Biden Admin Wants To Ban Gas Cooktops

Biden Admin Wants To Ban Gas Cooktops

Biden Admin Wants To Ban Gas Cooktops

Gas cooktops are bad for our health says the Biden Admin. Therefore, they (the U.S. Consumer Products Association) is trying to unilaterally ban all new gas cooktops.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission backtracked on claims it was considering banning all gas stoves across the United States over health concerns.

Richard Trumka Jr., an agency commissioner, said that potential regulations would only ‘apply to new products’ in a tweet Monday. ‘CPSC isn’t coming for anyone’s gas stoves. Regulations apply to new products,’ he added.

The backtrack came in response to a tweet from Republican lawmaker Rep. Gary Palmer, who voiced outrage that unelected officials could ban an appliance used by tens of millions of Americans.

So, it’s not really a back track. It’s an explainer that says, yes, we still want to ban any future purchases of gas cooktops. Cooking with gas is bad for your health they cry! Those heart problems and asthma issues people get are totally 100% caused by gas cooktops. 

More than 12% of childhood asthma cases can be attributed to gas stoves, according to a report published last month by the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

“There is about 50 years of health studies showing that gas stoves are bad for our health, and the strongest evidence is on children and children’s asthma,” Brady Seals, a manager in the carbon-free buildings program at the nonprofit clean energy group RMI and a co-author of the study, told Bloomberg. “By having a gas connection, we are polluting the insides of our homes.”

Did any of these studies also take into consideration that those health issues could also be caused by air ducts never being cleaned? Furnaces never being serviced? Keeping windows shut rather than opening to let fresh air in? Oh wait, given one of the so-called studies took place here in Colorado, did they factor in the issues of pollen and pollution? How about the issues of the smoke from the wildfires that have blanketed Colorado for 3-4 months on end for the last five years? Did they factor those issues in? I bet not. 

Brady Seals, manager of the carbon free buildings program at RMI, who led the research, said the study proved that by getting rid of gas stoves, the proportion of children being diagnosed with asthma could be reduced by 12.7 percent.

The researchers from Colorado as well as Australia and New York analyzed the risk posed to children from gas emissions and the proportion of American households that have gas stoves, concluding that using gas greatly increased the risk of asthma.

Ms. Seals wants all gas stoves removed from homes, and presumably restaurants in order to “theoretically” lower asthma rates by 12-18%. Which tells me their study is bogus. 

Furthermore, gas stoves are what help people when the electric grid goes down as it did in Texas, as Duke Energy’s grid did last month, and as California’s is right now. Why do the gas stoves help? Because they stay powered when the electric grid goes down. Which meant people did and will be able to cook and heat water for bathing, etc. 

But nooooo, let’s blame gas stoves for everyone’s health problems instead of taking a 40,000 foot approach and looking at the whole environment to determine root causes of the health issues. Oh, and if you’re going to tout a study as proof regarding why gas stoves need to be dumped in landfills, perhaps make sure its a CREDIBLE study??

Yes, this study which the news jumped all over last year, that climate change alarmists in the Biden Admin are using as proof that gas stoves are bad. Making decisions using estimates never ends well. 

Our electric grid is woefully unprepared to handle current power demands, especially when criminals sabotage substations! Adding more demand without expanding the grid (and no wind and solar won’t cut it) will create more issues. 

Furthermore, cooking with electric or even induction is actually MORE costly and more demanding of the power grid and not as environmentally friendly as cooking with gas. 

Supposedly there will be a public comment period before this unilateral decision is made in the name of “health.” 

The Biden Administration wants to fix the climate and evidently they’ll use bogus studies as their justification. 

To which I say, you go first. Keep your grubby mitts off my gas stove! 

Feature Photo Credit: Gas cooktop burners via Pixabay, cropped and modified

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  • Cameron says:

    “Nobody’s coming for your stoves.”

    Liar. You’re only backtracking because you got caught.

  • NTSOG says:

    It’s the same here in Australia: at the same time the traditional sources of power [electricity] such as coal fired generators are being destroyed the trendy left are wanting to remove gas appliances from our homes for reasons of ‘health’, yet the ability of the electricity grid to operate with solar or wind power is low at best and unreliable. Coincidentally the mains power is being turned off today in my area for 6 hours as the power company performs lines maintenance, but fortunately we have gas stove and hot water service.

    • GWB says:

      What? C’mon, you go without showering and eating for half a day, right? Or washing dishes or clothes.
      I suppose you could heat your bug gruel over a candle, like Scrooge.

    • Cameron says:

      I propose that we use greenies as a fuel and heat source. I figure after a few weeks, the smart one will learn their place and keep their mouths shut.

    • lee says:

      Quite certain gas stoves, coal, and pot bellied stoves all helped previous generations live to ripe old ages of 80’s to 90’s!

      Would like to read alleged study. Then plug in numbers disregarding gas stoves. Inserting peanuts, video games, food additives and wild fires.

      Open a Window? Makes too much common sense!
      Isn’t that why carbon monoxide detectors are used?

  • GWB says:

    You missed one really important problem with their proposed ban:
    Nothing in the extant legislation authorizing any executive agency currently authorizes them to ban sh*t.
    And, it’s questionable if they could ban anything with Congress, either. It ain’t in the Constitution.

    I still don’t understand the “standing” rules that say you can’t sue over a blatantly un-constitutional proposal and stop it before they do it. Of course, suing wouldn’t be necessary if we still tarred and feathered politicians.

  • Stephen C says:

    Is this proposed ban a disguised threat to appliance and propane trade associations to pony up more political donations or else?

  • Scott says:

    “Never underestimate Joe’s ability to F@*K shit up”… The Anointed one… aka barack HUESSIEN Obama

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