Beautiful Dreamers – D.A.C.A. by The Numbers

Beautiful Dreamers – D.A.C.A. by The Numbers

Beautiful Dreamers – D.A.C.A. by The Numbers

Now that the government shutdown is over, the Continuing Resolution will be signed, the government will be funded and we can have a moment to talk about those special angels come to Earth. I am talking about the Dreamers or the D.A.C.A. kids. D.A.C.A. stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

These are children brought into this country as children by their illegal alien parents. There has been much shaming and preaching this week. It would be helpful to know just how wonderful these gods come down from Mt. Olympus are, right?

The Dreamers protest

1. DACA or Dreamer, what’s the diff? According to USA Today:

While many politicians use DREAMer and DACA interchangeably, the terms are “not a distinction without a difference,” said House Minority Whip Rep. Steny Hoyer, D-Md.

DREAMers got their name from the DREAM Act, a bill that has been proposed in Congress since 2001, but never passed, that would protect that group of immigrants.

The number of Dreamers is about 3.6 million.

The D.A.C.A. people fell under the “Directive” not “Executive Order” signed by President Barack Obama in 2012. After he said he could not unilaterally change immigration law, he did just that. The Fifth Circuit Court blocked the Obama D.A.C.A. Directive, but the law means nothing to that Constitutional Genius Barry Soetoro. The Obama Administration kept processing paperwork for these gifts from Heaven to the tune of about 800,000 kiddies.

While the reporters (a.k.a. talking hairdos) and politicians (evil walking the face of the Earth) throw the 800,000 number around, they are going for the nearly 4 million people. Voters for ever, doncha know.

This is propaganda

2. Are they really all scholars and gentlemen and ladies? With much rending of garments and gnashing of teeth, we are told that the United States cannot survive without these beings of pure light. According to the Hechinger Report:

Last month the Migration Policy Institute released figures based on 2014 census data. It estimates that 365,000 high school students across the United States were eligible for DACA status, and that another 241,000 of DACA-eligible students were enrolled in college. Together, that’s roughly half, or 51 percent, of the DACA-eligible population of nearly 1.2 million.

That’s 606,000 that are students. I couldn’t find any hard numbers, but do you really believe they are all A+++ scholars? Or, like me, do you believe that a normal distribution pattern is more likely? In other words, a few geniuses and a few mouth breathers, with everyone else in the middle.

Dey dumb.

3. The D.A.C.A. kids are serving in the United States military and defending your freedom, you Dream hating swine. Well, yes, a few. According to The

Today the proper respect is offered to those who served this nation, particularly in its battles. (snip) It is also entirely possible that a recruit will find herself in far-flung regions of the world facing an unknown enemy along a front with no demarcation. Unfortunately, for thousands of these young men and women, they may face a different kind of “cold shoulder.” They won’t be spat upon or yelled at; instead they will be packed up and deported to places around the world that in many cases they do not even know.

Thousands! In a military of about 2 million personnel, how would we survive? Not so fast, there with the doom and gloom. The Pentagon (and I think that building would know) says that the number is few than 900 dreamers in uniform. That’s not even a rounding error. But, I would think even the mental midgets on Capitol Hill could make an exception for those who do serve.

4. The Dreamers are totally crime free. Again, not so fast. The numbers weren’t truly compiled under the Obama Justice Department (stop giggling over there!). The following is from

There are 45,493 foreign-born inmates currently in BOP custody, of which 3,939 are U.S. citizens (either naturalized or derivative). Of the remaining 41,554 foreign-born inmates (aliens):

Approximately 22,541 (54.2 percent) are aliens for which final immigration orders have been issued for their removal;
Approximately 13,886 (33.4 percent) are aliens who are under ICE investigation for possible removal;
Approximately 5,101 (12.3 percent) are aliens still pending adjudication (in other words, ICE has charged these aliens as removal cases, but a final disposition has not yet been reached); and
Approximately 26 (0.1 percent) are aliens who have been granted relief on the basis of asylum claims.

Let’s just say that 10% of these prison persons are dreamers, that’s about 4000. That’s more than 4 times the number in the military.

That’s it, folks. Those are the basics you need to know.

Now, that the Dems have caved on the Continuing Resolution (Deanna wrote about it here), the open borders crowd is crying of the poor D.A.C.A. kids that mean old coward President Trump wants to personally deport.

Sweet Jesus! Those people are so heinous. We pay them. That just makes me want to slap somebody.

There can be no blanket amnesty. We cannot have a one size fits all answer. The Dreamers and D.A.C.A. kids need to get in line and plead their cases. Many of them need to just go. There are people who have waited their turn for years, paid lawyers and studied for the citizenship test. How can we look them in the eyes and say, “You did the right thing, but that doesn’t matter to us.” We are a nation of laws. We value those who do the right thing.

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  • SFC D says:

    IF there are “dreamers” in uniform, they enlisted fraudulently. Only legal residents of the the US can serve in the military. Dreamers, by definition, are not legal residents.

    • Toni Williams says:

      I think if they applied under D.A.C.A., they are okay. If they are dreamers, then they are in uniform fraudulently and need to be jailed and then deported.


  • SFC D says:

    They cannot apply under DACA. If dreamers have enlisted and served, it was with fraudulent documentation and stolen identity. Legislation has been proposed to allow them to serve, but that’s all it is, a proposal.

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