Hillary Clinton Does A Big Do-Over, Gives Big Speech, Trashes the Rich

Hillary Clinton Does A Big Do-Over, Gives Big Speech, Trashes the Rich

Hillary Clinton Does A Big Do-Over, Gives Big Speech, Trashes the Rich

It’s so sad when Grandma Hillary can’t remember how many times she has declared that she’s running for president.

But because she insisted on having a big party, her campaign stuck one out in the middle of the East River on Roosevelt Island (which, ironically, used to be nicknamed “Welfare Island”) and let her give a big old speech to “launch” her campaign. Again.

Hillary Clinton gives her big speech on Roosevelt Island, June 13, 2015
Hillary Clinton gives her big speech on Roosevelt Island, June 13, 2015
And in this speech, she either intentionally or unintentionally trashed everyone around her, except her own mother.

You see corporations making record profits, with CEOs making record pay, but your paychecks have barely budged.

While many of you are working multiple jobs to make ends meet, you see the top 25 hedge fund managers making more than all of America’s kindergarten teachers combined. And, often paying a lower tax rate.

So, you have to wonder: “When does my hard work pay off? When does my family get ahead?”

Instead of an economy built by every American, for every American, we were told that if we let those at the top pay lower taxes and bend the rules, their success would trickle down to everyone else.

When President Clinton honored the bargain, we had the longest peacetime expansion in history, a balanced budget, and the first time in decades we all grew together, with the bottom 20 percent of workers increasing their incomes by the same percentage as the top 5 percent.

When President Obama honored the bargain, we pulled back from the brink of Depression, saved the auto industry, provided health care to 16 million working people, and replaced the jobs we lost faster than after a financial crash.

But, it’s not 1941, or 1993, or even 2009. We face new challenges in our economy and our democracy.

So, both your husband and Obama had two terms each, and had Democratic control of the Congress at the beginning of each of their presidencies, and we’re still a wreck? Is this a subtle way to blame Bush without actually mentioning his name, or to blame Obama for not doing enough, or what?

And then we got into the “sainted mother” territory.

My mother taught me that everybody needs a chance and a champion. She knew what it was like not to have either one.

Her own parents abandoned her, and by 14 she was out on her own, working as a housemaid. Years later, when I was old enough to understand, I asked what kept her going.

You know what her answer was? Something very simple: Kindness from someone who believed she mattered.

The 1st grade teacher who saw she had nothing to eat at lunch and, without embarrassing her, brought extra food to share.

The woman whose house she cleaned letting her go to high school so long as her work got done. That was a bargain she leapt to accept.

And, because some people believed in her, she believed in me.

So, she didn’t believe in you because you were her own daughter? This is such a strangely framed anecdote.

Then we got into Hillary’s own work history.

My first job out of law school was for the Children’s Defense Fund. I walked door-to-door to find out how many children with disabilities couldn’t go to school, and to help build the case for a law guaranteeing them access to education.

As a leader of the Legal Services Corporation, I defended the right of poor people to have a lawyer. And saw lives changed because an abusive marriage ended or an illegal eviction stopped.

A little selective self-editing, and we’ll just leave out the part about getting a child rapist off, and getting fired from the House Judiciary Committee staff investigating Watergate.

So, what does she actually want to do as president to fix all bad stuff?

In the coming weeks, I’ll propose specific policies to:

Reward businesses who invest in long term value rather than the quick buck – because that leads to higher growth for the economy, higher wages for workers, and yes, bigger profits, everybody will have a better time.

I will rewrite the tax code so it rewards hard work and investments here at home, not quick trades or stashing profits overseas.

I will give new incentives to companies that give their employees a fair share of the profits their hard work earns.

We will unleash a new generation of entrepreneurs and small business owners by providing tax relief, cutting red tape, and making it easier to get a small business loan.

We will restore America to the cutting edge of innovation, science, and research by increasing both public and private investments.

Every single politician says stuff like this.

And we will make America the clean energy superpower of the 21st century.

So much for cutting all that red tape for businesses.

And let’s not forget that she will fix how people behave and how people think.

And it is way past time to end the outrage of so many women still earning less than men on the job — and women of color often making even less.

Perhaps she should clean her own closet first.

And, we should ban discrimination against LGBT Americans and their families so they can live, learn, marry, and work just like everybody else.

Cue the props!

You’d think a former Secretary of State would tout some foreign policy achievements. Well, not so much.

No other country on Earth is better positioned to thrive in the 21st century. No other country is better equipped to meet traditional threats from countries like Russia, North Korea, and Iran – and to deal with the rise of new powers like China.

So much for that reset button.

No other country is better prepared to meet emerging threats from cyber attacks, transnational terror networks like ISIS, and diseases that spread across oceans and continents.

As your President, I’ll do whatever it takes to keep Americans safe.

Ambassador Christopher Stevens was unavailable for comment.

It was a completely predictable speech that hit all of the predictable points. The only reason Hillary gave this speech was to throw a big photo-op party after her video and little coffee chats have not gone as well as she wanted.

But don’t mention her wardrobe.

You know, even if Hillary herself does.

After all, we never talked about Bill Clinton and clothes. Ever.
So, did Hillary manage to sell herself any better for this campaign launch do-over? Well, here are the crowds!

And here is the overflow area!

I can feel the excitement.

But it’s okay, she’ll do another “campaign launch” somewhere else when this one doesn’t give her a big enough boost. Or when she forgets that she did this already. Again.

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  • Kimberly Sanders says:

    In the interest of not allowing Hillary’s spin to spin reality out of perspective:

    Doesn’t this read like a please forgive those democratic politicians letter?


    It’s pleading with us to overlook their trespasses against US. It seems they plead, despite all, that they didn’t mean to help Barack H. Obama defraud every natural born citizen our birthrights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Also while they’re begging your forgiveness for that minor infraction, these are other things they’d like you to know:

    That: they didn’t mean to manipulate through contrivances so devious they resulted in the deaths and maiming of thousands of human beings, let alone Americans.

    They didn’t mean to leave our borders open like gaping wounds to allow pestilence and terror to lurk among us.

    They didn’t mean to plunder our bank accounts and offshore our jobs.

    Nor did they mean to promote administering teratogen tainted vaccinations that psychologically, physically and emotionally disable our progeny. And how could they know that faulty drilling equipment is conducive to oil slicks lingering on our waters, destroying wildlife and natural resources? Or that pesticides destroy our mitochondrial DNA and leave us infertile while binding the nutrients in soil so that plants can’t thrive and produce fruit?

    Also, they hadn’t the slightest idea that the phosphorous in soda causes cancer, or that there is jet fuel in tobacco; and that fluoridated water causes learning disabilities.

    Besides all of this, they’d like you to know just that they’re so totally inept that you should relinquish your sovereignty to corrupt nations of a corrupt United Nations panel, where money hungry feens finger their trillions and cackle as they devise even more dastardly ways to cull us off. And if you don’t relinquish every ounce of faith, patriotism and dissent while they do that, then they assure you that they really don’t know what they’ll do with their FEMA camps, UN SUVs and amassed munitions stockpiled without your approval.

    But don’t you believe a word of it, or forgive one iota of what they’ve done. They’ve known exactly what they’re doing. What they didn’t know was that they would eventually be held accountable.

    Prosecute: the remnants of the Reagan administrations, et al
    George H.W. Bush and administrations, et al
    George W. Bush and administrations, et al
    William J. Clinton and administrations, et al
    Barack H. Obama and administrations, et al …,


  • Wfjag says:

    Was there a “person of color” in the audience?

  • Penny says:

    WTBH was that?!?!? We have got to beat this loser!!!

  • Richard J says:

    So, how many times does she get a “do over”?

  • Chris in N.Va. says:

    So, being a woman is also considered a “merit” to be added to the list(?) of Hillary’s C.V.?

    “You didn’t build that!”

    You’re a woman? Well, whoopdie doo. You personally had absolutely nothing to do with that historical feat.

    Gender-benders like Brucie J at least went/are going through involved procedures at great personal cost to achieve the Ersatz Vagina Award of pseudo-womanhood, whereas Shrillary just sort of stumbled into via the accident of birth.

    Wow, that’s the penultimate accomplishment/merit you can pull out of your…..whatever bodily orifice? For THAT all women are to put their collective brains into their collective purses and instead, just vote lockstep per their genitals?

    Garwsh. As the old Virginia Slims cigarette ads boasted: You’ve come a long way, baby. [Caution: Genital/Identity-Based voting may produce unintended, harmful results. Re: POTUS]

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