Hillary’s Campaign Off to Rocky Start in Iowa

Hillary’s Campaign Off to Rocky Start in Iowa

Phony Hillary is at it again.

Not only were at least three of the individuals portrayed as “everyday Americans” in her campaign launch video actually partisans with political connections, the Tuesday morning visit to a coffee shop in LeClaire, Iowa, was completely staged.

Austin Bird, one of the men pictured sitting at the table with Mrs. Clinton, told Daily Mail Online that Troy Price called him to ask if he and two other young people would meet him Tuesday morning at restaurant in Davenport, a nearby city. After vetting them for about 30 minutes, Bird says that they all loaded up into Price’s car and drove to meet Hillary.

“It was supposed to be a strategy meeting,” Bird recalled, “to get our thoughts about issues. But then all of a sudden he says, ‘Hey, we have Secretary Clinton coming in, would you like to go meet her?’”

Cue the entrance of the picture of Hillary’s first round table with average Americans. It’s enough to make you vomit, isn’t it? We all know Mrs. Clinton know absolutely nothing about the average American. That became clear when she said they were broke after they left the White House.

Hillary Clinton's staged photo in Iowa.
Hillary Clinton’s staged photo in Iowa.

Bird is an outspoken progressive who has been supporting Hillary for quite some time according to his Facebook page, and Price was the executive director of the Iowa Democratic Party until a month ago. Last week, Clinton’s campaign team chose Price to be its political director in Iowa.

To add to her clear inability to understand “everyday Americans” Hillary’s Chipotle visit hasn’t had the desired effect on her campaign. She didn’t tip. Mrs. “I understand Americans better than any Republican” Clinton went into a Chipotle in Maumee, Ohio, wearing sunglasses with her campaign aides, ordered $20 (and some change) worth of food, paid with $21, and left without leaving a tip a surveillance video has revealed.

Mrs. Clinton in Ohio Chipotle.
Mrs. Clinton in Ohio Chipotle.

According to the manager Charles Wright, 29, said that the disguised campaigners arrived at Chipotle shortly after 1 p.m. – at the end of the lunch rush – ordered their food and left without dropping the change in the tip jar that sits beside the register.

“We get a bunch of tips,” said Wright. “If we’re doing our job right, people tip.”

Wright added that the former First Lady was not recognized by any in the restaurant at the time.

The question of whether or not Clinton tipped was first asked by radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh, and that led to much speculation.

“But I would like to know if she left anything in the tip jar, because that would be an indication that she understand the average, ordinary, everyman that she seeks to represent,” Limbaugh said. “I mean, that’s where the people that work at Chipotle, that’s where they make a little extra, in the tip jar, and I haven’t heard a word about whether or not she visited the tip jar, whether she put anything in it or not.”

Wright said the incident was no big deal.

“It’s really nobody’s business,” Wright said. “if somebody leaves a tip or they don’t.”

At the bottom of the article a correction note is made stating that an earlier version of the story incorrectly stated that Wright was a Republican which implies that he is a Democrat and that is why he isn’t being harsh on Clinton’s lack of caring enough about the “everyday American” to leave a miniscule tip.

I wonder if Mr. Wright would be so forgiving if Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, or Marco Rubio elected not to leave a tip?

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