Gas Stove Ban Environmental Group Hires Stacey Abrams

Gas Stove Ban Environmental Group Hires Stacey Abrams

Gas Stove Ban Environmental Group Hires Stacey Abrams

Rewiring America is an organization pushing to ban gas stoves. The gas stove ban that the Biden Administration assured us wouldn’t be happening. Evidently it IS happening if Rewiring America has now hired Stacey Abrams as their legal counsel!

Political leader, voting rights activist, and bestselling author Stacey Abrams is joining Rewiring America, the leading nonprofit working to electrify our communities. Abrams will take the role of Senior Counsel, helping launch and scale a national awareness campaign and a network of large and small communities working to help Americans go electric. She will also guide the organization as it builds the tools and capacity to connect Americans and their communities to machines, installers, Inflation Reduction Act incentives, and jobs in the clean energy transition.

Yep, let’s have Stacey, who still thinks she is Governor of Georgia, serve as legal counsel to an organization that wants the world electrified and our gas stoves banned. She’s supposedly going to help further the narrative that gas stoves are bad, that they cause childhood asthma, and that the money saved through the Inflation Reduction Act will be SO WORTH IT! 

Except Rewiring America and some of the other organizations they partner with are using junk science to hopefully get these gas stove bans enacted. Junk science that I wrote about here. Junk science promoted by the Rocky Mountain Institute that included a study of kitchens fully encased in builder’s construction plastic with zero ventilation, so OF COURSE the results were totally skewed! 

But Stacey will organize everything in the name of electricity and equity. 

Co-founder and CEO Ari Matusiak attributed Abrams’ hire to her dedication to public service and said she is a “visionary organizer who will accelerate our work and expand the audience for the benefits of electrification — the most equity-centered climate strategy we have.”

Matusiak founded Rewiring America with Alex Laskey and Saul Griffith, who have all netted millions in buyouts or received significant federal funding for their environmental ventures, while they also simultaneously advocated for policies that would benefit those ventures through the nonprofit, according to Fox News.

The group has had an increasingly influential role in policy decisions at the state and federal level and had a presence at the White House during a Dec. 14 electrification summit and another event celebrating the Inflation Reduction Act, Fox News reported.

Some of those policy decisions involve going after gas stoves, and our washing machines in order to “conserve water.” Except the newest top load washing machines are so inefficient in water usage that you have to run your load twice! So much for conserving water. 

Not only that, but there isn’t a single electric grid out there that is able to handle CURRENT capacity let alone any future loads Rewiring America and the Rocky Mountain Institute are pushing for. 

The California grid has rolling blackouts all the time. So much so, that residents were asked to STOP charging their electric vehicles so the grid could remain operable. Kentucky ended up with rolling blackouts this winter. Between the grid itself and elements of the nature gas pipeline freezing during the December storm, rolling blackouts ensued. 

What’s laughable about all of this is everyone scrambled to assure us that it was just a Republicans pounce thing (hello AOC!) and no one was coming after our gas stoves! 

Yet with this latest move, it seems that banning gas stoves is a real thing again. Until the media jumps in to scold all of us seizing pouncers for talking about this. 

Yes, if she’s really serious then she should go on live TV and show a contractor ripping out her gas stove and replacing it with an electric or very expensive induction cooktop!

Meanwhile, Senator Ted Cruz would like some answers. 

“Cofounder Saul Griffith explained in a 2020 blog post that Rewiring America was created “to address climate change… by electrifying everything.”


Cruz also addressed the letter to Windward Fund board chair Lee Bodnar, saying that, “there is reason to believe that Rewiring America and the Windward Fund, its Arabella Advisors-funded sponsor in coordination with other left-wing advocacy groups, are trying to achieve this goal by promoting misleading and false studies that the Biden administration can rely on in advancing regulations on gas stoves.

Given the one study of twelve household kitchens encased in plastic, I’d say all three organizations need to provide answers as to why junk science is being used to promote a false climate change narrative. Oh wait, they’ll join the very LONG line of junk climate change studies (hockey stick anyone?) that have been debunked time and again.

This is just one key part of the Biden Administration’s war on energy. A war that takes away efficiency, puts failures in charge, and drives up costs for consumers, all in the name of climate change.  Which is apropos for Stacey to land her new gig at Rewiring America.

However, if Stacey Abrams fails at this new gig, she can fall back on writing her bad romances and amp up her acting career! 

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  • Lloyd says:

    Anything Stacey Abrams is for…..I am against!

  • Cameron says:

    It’s so cute the way liberals think that they can play God and force people into their idealized world. We’re gonna need some tree shredders soon.

  • Robin H says:

    Address climate change by electrifying everything. So where does electricity come from? We are no where near solar and wind demand, so coal? Nuclear? Do they think it just magically comes out of the socket? Are they really this stupid or are they just playing us and stealing money?

  • Good news! That woman was born with an invisible “L” on her forehead. Everything she touches collapses in failure (but not before she has looted it dry).

  • NTSOG says:

    Aside from the cost of new electrical appliances, requiring costly professional installation in some cases, there is the problem of removing existing gas appliances and disconnecting old gas pipelines. Again professionals must be involved at some cost lest there be serious consequences of the explosive kind. I gather poor taxpayers will be expected to bear the costs in support of this brave new ‘Thunberg’ world.

    • Cameron says:

      I am confident that the people who will be removing the gas lines are diverse enough to get the job done and any property destruction they inflict will be blamed on raysism.

  • Sgt Steiner says:

    “The grift is strong in this one.” -Yoda

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