Democrats Go Into Free Fall Over Weekend

Democrats Go Into Free Fall Over Weekend

Democrats Go Into Free Fall Over Weekend

After last week, the remaining Democrats in the presidential primary tried to shake everything off and refocus on New Hampshire. This was hampered because until Sunday evening, there was still no declared winner in the Iowa caucuses.

Now, the Democrats won’t be happy with whatever the result was, given the mess that last Monday turned out to be. Pete Buttigieg has edged out Bernie Sanders, but juuuuuuust barely. Bernie wins the popular vote, but Buttigieg gets more delegates because he won more counties. And it’s only a difference of two delegates, with Buttigieg getting 14 delegates and Bernie getting 12 delegates. But as you can imagine, the Bernie campaign wants those numbers checked.

The announcement brings the end to the dysfunctional and disastrous caucus much closer. Candidates have until noon Central on Monday to request either a full recanvass or recount. Sanders team said Sunday that they will at least request a recanvass.”

“We will request a recanvass of specified precincts,” said Jeff Weaver, Sanders’ senior adviser. “This was an informal review for clerical errors,” he said, referring to the IDP review.”

Weaver said the math in a number of the precincts was “wrong,” and that the Sanders campaign is also considering requesting a recount.”

The Associated Press declined to call the race, following the updated results released on Sunday evening, citing the close margin and still some outstanding apparent inconsistencies in results.”

In other words, this is the recount that never ends, and it goes on and on my friends….

The Democrats desperately want to move on from Iowa, which means that between the debate on Friday and the upcoming primary on Tuesday, New Hampshire is the new home of all the candidates. Unless you’re Elizabeth Warren, pulling a Joe Biden, and calling New Hampshire Massachusetts.

The Warren gaffe isn’t getting nearly the play that you’d think, because Joe Biden decided to pull out a completely weird insult and call a woman at one of his rallies not just a liar, but…

The Biden campaign is just swirling around the bowl right now. And this is just getting more and more awkward to watch as it goes on. But the problem is that if Biden drops out, Bernie is going to take the nomination running away.

The media, being all in for Warren, is suddenly discovering that Bernie is an old red commie who could drop dead at any second. Jake Tapper tried to pin Bernie down about his commie-loving beliefs, and instead got the spin cycle.

Also, Bernie is now insisting he’s in great health after that heart attack, so he won’t be releasing those medical records like he promised earlier.

Bernie Sanders is now the front-runner that nobody wanted, so the target is now on his back. If the media and more moderate Democrats heed the words of James Carville and Chris Matthews, then the knives will be out for Bernie.

The problem is, of course, that’s an awfully big IF. And the other problem is that there isn’t anyone left who is sane, has widespread name recognition, and enough support to wrest this away easily from Bernie or Biden. The Democrats are in free fall, and they just can’t stop themselves.

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  • GWB says:

    Bernie wins the popular vote, but Buttigieg gets more delegates because he won more counties.
    I thought Buttijiggy was all pro-popular-vote?

    In other words, this is the recount that never ends, and it goes on and on my friends….
    Florida 2000, all over again. Thank goodness no one in Iowa is named Chad.
    Oh, and I now have that ELP song stuck in my head……..

    Bernie Sanders is now the front-runner that nobody wanted
    And I’m still baffled why they can’t simply say “Hey, Bernie, you’re not a registered Democrat, so … no, you can’t win.”
    To paraphrase another song, “It’s our party and we’ll throw you out if we want to…”.

    • Joe in PNG says:

      Problem with just tossing the bum out is that they lose the vote of the Bernie Bros at the main event in November. Getting those entitled little snots to show up and vote then probably won’t be enough to put someone in the White House, but they will be crucial in trying to hold on to gains made in the House & Senate.
      Which is great for us.

  • Joe in PNG says:

    Grubbing over two delegates isn’t a good look for Bernie. The better strategy to take your lumps, graciously concede, and just drop it altogether.
    By raising a fuss, Bernie is giving free advertising to the fact that Mayor Pete is an actual viable contender.

  • I’ll cut Lizzie some slack on that confusion. Just about all of the Democrats in the “Live Free or Die” State are invaders from the “Live As Slaves or Die” State just south of them.

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