John Bolton Named National Security Advisor, The Pearl Clutching Reaction Is Epic [VIDEO]

John Bolton Named National Security Advisor, The Pearl Clutching Reaction Is Epic [VIDEO]

John Bolton Named National Security Advisor, The Pearl Clutching Reaction Is Epic [VIDEO]

McMaster is out. John Bolton is in. That news hit the wires early last evening and boy howdy, did it put some knots in people’s shorts!

President Donald Trump will replace National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster with John Bolton on April 9, the White House announced late Thursday.

Bolton, a former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, is a hawkish conservative with a pugnacious streak – and a frequent guest on the Fox News Channel.

He is also a fierce opponent of the Obama-era Iran nuclear deal.

At one time a vacillating potential presidential candidate, the plainspoken yet curmudgeonly Bolton will become Trump’s third chief national security aide in his 14-month presidency.

Former Ambassador Bolton has indeed been opposed to the Iran Deal. He’s made his stance clear many times. Here he is with the late Alan Colmes.

Bolton is correct. Iran has violated the deal since the beginning of the negotiations! Needless to say, we here at Victory Girls have wanted the Iran Deal sent to the trash heap from the get go. So having Bolton become National Security Advisor in that respect looks to be a very good thing. Well, unless you are a Democrat or liberal – which are really one and the same – but I digress.

John Bolton has some serious credentials. Not the least of which involved serving as Ambassador to the United Nations. Not an easy task for any one. Furthermore, his credentials concerning foreign policy and national security concerns are a plus. As for being named so soon to the post?

“I didn’t really expect that announcement this afternoon,” Bolton said during an interview with Fox News.

“But it’s obviously a great honor. It’s always an honor to serve our country and I think particularly in these times, internationally, it’s a particular honor,” he added.

He released this statement later on.

However, the Democrat/Liberals aren’t fans. Brit Hume called it.

In fact, the caterwauling and pearl clutching ramped up to eleventy billion within about 30 seconds of the announcement. Here’s a few of the gems.


Oh OUCH…and for the double OUCH

Tinfoil Kurt shows up with an anecdote pulled from the black hole residing near Pluto.

CNN just can’t help themselves.

It’s so cute how they try so damned hard to ignore his very real credentials because TRUMP!!

Meanwhile, how about them Democrats in Congress?

This from Bernie, who thinks communists and socialists are the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Funny that, considering Kirsten voted to continue funding the War in Iraq….

Meanwhile, we MUST. FREAK. OUT!

Keith Ellison might want to rethink this…

Ellison is an advocate of Islam and Antifa, plus he is a very good pal and friend to anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan. So you tell me, who is more dangerous?

Rational thinkers. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! That really and truly does NOT describe Adam Schiff. Quite the opposite in fact.

By the way, we have yet to hear from the cutesy little White House staffers who leak like a sieve. Then again, Bolton’s comments regarding that were SPOT ON.

Yes indeed. Those who leak are causing untold damage. They need to be found and fired ASAP.

Meanwhile, the pearl clutching will continue regarding John Bolton’s appointment as National Security Advisor. Quite frankly, the more the fainting couches are utilized, the more it tells me that this appointment was a good thing for the security of this Republic.

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  • GWB says:

    Between Bolton and Haley, we just might actually stand up to the marxists in the UN! And the ones in our own government!

  • Skillyboo says:

    The leftists resent that President Trump has once again strengthened his team and pulled their prayer rug out from under them yet again.

  • Scott says:

    It does appear that Brian Shatz his pants over this appointment..Ellison is a clown who supports ISIS over US.. Schiff is a joke, and makes that all the more clear everytime he gets his mug on camera (which is everytime there’s a camera withing 100 yds..) Like when he just claimed that the republican report from the intelligence committee showing that there was no collusion was completely political… the hypocrisy was staggering… but not at all unusual for those with a (D) after their name… lets face it, they wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them on the ass, and they damn sure could never admit the truth, because it would destroy their entire agenda / narrative..

  • Flying Dutchman says:

    Fear the ‘Stache! John Bolton is a no-bullsh!t kind of guy who is exactly the right person for this job.

    Well played, President Trump, and Godspeed, Mr. Bolton.

  • Davod says:

    Is that the Soviet star I seen behind the CPAC sign?

  • Greg says:

    This makes me feel a whole lot better.

  • richard40 says:

    I thought McMasters was OK, but I like John Bolton as well, good replacement.

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