Jan 6 Report: All Trump And Little Else

Jan 6 Report: All Trump And Little Else

Jan 6 Report: All Trump And Little Else

We can expect lots of words in the Jan 6 report. As for anything of substance? It’s looking like that will be difficult to find.

Evidently the report is in the final editing stages and will be fully released on December 21st. An early Christmas present for the Democrats and media I’m sure. What will be contained in the report? As noted above, very little substance. 

The Jan. 6 select committee’s final report will begin with a voluminous executive summary describing former President Donald Trump’s culpability for his extensive and baseless effort to subvert the 2020 election, according to people briefed on its contents.

Drafts of the report, which the people briefed say have been circulating among committee members for weeks, include thousands of footnotes drawn from the panel’s interviews and research over the past 16 months into Trump’s activities in the frenzied final weeks that preceded Jan. 6, 2021 — when a mob of his supporters battered police and stormed the Capitol.

*Sigh. I tell you, the Democrat media never fails to disappoint. I’m still waiting for the video and photo footage showing the actual destruction they keep blathering about. Statues destroyed? None mentioned. Priceless paintings slashed or defaced? No reports of the same to this day. Anything set on fire? Bupkis. 

But yes, this so-called ‘attack’ was the worst thing ever! No, it was a stupid stupid move by many. And those who’ve been languishing in jail and facing charges have been finally pleading guilty (I wish they hadn’t, but I understand) to such heinous charges of loitering, yelling, taking a coat rack, grandstanding, and getting prison time for gesticulating… I kid you not. 

Will the Jan 6 report go into detail about the events AT the Capitol that day? That would be a no. There will be, after the long very wordy executive summary, eight chapters for everyone to digest. 

So, the report will focus on what Trump supposedly did and said to incite those horrible mobs of people. The laughable thing is that all the members of the committee STILL insist it was a bipartisan committee. 

How do you corrupt the DOJ when we’ve already seen that it has been weaponized on multiple levels?? Russia, Steele Dossier, election intimidation years ago and letting the PA Black Panthers stake are just a few that come to mind. So for the Jan 6 report to try and assert that somehow, someway the DOJ wasn’t corrupted but Trump TRIED to corrupt the agency? Don’t make me laugh. 

As for the summoning of the mob. How will they prove that? Then there’s the 187 minutes of inaction that they’ll devote a WHOLE chapter too! Will they include discussion as to what the Capitol police did and DIDN’T do during that time period. Of course not. Because it blows the Jan 6 narrative all to hell. Keep in mind, Nancy Pelosi is on record for refusing to add more law enforcement to the Capitol, the Ellipse, and surrounding areas. Will that be discussed in the report? Nope. 

How about anything from the Secret Service? It will be interesting to see how that information is handled in the report.

One thing is for certain, ALL the members of the Jan 6 committee are pushing for the DOJ to indict Trump based upon the information they will have cobbled together. 

Once the report is released there will be a press conference party. 

“There will be some form of public presentation, we haven’t decided exactly what that will be,” he said.

The panel could also vote on making criminal referrals to the Department of Justice the same day, Thompson added.

Adam Kinzinger is SUPER positive that the DOJ will investigate and quickly conclude Trump is guilty of …whatever because SYMBOLISM!!

“But I do think it will be an important symbolic thing that the committee can do — or even more than symbolic, just very clear that Congress thinks, you know, a crime has been committed here and the DOJ should investigate it.”

Given most of those arrested for supposed rioting and treason have been charged, as noted above, for misdemeanors, please tell me WHAT crime has Trump committed. 

Schiff and all the Democrats want so badly for Trump et al to be guilty of anything… they’ll just throw crap at the wall in this Jan 6 report and hope something will stick. 

If they keep repeating that Trump is guilty, then eventually he’ll be guilty is their thought process. 

As with the millions of our taxpayer dollars wasted on this very partisan Democrat committee, the hearings were a dud and sham, and this report will have little if anything of substance in it. 

Feature Photo Credit: Crowd on Jan 6 at US Capitol via Wikimedia Commons, cropped and modified

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  • Scott says:

    Won’t be a word about Ray Epps, or the Feds behind the Fedsurrection… It was a false flag op from the get go, that got a small number of pissed off folks to go along.. Classic tactic that Goebbels would be proud of.

    And since the fools on the committee are either in on it, or too damn stupid to figure it out, we’ll never hear the truth from them

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