“Gloves Off” Says Salon Flamethrower Truscott IV

“Gloves Off” Says Salon Flamethrower Truscott IV

“Gloves Off” Says Salon Flamethrower Truscott IV

It’s time to take the “gloves off” says Salon flamethrower extraordinaire, Lucien K. Truscott IV to his fellow Democrats. Truscott IV strikes again in an all-out tirade against Trump.

When he’s finished putting down your dog, Trump is going to take away your health care, raise your taxes, eliminate your job, take away your right to an abortion, limit your right to vote, turn your air and water brown, cut your Social Security and Medicare, and tell you if you don’t like it, you can leave.”-Lucien K. Truscott IV

Are Democrats quaking in their Birkenstocks just yet? Well, according to this West Point grad-turned-“journalist”-flamethrower-for-Salon, they should be. The gloves need to come off!

Democrats had better wake up to the fact that the 2020 campaign, on every level from the presidential race on down, is going to take place in the gutter. It’s long past time to take the gloves off. Republicans never put them on. They’ve been out there stealing, lying and cheating their way into office for decades. They don’t have a concept of playing fair. They play dirty. They play to win. They’ll do anything it takes to do it.”

They play dirty? They play to win? Lying and cheating their way into office for decades? That’s rich considering who Trump’s opponent was in 2016. But Truscott went there, he really did, with the “lying and cheating” bit and it’s comical.

You can read the whole article here, but the written diarrhea continues as Truscott claims that Republicans are throwing “shit like this”: that all Democrats are Socialists. He drones on with more sanctimonious vomit that Democrats are the party of “Democracy and the American way”.

Never mind Truscott’s attempt at satirical irony with the “putting down your dog” imagery. He says this in the same breath as he utters the atrocity of Trump “taking away one’s right to abortion”. The left truly steps in their own irony unbeknownst to themselves.

Truscott’s appeal to Democrats is to “toughen up”. He sites healthcare as an example:

How about this: what if Democrats took a page out of the Republican playbook and simply said, ‘Don’t worry, you can trust us. We’re going to take care of your health care.’That’s the plan, the whole thing. It would have the advantage of being both simple and true. They could apply this approach across the board. Here’s what we’re going to do: we’re going to lower your taxes, raise your pay, protect your jobs, reduce your student loan payments, protect Social Security and Medicare, maintain your right to an abortion, reform the immigration laws, and protect the southern border. And we’re going to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

What plan do we have for all of this? You know us, we’re on your side, and we’re going to do what we say.”-Lucien K. Truscott IV

You see, Lucien, Democrats have tried this before; this whole “on your side” bit:

Americans trusted a Democrat before who made promises, who said he was “on their side”. Americans trusted a Democrat who never called himself a “Socialist” but sure did love Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. Americans trusted a Democrat to pull troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan. He did so prematurely and created a fine mess. Immigration detention centers were just as bad under Barack Obama as they are now. And as far as lying and cheating and scheming goes, I remember a certain American president speaking to a certain Russian president about “more flexibility” after a certain election.

Again, Trump is no saint. Can he be rude and crass? Yes. Does he need to keep his mouth shut on Twitter sometimes? Yes. Are all Americans in agreement with everything the President says and does? Absolutely not. But we agree on one thing: it takes a tough negotiator who is not afraid to play hardball in that office. Mom-jeans, “I am a feminist” t-shirt wearing presidents got us nowhere but in a more divided stance, in progressively economically worse conditions. Obama’s benevolence was not benevolence at all but a sham to the American people. The charisma was a disguise for a more sinister agenda. The Clinton’s and the Obama’s brand of “democracy” has us where we are today-denouncing values held dear by some within our country and questioning them, disrespecting our fellow Americans who still hold those values instead of accepting differences and drawing deeper dividing lines in our sand. In truth, the flames have been fanned and gloves came off long ago.

Flamethrower Truscott The Fourth ends with a rallying cry to his tribe:

We love this country. We’re not going anywhere but the ballot box and we’re going to vote, and we’re going to beat your sorry, lying ass.”Lucien K. Truscott IV

Yep. We have legs and will walk with our votes, too. We beat a sorry, lying ass in 2016 and have no problems with doing so again in 2020. Cheers!

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  • Scott says:

    His grandfather would slap the bitch out of this traitorous asshole, were he still alive. It’s shame how he’s shit all over his families name, along with his own service, and the country as a whole.

  • GWB says:

    Republicans never put them on. They’ve been out there stealing, lying and cheating their way into office for decades.
    Project much? Oy vey. (Could you get that eyeball that’s under the couch just by your feet, please?)

    “Democracy and the American way”
    Except that democracy is NOT the “American way”. We’re still a REPUBLIC, despite Democrats best efforts.

    What plan do we have for all of this?
    MOAR GUBMINT! That’s always your plan, we know it’s your plan, and that’s why we got Trump.

    Obama’s benevolence
    Only a monarch or dictator can be benevolent. So, accurately worded re 0bama.

    We love this country
    No, not really, you don’t. You want to rule it, you want to change it (fundamentally), you want it to be something other than what it is. That’s not love. That’s a controlling, abusive relationship, and enough people saw it in 2016 to say “Enough! Get out!”

  • rbj1 says:

    “raise your taxes”

    Um, Trump ran on and got an across the board tax cut.

  • Charles N. Steele says:

    Projection. Most of the things this guy warns Trump will do are Dem policies.

    I’m unsure Dems have explicitly proposed killing our dogs, but it is coming. “Pets are bad for the climate:”


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