Democrats Are Forgetting A Lot These Days

Democrats Are Forgetting A Lot These Days

Democrats Are Forgetting A Lot These Days

Call them “senior moments.” Call them “a slip of the tongue.” Call it a “gaffe.” Call it whatever you want, if Democrats do it, they get a pass.

So here are the greatest hits of the 24 hours by the Democrats, as they seem to be forgetting who or what is going on around them.

First, Joe Biden seems to have a problem with math.

That’s not just a small rounding error. That’s a THOUSAND times off the actual number! Yes, Biden self-corrected, but still. Does he want the number to be that high? There are studies that are starting to be released – this one from Penn State, for example – that say that COVID-19 cases were here a lot earlier than we thought, and a lot more asymptomatic than first thought as well.

Now, a new study from Penn State estimates that the number of early COVID-19 cases in the U.S. may have been more than 80 times greater and doubled nearly twice as fast as originally believed.”

In a paper published today (June 22) in the journal Science Translational Medicine, researchers estimated the detection rate of symptomatic COVID-19 cases using the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s influenza-like illnesses (ILI) surveillance data over a three week period in March 2020.”

If this data is true, then the infection fatality rate of COVID-19 is a whole lot LESS than we have been told. And also that the lockdowns were essentially useless, except in protecting the elderly – which certain states failed miserably in doing.

But never fear, Joe Biden will just order us all to wear masks when HE is president!

Looks like ol’ Grandpa Joe has forgotten that pesky little problem called “federalism.” Good luck with that.

But lest you think that Biden is the only one among the Democrats to be flubbing something significant recently, just listen to Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. You see, THEIR police reform bill is SO MUCH BETTER than Senator Tim Scott’s reform bill, and it totally honors the memory of… whatshisname.

No, seriously.

If this wasn’t so facepalmingly-inducing insane, one could die laughing. Remember when they all got down and kneeled, well-dressed in Kente cloth from the Congressional Black Caucus wardrobe department, to show just HOW SERIOUS they were about George Floyd’s murder? That was almost three weeks ago, so of course Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have completely forgotten the name of the man whose death kicked off this round of protests. But, you know, Democrats CARE, so it’s okay.

Let’s just ignore the fact that if President Trump had called George Floyd “George Kirby” or “Floyd Taylor” or any other wrong name, it would be held up as absolute proof of his callous and unfeeling nature. It would be mentioned in every single leftist media outlet. It would light Twitter on fire. Pelosi and Schumer do it? Meh. They’re Democrats! Pelosi accused Republicans of trying to “get away with the murder of George Floyd” and then refused to apologize for it. Did the media care about Pelosi’s wholesale smear? Not a bit.

Democrats can flub or gaffe all they want at the moment, and the media, consumed with their loathing of President Trump, will give them a pass. This is your routine reminder that journalism is dead, Joe Biden is not all there, and Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are smarmy and disingenuous human beings.

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  • Pirate Queen says:

    “George Kirby” isn’t just a gaffe name, Pelosi’s goof was way worse than that. George Kirby was a black comedian, one of the first to do really well on television. He appeared on numerous variety shows in the 60’s and 70’s and even had his own show for awhile. It’s embarrassing that she pulled up his name in place of George Floyd’s and horrid that Schumer couldn’t get his or Breanna Taylor’s name right either.

  • Harlan says:

    Sporting a selective memory is one of the greatest percs of being a dimocrat.

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