Democrats Cave: 10 Telling Tweets on the Foolish #SchumerShutdown

Democrats Cave: 10 Telling Tweets on the Foolish #SchumerShutdown

Democrats Cave: 10 Telling Tweets on the Foolish #SchumerShutdown

The Senate Democrats believed American voters were behind them. And in their delusion, they chose to block a government funding bill last week, putting “Dreamers” ahead of, well, everything, including paychecks for our military and border patrol agents. They were dreadfully wrong.

For once, even the liberal media, including the New York Times, told the truth, with headlines like this following the Democrats’ forced, premeditated shutdown of the federal government on Friday night:

Color me gobsmacked at that accurate headline.

And then, humiliated, Cryin’ Chuck Schumer took to the Senate floor yesterday afternoon and, before voting to re-open the government, delivered this last ditch effort at hanging the shutdown albatross around the neck of Donald Trump. Again, he failed. Epically:

Wah wahhhh.

And then the liberal media piled on. Again.

Quick! Someone alert Nancy “Crumbs/Gotta Pass It to Find Out What’s in It” Pelosi!

Fact check: true.

Because DACA has nothing to do with a continuing resolution to fund the government, Juan. Oh, and Democrat pols don’t really care about “Dreamers.” They care about votes.


More WaPo:



Yahoo News:

Here’s a hint: UpChuck the Dinosaur has occupied a seat in the U.S. Senate since circa 1892. He’s helped create most of our country’s problems.

Boston Globe:

Almost right. The POTUS doesn’t write or pass legislation, Matt. He also met with Schumer post-surrender to discuss the demands of illegal aliens. It’s Congress’ job to take it from there.


The New York Times:

The point? There was a point? Oh, maybe this was the point. Behold the DNC Chairman, Tom Perez:

Word salad, anyone? Is it any wonder the DNC is in complete disarray?

Schumer: Head Senate Democrat Terrorist (Photo Credit: GOP Briefing Room)

Yep. You know you’re in a world of hurt when not only is your base hoppin’ mad at your obvious blink, but you’ve also lost the oft-reliable support of the communication arm of the DNC—also known as the liberal media. The polls have dwindled to mid single digits for the Democrats in generic polling for the midterms. The tax cuts are about to kick in. No longer will we be forced to purchase health insurance we either can’t afford or don’t want. And the Democrats have just handed the GOP a bludgeon on where their loyalties lie that, if they’re smart, they’ll hammer the Democrats with heading into this fall’s midterms. But make no mistake, the Republicans are nothing if not experts at prying defeat from the jaws of victory. But were I the Democrats, I’d be quaking in my jackboots right about now.

Here’s the truth: this arm-wrestling win would not have happened without the bluff call from the White House and President Trump. I’d wager any other Republican president—Jeb! comes to mind—would have happily caved to the Democrats and immigration extremist, Lindsey Gramnesty. Republicans would fare well to take note: never negotiate with terrorists.

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  • Scott says:

    “Never negotiate with terrorists”.. truer words have never been said, and that’s exactly what these dims are…Any illegal with a criminal conviction needs to be booted ASAP… don’t break up families, deport them all, and repeal the 14th amendment, so it can be changed to require that at least one parent needs to be a citizen, in order for the child to be a citizen..No way should some illegal be able to sneak across the border, head to the ER, and pop out a brand new American citizen… that’s just a freakin suicide pact!

    • GWB says:

      Best way for things to get rolling is for Trump to write an executive order that states, based on Supreme Court precedent, “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” for purposes of the 14th Amendment means “legally within the US, with an ongoing legal presence for (X time)”. Then ask Congress to support that with a legislative definition.

      (And repealing the 14th Amendment is a non-starter. Egad.)

    • harleycowboy says:

      The Chinese and Russians are having babies here so their children can be U.S. citizens. Future spies I guess. Other than that I see no point in it.

  • GWB says:

    Oh, and Democrat pols don’t really care about “Dreamers.” They care about votes power.
    FIFY, Jodi. Votes are currently just one means to their power. Lawfare, executive overreach, and extortion like this are others.

    And, yes, that cartoon is right, this was extortion, pure and simple. It wasn’t about negotiating, it was about making extortion demands, expecting to win without any give – just take.
    The thing is, when everyone already knows you’re a philanderer and doesn’t seem to care anymore, those negatives have very little value. “Sure, go ahead Guido, share those pictures with my wife and the press. And when you’ve put all the attention on me, I can share with the world the photos I have of you. Now, why don’t you finish your cannoli and get out of my restaurant?”

    • Jodi says:

      Well, yes. Votes lead to power. And a country flooded with people who have no allegiance to this country they hope will lead to permanent one-party rule. Aided and abetted by Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Jeff Flake…

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