Iran Achieves 20% Uranium Enrichment, NY Times Blames Trump

Iran Achieves 20% Uranium Enrichment, NY Times Blames Trump

Iran Achieves 20% Uranium Enrichment, NY Times Blames Trump

Iran has achieved 20% uranium enrichment, and the New York Times has decided to blame President Trump once again.

“Iran announced on Monday that it had increased its uranium enrichment levels, bringing it closer to developing the capacity to produce a nuclear weapon within six months.

The resumption of enrichment to 20 percent was the latest in a series of escalations that have followed President Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from a 2015 nuclear agreement that had limited Iran to enrichment levels of 4 to 5 percent.”

I mean seriously, if President Trump had just blindly signed the Iran nuclear accords that Obama and Kerry sneakily crafted, all would be totally fine right now!

But it wouldn’t be. Iran showed the world multiple times during the crafting of that horrific deal that they had no intention of complying with any part of the deal. Furthermore, nothing about the deal was going to stop Iran from continuing to sponsor terrorist attacks all over the world. President Trump recognized Iran for the scorpion it is, and has acted accordingly.

President Trump recognized that strong foreign policy and good national security doesn’t mean letting the Iran scorpion take a ride on the U.S. It doesn’t mean letting them have free rein to build up nuclear capabilities, which is what the Iran deal would’ve done.

But now, with this announcement, the media is attempting to blame Trump because he’s so MEAN!

Who freely handed over pallets of cash to Iran in the middle of the night? Obama

Who has benefitted from those pallets of cash? Iran terror and Iran’s nuclear program

Oh, but many have attempted to convince the world that those pallets of cash went to help Iran’s faltering economy. The hell it did. Iran’s government isn’t and never has been about helping it’s citizens. It has, since the 1970’s, ALWAYS been about sponsoring terror and building nuclear weapons.

What Iran is doing right now is thumbing it’s nose at every nation who has signed on to the Iran Deal and is threatening retaliation against the U.S. for killing terror guru Soleimani last year.

A specific threat against the President of the United States, and the media says…meh. Meanwhile, General Esmail Qaani, commander of the Qods Force added this to the mix.

They mean what they say and absolutely should be taken seriously. President Trump agrees, as does Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller. Miller ordered the Nimitz back to the Gulf in response to these new threats.

Iran has also seized a South Korean tanker. Supposedly because it’s harming the environment. In reality, Iran wants additional pallets of cash held by South Korea in response to US sanctions.

We should be seriously concerned with all of this, but especially with Iran’s reaching 20% levels of uranium enrichment. Some will believe that reaching 20% takes no time at all. In reality, that’s the longest part of the process. Which tells me they’ve been quietly working on this for years. An even bigger concern is the fact that, getting to 80 or 100% is the FASTER part of the process.

Yet the media is currently working to blame President Trump or ignore the whole thing. Last year, when Soleimani was obliterated, the media and Obama admin folks threw crying fits for DAYS. If they could’ve, I’m positive they would’ve attended his funeral wearing sackcloth and ashes.

Israel is understandably concerned. 

“Iran’s decision to continue violating its commitments, raise the level of enrichment and advance its industrial capacities for underground uranium enrichment can not be explained in any way other than the further realization of its plans to develop a military nuclear program,” he said.

“Israel will not allow Iran to produce nuclear weapons,” said Netanyahu.”

How about Joe Biden? What has he had to say about Iran over this last year?

Evidently Joe’s idea of “dignified leadership” is to let Iran do whatever the hell it wants with zero questions asked.

The media has been telling us that Biden will save Iran from economic ruin, economic ruin that the Iranian government brought upon themselves. Anything regarding stopping Iran from building nukes and sponsoring terror? Yeah, Biden will step up alright!

Mike Pompeo has warned that Iran will be more aggressive with Biden in office. He’s absolutely correct. Right now, this latest from Iran is a loud and clear signal that they are plotting and planning.

The media will continue to blame President Trump for Iran achieving 20% uranium enrichment capabilities. Meanwhile Biden will utilize the Obama playbook of foreign policy, thus allowing the Iranian scorpion free rein. But that’s ok folks. There’s nothing to see here, so please move along.

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  • Politically Ambidextrous says:

    What are the remaining signatories to the agreement doing about this? [Rhetorical question.]

  • A. Human says:

    There is absolutely zero benefit (actually the benefit is way down in the negative region of the scale) to being friends with Iran.
    Biden will fall all over himself to be friends with Iran simply because Trump wasn’t. He’ll give them everything they ask for and more and proclaim them our everlasting friends mostly because this is what China will tell him to do. He will obey China whenever they order him to do something.
    What will be left of our country in four years?

  • Joe Mack says:

    If they get two nukes and get NYC and DC, do we complain or thank them?

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