Infuriated Inslee Blames Trump For “Sabotage”

Infuriated Inslee Blames Trump For “Sabotage”

Infuriated Inslee Blames Trump For “Sabotage”

Lord of Washington State, king of the northwest, first of his name, Jay Inslee, mandated Washingtonians to wear masks yesterday but he’s infuriated. Why is Inslee infuriated?

Because Trump is trying to sabotage his effort in getting people across America to wear masks and it’s just…maddening! So is the logic behind wearing said masks all over the place…

That’s right. We Washingtonians have to wear masks anytime we go outside of our homes. Even in open air. Why? Because Washington State, like many states in the U.S., has seen a recent uptick in COVID-19 cases. This has nothing to do with people rioting up in Seattle at the CHOP, locking arms and blocking freeways on I-5 or gathering in random places at random times in protest. Now, all of sudden, this has nothing to do with clueless “What is CHAZ? Wash You Hands.” Inslee and Derpy Jenny Durkan and their total lack of accountability and leadership. This has everything to do with Trump trying to sabotage stopping COVID-19 in its tracks.

The Infuriated Mr. Inslee graced his loyal CNN fanbase yesterday with Wolf Blitzer and launched into an epic rant.

I wish he cared more about living Americans instead if dead confederates. His failure of leadership is not just being AWOL (absent without leave), he’s trying to sabotage the things we are doing in our states and arrest this pandemic.”-Jay Inslee

You can watch the interview here. (Is it me or does he sound a lot like Moira Rose of Schitt’s Creek when he says the word, “sabotage”? Sahbowtaaaage. I digress…)

Trump’s effort to sabotage this (illogical) effort is “maddening”, Inslee tells Blitzer. You know what’s maddening about your state, Governor? Ahhh..let us count the ways Washingtonians have been maddened over the past few months. Shall we go there? Yeah, I think we should.

Shall we talk about Washingtonians having their identities compromised by a West African cyber crime ring? Or maybe we should discuss how many businesses were forced to close their doors for the better part of THREE months? Or for grins and giggles, let’s count up how many families in Washington State went without a paycheck for months (some still unemployed) and had to or are having to rely on the compassionate nature of family, friends, neighbors and total strangers during this time to help provide groceries and daily necessities. Was TRUMP part of THAT sabotage? I think not. Who went AWOL here?

Governor Jay Inslee enabled and facilitated this economic hardship. Governor Jay Inslee hired an incompetent individual as Employment Security Commissioner. While Governor Jay Inslee shut down businesses to “stay home, stay healthy”, some small businesses had to permanently shutter their doors. Meanwhile, he encouraged protestors and rioters in the streets of Seattle. Now we have a surge in Coronavirus numbers and he’s infuriated?! Individuals camping out in the streets for days on end wearing filthy, cloth, glorified snot-catchers while shouting obscenities at the cops was their Constitutional right and we needed to respect that. Everyone else not seeing the value in a filthy, grungy piece of cloth to prove virtue or who wants to support their local restaurant, beauty salon, retail shop was “killing grandma”. That is rich coming from a guy who could have given two rat turds as he looked right past the unsanitary conditions in tent cities of the great Pacific Northwest for years before this pandemic happened. Come again, who went AWOL here? Right, we WASHINGTONIANS know. Jay the Jackass was too busy doing other “important” things. Like saving the climate. Campaigning for President. Going on late-night talk shows to talk about the awesome cannabis in our state.

It’s a simple fact. This is an administration-a President-who feels unconstrained by the truth-EVER-unconstrained by science virtually every day and just won’t listen to people who know what they’re talking about. This is infuriating. And now the President of The United States effectively tells people in my state that effectively they shouldn’t wear masks…that these don’t work. This is infuriating!”-Jay Inslee

What the hell is he babbling about? Effectively telling people that effectively…wait, what?! What’s a simple fact exactly, Jay? Infuriated Inslee would not know a simple fact if it hit him square between his wee-beady-little snake eyes. That is why this numbskull has to use cartoon drawings of dials to talk about state quarantine phases instead of the science and data of which he claims to understand. Washington is just not your state, Mr. Inslee. The fact that you think it’s just yours is…well..infuriating to say the least.

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  • Scott says:

    Seriously, at what point are Free American Citizens allowed to stand upon their hind legs, and make decisions about health and safety on their own?

  • Garamando says:

    it would seem we are being extremely distracted by the powers that be. so the question is what is it that they don’t want us to notice? I wish I knew the answer. We have a magic virus that appears from nowhere at just the right moment to create a global crisis, replete with civil rights violations via lockdowns and travel restrictions and of course a compliant media, more than happy to extoll the message with their megaphones. Facts be damned, this virus is slightly more deadly than the common flu.

    Our world lies shattered from this madness, and then the bakers arrive to put frosting on the cake and rioting erupts, with mostly crazy white people demanding other crazy white people do the crazy white people dance of moral retribution,guilt and insanity, like shia muslims flogging themselves for their sins. And yet again the media arrives to spray gasoline on the fire from a safe distance (of course, that hair is flammable its got so much gel in it)

    so turn away from the madness that draws our attention, that pulls us towards it, that mesmerize all who’s vision falls upon it. Wonder instead what is hidden behind the show, is the Federal Reserve and the World Bank looting the last of the treasuries, Are the insiders looting the corporations, getting ready for a nice big depression? Or is it something yet more sinister then the usual thuggery? Depopulation? or is it merely a short term sh*t show to get the proper compliant leaders in place world wide for whatever the next step in their mad little plans.

    the observer must think big and think long term, because the instigators certainly do.

  • Bucky says:

    Why is a sudden surge in cases of WuFlu such a bad thing? I thought that attaining herd immunity was a desired goal – or are the experts moving the goal posts again?

    • Candace says:

      Inslee is a sniveling, Incompetent, viscerally stupid, beady-eyed piece of human garbage who is PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE for the crisis in our state (Washington). He is unbelievably disliked and we are in the process of throwing his A** out of office.

  • Ampleforth says:

    The purpose of our nation’s response to the Wuhan Flu is to drag Joe Biden’s lifeless sack and decaying mind to victory. That’s why it is so magical.

    It’s most magical feat is that two weeks after mass protests across the nation, barflies and barstool cowboys are now causing a spike in the number of cases. It’s an election year miracle.

    Is there anything COVID-19 can’t do?

  • Scott says:

    Here’s something you won’t see in the mainstream, cause it doesn’t fit the narrative…

    The truth is starting to come out, if you look hard enough

  • […] Infuriated Inslee Blames Trump For “Sabotage” […]

  • John Downing says:

    Totally agree with you about Carpetbagger Inslee and Mayor Turducken! It is going to be amusing to watch Turducken try to wiggle her way out of the box she created for herself. Ask the SPD to fix things? Call the Carpetbagger so he can take the blame for sending in the State Patrol> Or ask Trump to use the National Guard so she can then blame everything on him? Get out the popcorn. As we’ve been saying for years, you get what you vote for.

  • Candace says:

    Inslee is a sniveling, Incompetent, viscerally stupid, beady-eyed piece of human garbage who is PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE for the crisis in our state (Washington). He is unbelievably disliked and we are in the process of throwing his A** out of office.

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