Iran Nuclear Scientist Assassinated, Now What?

Iran Nuclear Scientist Assassinated, Now What?

Iran Nuclear Scientist Assassinated, Now What?

The news broke today that the “top nuclear scientist” in Iran was killed in a drive-by shooting.

Looks like Mohsen Fakhrizadeh’s assistant just got a promotion.

Iran is mad, and is blaming Israel.

Hey, Twitter – when are you going to label this guy as a spokesperson for Iran the way you finally started doing for Chinese state-sponsored media? It’s all propaganda, and YOUR platform is being used to push it. I thought you had a problem with that?

Regardless of who Iran thinks did it (maybe they should make a podcast about the crime and let the amateur sleuths of the internet figure it out), their scientist is dead.

Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, considered one of the masterminds of Iran’s controversial nuclear program, died after his car was apparently ambushed in a district east of Tehran. Photos from the scene showed the shattered windshield of a car, and blood on the road.”

Fakhrizadeh was head of the research center of new technology in the elite Revolutionary Guards, and was a leading figure in Iran’s nuclear program for many years.”

US President Donald Trump retweeted prominent Israeli journalist Yossi Melman, who wrote: “Fakhrizadeh-Mahabadi assassinated in Damavand, east of Tehran according to reports in Iran. He was head of Iran’s secret military program and wanted for many years by Mossad. His death is a major psychological and professional blow for Iran.”

Who is the New York Times concerned about? OMG this will really hurt Joe Biden! He promised to get back into the Iran Deal! What will he do now?

Biden has made no secret that he wants to reconstitute the Iran Deal, that piece of Ben Rhodes fanfic that required pallets of cash to make Iran read it. (Someone should do a wellness check on Ben Rhodes – he might be taking today’s news kind of hard.) If Israel or the United States wants to make it as hard as possible for Biden to screw us all over again by trying to resurrect the Iran Deal by either taking out one of their nuclear “masterminds” – or giving the thumbs up to taking him out – I think that most clear-minded Americans are okay with that.

That would leave out the bootlicking media, who are too busy lining up to suck up to Joe Biden and the incoming Obama administration retreads.

Meanwhile, the handwringing over the assassination of Fakhrizadeh and the attempt to make sure that Israel and Trump take the blame for it is amusing, but not entirely important. The guy is dead, and if Israel was fortunate enough to take him out, then good. Israel would be the first country to lose – and not the last – should Iran become fully nuclear-weapons capable. Remember all those peace deals that the Trump administration has helped facilitate between Israel and other Arab nations? That’s because the entire region is completely aware what Iran could do to THEM as well as Israel. Aligning themselves with Israel, instead of ignoring the dangers from the country that would have little compunction about aiming a nuclear strike at them and pushing the button, is an easy decision.

Will this make things harder for Joe Biden to kiss up to Iran? I hope so. Will he notice? Now THERE is a real question that no journalist dare ask.

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