Democrats Want Protests If Trump Is Arrested, Don’t Fall For It

Democrats Want Protests If Trump Is Arrested, Don’t Fall For It

Democrats Want Protests If Trump Is Arrested, Don’t Fall For It

Late yesterday the news started swirling with information about a potential arrest of President Trump. Over Russia collusion? NOPE. How about January 6? Not even close. Supposedly paying hush money to a porn star? Yep, that’s the ticket.

Yes indeed, the most actionable case prosecutors, in this instance NYC DA Alvin Bragg, could find is the highly questionable and legally tenuous Stormy Daniels porn star hush money case. Ever since Bragg was elected, Democrat politicians and activist attorneys such as New York’s Letitia James have been pressuring Bragg to indict Trump because REASONS! 

Although it may be politically popular, the case is legally pathetic. Bragg is struggling to twist state laws to effectively prosecute a federal case long ago rejected by the Justice Department against Trump over his payment of “hush money” to former stripper Stormy Daniels. In 2018 (yes, that is how long this theory has been around), I wrote how difficult such a federal case would be under existing election laws. Now, six years later, the same theory may be shoehorned into a state claim.

It is extremely difficult to show that paying money to cover up an embarrassing affair was done for election purposes as opposed to an array of obvious other reasons, from protecting a celebrity’s reputation to preserving a marriage. That was demonstrated by the failed federal prosecution of former presidential candidate John Edwards on a much stronger charge of using campaign funds to cover up an affair.

But, just as with all the insistence that there was Trump! Russia! Collusion! for years, despite everything being debunked, this Stormy Daniels case is the same. There was smoke of rumors! Therefore, there was FIRE! So indict no matter how weak the case actually is. Interestingly, even The NY Times and Washington Post are looking at this case and wondering about the veracity of charges and if the case would even hold up in court. 

Well, no sooner than the news started swirling, NBC came out with a breathy article about how law enforcement is preparing for a January 6 style protest. 

Local, state and federal law enforcement and security agencies are preparing for the possibility that former President Donald Trump will be indicted as early as next week, according to five senior officials familiar with the preparations.

Law enforcement agencies are conducting preliminary security assessments, the officials said, and are discussing potential security plans in and around the Manhattan Criminal Court, at 100 Centre Street, in case Trump is charged in connection with an alleged hush money payment to Stormy Daniels and travels to New York to face any charges.

And, of course, the speculation over social media ran wild. Then Trump jumped into the fray. 

The former president cited “ILLEGAL LEAKS FROM A CORRUPT & HIGHLY POLITICAL MANHATTAN DISTRICT ATTORNEY’S OFFICE” in his Saturday morning post on Truth Social.


To our readers, I’m asking you to NOT fall into the trap. A protest is EXACTLY what the Democrats want. They want, no they NEED a redo of January 6 New York City style. They NEED a protest to show how ungovernable and deplorable every Trump supporter really is. They WANT a protest to turn into a riot. 

As I wrote late in the day on January 6, the actions of a few are going to be a problem, and three years later, here we are. 

Yes, anything other than a measured response to an arrest, IF an arrest does happen, could lead to disastrous consequences. 

People need to take a step back, take a big deep breath, and then ask WHY now. Why this case? First of all, there are too many out there whose brains were broken by Trump. Which means they’ll use any and all means to get him. Secondly, it’s a distinct possibility that because the Democrats are failing at their other narratives, it’s SQUIRREL time!

Here’s the thing. The protests the Democrats want are the protests that turn violent (George Floyd protests are the exception). Which is why the January 6 committee showed the most egregious instances from that debacle of a day, while still insisting Brian Sidnick died because of the events of that day, and hid the videos of those peacefully walking through the halls from the public. 

As the Democrats are now gleefully pointing out, Trump didn’t call for “peaceful” protests. He just called for protests. They don’t want peaceful protests over this issue. Recent history shows that Democrats will take every chance they can get to vilify Republicans for going against the favored narrative. 

We saw that with all the George Floyd riots, and we saw that first hand with Biden’s atrocious Independence Hall speech last September. This is just one more opportunity to give the Democrats fodder and leverage. Don’t give it to them. Don’t fall for it. 

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  • Skillyboo says:

    The point is not a conviction just a tactic to keep him preoccupied and paying millions for legal counsel. And to turn voters against him. The outcome will be just the opposite. I think it’s high time Trump started telling Americans just what he knows about the slime that wish him ill will. Let’s know what he knows about Epstein and what went on there with the likes of Clinton, Schumer, Gates and all the others. Tell us how these slime politicians are padding their bank accounts thru phony nonprofits and consulting firms that align with whatever committees the politician is assigned to.

  • As I was just a bit ago saying to the wife: “These people SHOULD be shot. I am seriously hoping that they aren’t, though! The Fascist clamp down would kick off CW2 – followed by WW3 while we’re distracted.”

    To misquote another person – “Keep your armor and firearms where you can find them in the dark. Pray that it is never time to pull them out into the light.”

  • Stephen C says:

    Will not this indictment drive MAGA supporters underground? I hope it does. Putting Trump in an orange jumpsuit Democrats is not what you think it means.

  • MingAmango says:

    Special Agent W: Any success ginning up a violent protest?
    Agent X: No soap! They seem leery the Charlotte fake.
    Agent Y: I wish I could say yes, but every time I even HINT at taking up arms, they say, “What’re you? A fed entrapper?”
    Special Agent W: You know what this means right?
    Agents X and Y: We’ll call Antifa, the CHAZ folks, they’ll do it for the money. Also, we’ll activate the buzz cut and sunglasses group that were so effective on 1/6. We’re on it, chief!

  • Hank says:

    So, here are our options for defeating deep state tyranny:
    Revolt, and they win.
    Do nothing, and they win.
    Try to vote them out, they cheat and they win.

    Can someone please find a remedy for this crap where we win?

  • Paladin says:

    Instapundit gave you a honorable mention! Way to go, Nina!

  • Nate Winchester says:

    James Lindsay just talked about this. Mid-level violence. The goal is to provoke a reaction.

    I will laugh if the entire protest at Trump’s perp walk is of those who hate him.

  • Not a Soros fan says:

    its a trap. Bend your knee and acknowledge your masters. Accept the coup and the establishment of the People’s State. Do not raise your voice, do not offend, sleep, obey.

    Isn’t that what Americans did at extinction, at the Alamo, at Pearl Harbor.

    Contrast this with Antifa and BLM. I want the government to pay me for rioting. But listen to the author, accept your chains lightly. Accept that you must live on your knees forever. It is the cost of acceptance by the Biden’s and the Obama posse.

    Obey. Guess again skippy. Put on your high heels, put on your dress boys, but don’T pretend you have a chin, chest or spine, much less a brain.

  • Liz says:

    I was prepared to die on the (anti) vaccine mandate hill. Fortunately they’ve reversed that…
    By contrast, the Trump hill is not one I’m willing to die on.

    His request that everyone protest on his behalf is over the top.
    It would be one thing if he had stood by the January 6 folks who have been sitting in jail rotting…but he hasn’t.
    Often, in the military, flag officers become out of touch with their subordinates because they are so surrounded by people who tell them only what they want to hear. I see this with Trump. I’m not making perfect the enemy of the good here, Trump has some serious short comings…and I am a big fan of his performance as president.

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