Girly Stuff is EMPOWERING When Democrats Do It

Girly Stuff is EMPOWERING When Democrats Do It

Girly Stuff is EMPOWERING When Democrats Do It

Want to know Elizabeth Warren’s beauty tips? How about the OMG girly fashionista stylings of Alexandria Occasional-Cortex? No, no, this isn’t Cosmo or the New York Times Style section. This is Politico.

The headline breathlessly asks:

Is America Ready for a Frank Discussion About Skincare?

… and it is not parody but serious! As if the magazine stands next to checkout in the grocery store aren’t already groaning with tomes promising ~~ NEW! IMPROVED! ~~ Quick Weight Loss ~~ Skin Care Guaranteed to Make You Glow! ~~ This Season’s HOTTEST Fashions! ~~ 5 MUST HAVES In Your Makeup Bag! ~~ along with celebrity gossip and a tragic TrueLife™ story or two.

Walk into any department store in the nation and the first thing you run across are the makeup counters, where polished sales reps are eager to get you to sit down and discuss your routine and have you walk away with a few hundred dollars worth of product.

Anymore frankness in discussion and skincare would be an obsession as toxic as diversity.

Certainly, author Judith Weiss has taken a frankly partisan spin to this girly topic.

Many young women today don’t see embracing cosmetics or fashion “as an antifeminist statement or as any kind of problem,” says Nancy Etcoff, a psychology professor at Harvard Medical School who studies people’s perceptions of beauty. “They see it as something they can enjoy and they can have fun with and can express a bit of who they are and who they’re like.” To Pels, the Cosmopolitan editor, the merging of the two is actually a sign of progress: rejecting a sexist assumption that for women, superficial pleasures and intellectual substance are mutually exclusive. …

“I love when political candidates talk about beauty,” [beauty influencer Shayla] Mitchell wrote in an email. “It makes them seem more human, more relatable. I love seeing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wearing her signature red lip and owning it.”

No where in Weiss’s fluff are any non-Democrat women cited. Could it be because GOP women are always slammed by the Left-dominated mass media? The impeccably dressed Nancy Reagan was savaged by the press while FLOTUS, with admiration only coming when she died. When John Roberts was sworn in an SCOTUS Chief Justice, WaPo’s Fashion writer, Robin Givhan, savaged Mrs. Roberts and their children for dressing as “Necco Wafers”. Who can forget Secretary of State Condolezza Rice slammed for wearing boots (Givhan again, using the word Dominatrix to describe Condi’s choice) and even buying high-end shoes?

The Left didn’t know what to make of perky Sarah Palin, with her high heels and glasses, so the knives went to how much everything cost and declarations that she was just a hillybill without her handlers.

Most glaring is that FLOTUS Melania Trump, a former model, would be on the cover of every fashion magazine in America save for the fact she’s not a Democrat or married to one. Melania was good enough to be on Vogue’s cover in 2005 when the Trumps were still Democrats, but certainly not now.

Want the real frankness in discussing girly stuff in politics?

Anything Democrat women do is the NEW! IMPROVED! EMPOWERMENT!! Republicans? No kudos for you.

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  • Lloyd says:

    Women were “empowered” when they got the right to vote. They, perhaps, have not handled that too well. So, maybe empowerment lies in education…or in providing for a family…or in working hard at a job. Silly me…for today’s woman, empowerment means posing nude…bashing males…late term abortion…and other such silliness. Good luck!

  • I don’t think there has been one time that I’ve seen a photo of Melania and not been struck by how beautiful she is. These days I also think she has immense poise. Certainly as sleazy attacks go, the lamestream media’s ignoring of her has been the rudest and most scandalous, and also it disjoints history again which is what I hate most about the media. After PDJT is gone it’s important the media’s not the only historian of this epoch. Maybe some very bright spark in the future, a Diana West to come, will be researching the first family one day in a basement somewhere and exclaim, they say she was very beautiful but there are so few biopics, so few covers .. why?

  • Chester White says:

    Conservative women are better-looking on average than liberal ones. Everyone knows this, even if they won’t admit it. Case closed, the end.

  • Steve S says:

    Whenever they propose to “start a conversation” or to “have a discussion” I always wonder what part of the discussion or the conversation are we not already having?

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