David Hogg Gets Owned by Hunter Pollack and Kyle Kashuv. [VIDEO]

David Hogg Gets Owned by Hunter Pollack and Kyle Kashuv. [VIDEO]

David Hogg Gets Owned by Hunter Pollack and Kyle Kashuv. [VIDEO]

David Hogg must think he’s starring in the remake of Scott Pilgrim vs.The World. That’s the movie, based on a comic book, in which a garage band slacker must fight his new girlfriend’s seven ex-boyfriends.

And, like Scott Pilgrim, David Hogg has attacked many of his political nemeses, such as President Trump, Dana Loesch, Sen. Marco Rubio, and, of course, the NRA. Hogg has also slammed Sen. John McCain — who hasn’t even been present in DC this year, due to his brain cancer. And of course, there’s his biggest trophy yet — Fox News host Laura Ingraham, whose program has bled sponsors since Hogg went on the attack after she criticized him.

She apologized. And now she’s going on ‘vacation’ next week — maybe Hogg claimed her scalp after all.

David Hogg’s reaction to Ingraham’s apology: “Hold my beer.” Or, in his case, “Hold my juice box.”

(What, am I too harsh? Remember now, this is the kid who talks big but whines about “mudslinging at children.” I’m merely reinforcing his self-proclaimed status as a child. But I digress.)

Not only did Hogg tell the Daily Mail that he would “love to see her go,” he doubled down Saturday while appearing on his safe space — CNN — where he took soft pitches from the host. Hogg also said he would refuse Laura Ingraham’s apology until she apologizes to everyone she’s ‘bullied.’

Behold, power-mad juvenile demagoguery, unchallenged by the adult in the room:

But while adults are quaking in their shoes about attacking this ‘child,’ two of Hogg’s classmates have no problem pushing back against Hogg: Hunter Pollack and Kyle Kashuv.

Hunter Pollack is the brother of Meadow Pollack, who was murdered at the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. And while TV hosts and their sponsors are afraid of offending David Hogg, Hunter Pollack isn’t.

Hunter didn’t get to speak at the March for Our Lives rally that occurred last month in Washington, DC. Why? Apparently his narrative didn’t fit the anti-gun message of Hogg and Company. You see, Hunter and his father Andrew want more strict school security measures, not more gun control. So — to paraphrase the Soup Nazi — no speech for you!

But Hunter wasn’t about to be silenced. So on Saturday the Pollacks held a fundraiser in Coral Springs for the building of a playground named after Meadow. Among the supporters were hundreds of bikers, and — surprise, surprise — David Hogg himself. Why, he even got his face painted! Cute, huh?

Apparently someone must’ve told Hogg that those optics weren’t so good, considering that Hunter Pollack didn’t get to speak at Hogg’s big gig in DC. Or maybe Hogg thought that Pollack was stealing his thunder. At any rate, David Hogg tried to make nice with Hunter Pollack and tweeted out why he didn’t get to speak at the March for Our Lives. It was . . . a miscommunication! Yeah, that’s the ticket!

“A miscommunication led to Hunter not being able to speak at the march… I would like you to hear it now,” he posted. Hogg also included a video of the rally with his tweet.

However, Pollack didn’t buy it. But he was polite, though — no F-bombs for him.

Moreover, Hunter Pollack isn’t the only MSD student unfazed by David Hogg. There’s also Kyle Kashuv, who defended Laura Ingraham this way:

Not only that, but Kashuv really wants to debate David Hogg, too. Student vs. student, no adults allowed.

Think it’ll happen? Don’t hold your breath.

Now all this reminds me of our virtue-signaling neighbors.

There is a very nice house at the end of our street, where the owners are happy to announce their moral superiority through yard signs. I think it’s a reaction to another neighbor, who in 2016 had a Trump sign in his yard, as well as on his Hummer. Yes, he has a Hummer — and guns, too, since he’s a hunter.

Their first sign read, “No matter where you’re from, we welcome you,” written not only in English, but also in Spanish and Arabic. The newest sign reads, “Listen to the children,” which I’m sure relates to the March for Our Lives.

Um, no, let’s not. Especially when the Golden Children are backed up by every major anti-gun group, as well as pampered by the media. But I think a televised debate between Hogg and Kashuv — without interference by adults — would be a splendid idea. Let’s see if David “Scott Pilgrim” Hogg can really take on the world of ideas, without relying on histrionics.

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