Democrats Have The Worst Week Ever

Democrats Have The Worst Week Ever

Democrats Have The Worst Week Ever

Never in their wildest imaginings could this week have gone so badly for the Democrats. Every single day this week, they have taken a hit, and the hits just keep coming.

And what’s worse for them, is that with every single hit, President Trump comes out with a win. Even those of us who know the Democrats are full of it are watching this week’s news unfold with mouths open regarding just how bad it has been.

Let’s start with Monday. The Iowa caucus was the big event. FINALLY, a Democrat frontrunner would emerge from the pack! Or so we thought. Then the Shadow-made reporting app broke itself, the Iowa Democrats couldn’t figure out how to count votes (is is time for a remedial Sesame Street lesson?), and the sheer chaos storm saw every single candidate in contention declaring victory. Four days later, the DNC is throwing in the towel via its chairman, Tom Perez, and asking for a recanvass (but don’t ask him if this is his fault). As of right now, Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders are locked in a virtual tie, with both campaigns declaring victory.

Which means the only real winner in Iowa is… Donald Trump.

Tuesday was the State of the Union. There was much anticipation, as the final impeachment vote had not been taken yet. Would the president say anything about impeachment? Would he call out Democrats from the podium? Trump didn’t even touch impeachment during the speech, and instead gave a rousing display of American success that left the Democrats sitting on their hands like petty children. Nancy Pelosi put the cap on the Democrat reaction at the end of the speech when she very deliberately and publicly ripped up her copy of the speech. Maturity, thy name is NOT Nancy Pelosi. And she had no good excuses for her behavior, except that she just wanted to vent somehow and rip into Trump. Meanwhile, everyone with a shred of sanity realized that we are being presented with two visions of America – one from President Trump, and the other from the Democrats. President Trump highlighted all the greatness of America in the State of the Union. The Democrats, and their presidential candidates, are busy telling Americans that we are just terrible, horrible, awful people who shall only be redeemed if we vote them into power. Not a winning message.

Which means that the winner at the State of the Union was… Donald Trump.

Wednesday saw the impeachment circus finally close with the final vote by the Senate. Democrats came nowhere near to reaching the 67 senators necessary to vote for a conviction – they didn’t even get a majority. Despite the defection of Mitt Romney on one impeachment charge, Donald Trump is still president of the United States, a outcome which was never in doubt. Democrats knew that they would never have the votes necessary to convict the president and remove him from office. This was all about smearing him for the 2020 election. But his poll numbers are the best they ever have been, despite the clown-and-pony show. Now, this isn’t to say that the president is undamaged by this whole process, but Democrats went for the killing blow instead of death by a thousand paper cuts. And they missed.

Which means the winner of the impeachment circus show is… Donald Trump.

Thursday, the president took his expected shots at the Democrats and the media in two different venues. First, Trump spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast, and then he had his own presser – which was his own personal version of “the airing of the grievances.” He got it out of his system. The Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) were gasping in contrived horror that Donald Trump had DARED mock them and yell at them (seriously, have you met the man? Ever?).

Then the White House released the news that another terrorist leader had assumed room temperature.

Which means, even with the media crying, Thursday belonged to and was won by… Donald Trump.

Which leads us to today. How could this week get any worse for Democrats, you ask? Well, they just got their emoluments lawsuit against the president tossed by the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.

This emoluments case was one of three ongoing constitutional challenges to Trump and his business, alleging that the President is violating the anti-corruption emoluments clause. Two other emoluments cases attack Trump for his alleged competitive advantage at the Trump-branded real estate empire. Those cases are still moving through the court system.”

The three-judge panel — Judges Karen Henderson, David Tatel and Thomas Griffith — was in unanimous agreement, saying the Democratic lawmakers lack the standing to challenge the President, the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ruled.”

The Democrats’ “claim is based entirely on the loss of political power,” the appellate panel wrote in the opinion. “Our conclusion is straightforward because the Members — 29 Senators and 186 Members of the House of Representatives — do not constitute a majority of either body and are, therefore, powerless to approve or deny the President’s acceptance of foreign emoluments.”

The ruling can be read here. While this decision will probably be appealed, there’s no doubt that this was the right hook to the chin of the Democrats’ Friday.

And then came the left hook.

I can honestly say that in all my time following politics, I’ve never seen a week that has gone quite so badly for one group, and worked so forcefully in the favor of another. Call it karma, call it coincidence, call it Providence – whatever you want to call this, this was the worst week the Democrats have ever had. Some of it (Iowa, impeachment) was by their own hand, and some of it was inflicted upon them (Trump’s various speeches), and some of it was just thrust upon them through the news cycle.

Which makes me wonder – what on earth is next week going to look like???

Featured image: Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks, taken February 6, 2020, cropped, public domain

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