Good News: The Second Amendment Is Alive

Good News: The Second Amendment Is Alive

Good News: The Second Amendment Is Alive

You’d be hard-pressed to find any good news anywhere, no matter where you look. I know. I tried. For hours last night while searching for something, anything of positivity coming from our doom and gloom, America-is-a-racist-hellhole, liberal media. But, damn it, I found it, and it’s the best news ever for our constitutional republic: the Second Amendment is alive and well and thriving in America.

That’s right. If you thought May sales of guns and ammo were off the charts, June sales were literal stock eradicating. Like the shelves are bare of firearms and ammunition eradicating. From Newsmax:

Background checks settled down in April and May to 2.9 and 3.0 million checks respectively, but then jumped to just shy of 4 million conducted in June.”

“When the Small Arms Analytics and Forecasting adjusted the gross number of checks for those unlikely to be related to an end-user sale, the actual number of gun sales was corrected to in excess of 2.3 million guns sold in June.”

“The Washington Free Beacon’s Stephen Gutowski observed that the uptick in sales was an anomaly.”

“‘Gun sales usually decline to low points in the summer months then climb back in the fall/winter,'” he said. ‘June 2020 was completely different.'”

And the reasons for the skyrocketing sales is obvious to anyone with a functioning brain: the Democratic Party’s lunacy. From Susan Katz Keating of Just the News:

As pockets of anti-law enforcement activists demand that jurisdictions strip funding from police departments, ordinary citizens around the country assert that they are resorting to self-defense, and are buying weapons.”

“The assertions come amid a nationwide spike in personal weapons sales. In June, the FBI checked the backgrounds of 3,931,607 potential gun buyers, according to the Bureau. In the same month, Americans bought 2,387,524 guns, reported Small Arms Analytics & Forecasting (SAAF), an industry research and consulting group.”

“’The demand has absolutely exploded beyond anything we have seen over the last 20 years,’ said Jurgen Brauer, chief economist for SAAF.”

And it’s all thanks to Democratic politicians (and the legion of feckless Republicans cowering in their offices), who stood and watched as their cities—dominated by their party for decades—burned to the ground at the hands of their terrorist arms, while simultaneously de-funding their law enforcement.

And it’s not just cities whose residents are taking responsibility for their own safety. It’s happening here in rural America too, where I can’t tell you how many people have told me they’re stocking up on ammo, shopping for shiny new pistols or rifles, or taking it upon themselves to secure their communities from those who would otherwise do them harm.

In case you missed the tragedies that occurred just in Chicago this past week, the fact that black lives, in fact, do not matter to the Democratic Party, was firmly cemented:

If you’re heart’s not broken, there’s something severely wrong with you. So where’s the outrage? Where are the chants of “Black Lives Matter”? Where are the looting mobs trashing downtown Chicago?

That’s right. The outrage only occurs when the CNNs of the land tell them to be, and give them their marching orders, based on whether or not the perpetrator was 1) white or 2) a police officer.

These. Are. CHILDREN. Whose lives were cut short thanks to big-city liberal policies.

And Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said what any normal person was thinking about our abhorrent White House Press Corps’ glaringly obvious disinterest in these children’s deaths:

Now try watching this without your heads and your hearts exploding (warning: graphic):

The mayors of Chicago and New York City should resign. In disgrace. Immediately. And they can take the governor of Missouri with them:

Yeah, get the hell off my lawn.

Americans are not stupid. One look at Chicago, New York City and other cities shows us exactly what streets throughout America will become should the lunatics on the left have their defund-the-police way: criminal gangs of all stripes will grow, patrolling our streets at will, and if, heaven forbid, Joe Biden wins the November election, it’s likely his puppeteers will push Barack Obama’s dream of a federalized police force—also known as a Gestapo—in an effort to replace our local law enforcement. And it’s exactly why we have the Second Amendment: to protect ourselves from tyrannical government.

So it’s only natural for Americans, who at our core jealously guard our freedoms, would embrace our right to self-defense enshrined in our Constitution’s Second Amendment.

Concerned citizens have flocked to one longtime African-American gun advocate, asking for help and advice.”

“’I get calls every day from church friends, old friends, asking to go to the range,’ said Rev. Kenn Blanchard, who has a podcast, Black Man With a Gun. ‘People are concerned about their safety.’”

No, black lives don’t matter—no lives matter—to the cowardly politicians screeching about “systemic racism,” blaming law enforcement when in fact the failures are their own, while at the same time restricting the Second Amendment rights of their own citizens to keep and bear the very arms that would save their lives as criminals and domestic terrorists menace their neighborhoods. And there, my friends, is your true “systemic racism.”

Still, amid all this chaos, good news remains: Americans are refusing to become victims. We’ll be keeping our guns, thank you very much, and we’ll be harnessing them to keep ourselves safe from the chaos unleashed on our lives by the very people who want to disarm us, because when they show us who they are, and what they’d do if handed more power, we should believe them.

And to that end I say: refresh your memory, if necessary, on the Second Amendment and why it exists. Then get a firearm. Get several, and learn how to use them. Because, as witnessed in Missouri, Chicago, and New York these past days, no one is coming to save you.


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  • GWB says:

    The title on that video shows where the narrative lies:
    Missouri law may be on the side of the couple seen pointing guns at protesters
    A mob is by definition a deadly threat to anyone but another mob*. Given they had already committed a violent act (arguably “breaking and entering”) in tearing down the gate, the couple would have been justified in simply opening fire the moment any portion of the mob turned toward them. And they would have been justified in continuing fire until the mob turned tail or were all lying on the ground, incapacitated.

    Now, prosecutors might be able to seat a jury that would convict them. But it would be a violation of both de jure law and natural law. Even trying is a violation of the rule of law. Of course, the whole mob thing is an attempt at circumvention of rule of law.

    Whose lives were cut short thanks to big-city liberal policies.
    I know what you’re saying, and I sorta agree. But that shortcut really doesn’t do the whole thing justice.
    Their lives were cut short by evil people who are being allowed to run rampant in order to encourage the populace to clamor for the elites to control our lives and provide for us. People in government are specifically violating one of the only two duties of a government, according to God*, so that they can achieve more power. It’s not so much the policies that are killing the children in this case, it’s the goal of the tyrants who rule us.
    And, yes, those people – the mob and the government encouraging them – are exactly the reason for the 2d Amendment. (AND the reason for Article 4, Section 4.)

    (* God establishes governments for two reasons, according to Him: Justice and Defense. They are to ensure justice and protect their people/nation. Period. There are plenty of things they will do [check 1 Samuel 8], but only those two things are appointed by God for all governments among “the nations”.)

    • GWB says:

      Woops, forgot the first ‘*’.

      (* Even another mob is composed of individuals who are threatened by the first mob. The major practical difference is an individual might escape harm when mixed into another mob. The major legal difference is, if it’s a ‘mob’, then it might not have the required “innocence” for self-defense claims.)

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  • Johnb says:

    Nah, it’s dead. Immigrants will put the far left into power and they’ll kill both the 1st and the 2nd. That’s the not-so-long term prognosis. The real threat to freedom is mass migration and conservatism doesn’t have a thing to say about it.

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