden to win. Even as media columnist Ben Smith, formerly of Buzzfeed and currently writing for the New York Times, begs the press to not make themselves part of the political process (while not quite being able to tamp down his own loathing of Donald Trump), the press continues to push their own narratives. The call has gone out. Cover for Biden, even though if half of Biden’s videotaped gaffes had happened to Ronald Reagan, the press would have been screeching. Not push Harris, even though she is being caught in her own web of deceit. Take the talking points and blame the riots on Donald Trump supporters, even though Biden staffers and Kamala Harris were busy trying to bail out the rioters back in late May/early June.

So will Kamala Harris get away with not explaining her now chill attitude toward fracking, after insisting that she was going to ban it a year ago? The media absolutey will let her do that. The Trump campaign had better not.

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  • cthulhu says:

    Shouldn’t that be “Heels-Up Harris Pulls Another Filp-Flop Train”?

    I’m in California, so I’ve had extra time to get tired of her.

  • RockThisTown says:

    Democrats have no shame. Tell a Whopper Jr one day. Tell a regular Whopper the next day. Then tell a full Whopper Meal to cover for the previous Whoppers.

  • Penny Periwinkle says:

    Harris is a politican. Politicians frequently flip flop on their views. This is nothing new. It’s fair to call Harris out on her flip flops, but flip flopping is common for political candidates. How about an article on Trump’s flip flops? Wasn’t he generally okay with abortion before he was against it? Didnt he question Obama’s birthplace for years before he announced Obama was born in the United States? One thing Trump has been consistemt about is the Central Park Five. Trump took out an ad in a New York City newspaper in response to the charges against the Central Park Five,calling for the death penalty. Years later, the Central Park Five were cleared of all charges through the confession of the actual assailant and through DNA evidence. Hasn’t Trump continued to say that the Central Park Five were guilty? Should Trump be commended for holding steadfast on this?.

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