Paladin’s AMERICAN GOMORRAH ™ — “Even If” Edition

Paladin’s AMERICAN GOMORRAH ™ — “Even If” Edition

Paladin’s AMERICAN GOMORRAH ™ — “Even If” Edition

V-Girl Übermensch, Kim Hirsh throws a rod into the wheelchair spokes of our crippled Republic; specifically over the cowardly Catamites and Girly Men of the Illinois GOP who never grew hair on their nutz.

The GOP “men” know who owns their laughyballs –– American National Socialists who shall not be mocked:




EVEN IF – one of The Squats is a violent, calculated berserker and a proponent of Sharia Law:



Y’see, unlike our swooning Repussies – Kim gets it. “. . . no matter how much the GOP bootlicks, woke progressives will never accept their apologies. Die, Republican scum!”  The Progs take no prisoners.

They live in the Blue City States – New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, the densely populated blue sewer-line of bi-coastal real estate overrun by Morlocks, Orcs and Eloi – and they will never relent until they rule the Heartland. Our Betters want our guns, our property, our healthcare. They seek to control our language and what we think. They are in every sense, Totalitarian. Yet damn few on either coast realize how deeply most Americans despise the ruling elite. And fewer still, grasp the stakes. We are fighting with our backs to a cliff. One more step backwards and it’s over.



EVEN IF we banish puritanical progressive rule for another decade this republic cannot survive as presently constituted. The Coastal Sewer Line, the Blue City States are doomed and cannot function on their own. They exist like a metastasized cancer on either side of the nation sucking the lifeblood from the rest of us. For the breadbasket and manpower of the Heartland keeps the Blue Sewer Line flowing.

What does the Blue Sewer Line control? Untold National Debt. Unpayable Obligations. Federal, State and Local Government bureaucracies, Academia, Media, Entertainment, Big Corporations, lots of little corporations. Call it the Facebuck/Nikemazon economy. Should the Blue Sewer win a major electionby hook or by crook they will seek to eliminate the Electoral College. This will force the Heartland to rise up.

So what does Heartland America control?  

The Guns.  

The Food.  

And the Trucks.

This conflict ends in one of two ways.  


A Chicago Fire, Escape from LA, the piranhas of New York swarming Manhattan Island, or infantile Washington DC,strangled in its crib by ghetto hands a few blocks beyond the Beltway.

On the day when the trucks and rail deliveries fail to arrive, give New York City three days to dine on its own liver. Give Georgetown 48 hours to evacuate the Eloi on a few hundred oneway flights out of Dulles and National. While the Old Ebbitt Grill slaps plywood over its plate glass against the Morlocks remaining behind.


EVEN IF – the Blue City States don’t implode within our lifetimes, another rough beast slouches toward Bethlehem. There’s already Typhoid in LA. Along with legions of rats and their lovely bubonic fleas.

We ignore to our peril the steady march of Ebola from city to city in Dung Heap Africa. This brimstone is only a passenger jet ride away from Park Slope. From Beverly Hills. From Nantucket.

Can this horrific fate be unwritten? Can the Gods be appeased?

EVEN IF not one mincing Courtier from Acela Land thanked those rubes who fed them at all costs.

EVEN IF – the Invaders, the LBQTSCREWU, the Plantation Slaves of Color, Wymyn, Eco Brown Shirts and their Black Hood Storm Troopers gleefully marched across our faces?

EVEN IF – the Blue Sewer Dwellers reveled in our bondage?

I do not know. I only know ourselves, our common sense and mercy. I know we’d allow the Blue Sewer Dwellers cling to our backs as we crawled from a flaming manhole. I know the Almighty and His wisdom.


ONLY IF –the Blue Sewer Dwellers are massively crushed in the 2020 election, a scorchedearth political loss of Dresden proportions. The nation can only recover when the Prog Borg Left is firebombed into total electoral submission, cowering in Schlachthof Fünf. Along with the Illinois GOP and The Squats.



Otherwise, all bets are off.

Madness is rare in individuals – but in groups, parties, nations, and ages it is the rule.Friedrich Nietzsche




Featured photo: “The Great Day of His Wrath” by John Martin, CC License. Other photos include Screenshot from @rap30/Twitter (used in Kim’s post here), Wallpapers from HBO, “Battle Bastards,” Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut by trading card artist: Kent Smith.



Paladin is an Entertainment/IP Warfare Rōnin and self-identifies as a Y-chromosome Victory Girl.    

  • Scott says:

    Very sad, but well and clearly stated Paladin. This is what happens when for decades, people fail to man the bulwarks.

    On a different subject, have you found any more information on the response times at the Notre Dame fire?

  • Paladin says:


    Re Notre Dame—been keeping my eyes peeled, but I think this is going to go the way of the Warren Report, without the report. The effort will be to craft a narrative that obscures inconvenient conclusions. I’ll keep looking.

  • Teslaca says:

    What a terrifying time we live in. There’s so much hate. You’ve summed it up so succinctly in your usual nimble style. I’ve considered more and more often leaving this Blue City State, but where to go? As you are predicting, I’m afraid the mess will just follow anywhere I go to get away from the Blue Sewer Dwellers.

  • Teslaca says:

    Wyoming sounds good. I love it there. Let’s go. I’ll have to get warmer coats for the dogs though.

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