April Fools: MSNBC Morning Joy and “God-Believing” Atheist: Laura Ingraham “Betrayed Jesus”

April Fools: MSNBC Morning Joy and “God-Believing” Atheist: Laura Ingraham “Betrayed Jesus”

April Fools: MSNBC Morning Joy and “God-Believing” Atheist: Laura Ingraham “Betrayed Jesus”

No, this is not a gag headline. This actually happened. The always joyful (cough), Joy Reid, took to the MSNBC airwaves this morning with guest, Frank Schaeffer, author of “Why I Am An Atheist Who Believes In God”. No joke.

Schaeffer joined the program to insist that it is “not a happy Easter” because of the “vile behavior” coming from people like President Donald Trump and Laura Ingraham.

From his Facebook page yesterday:

Was Laura Ingraham always a crass bully or did she get that way by imitating the crass bully who faked his way into the White House? How does she justify this? She thinks all conservatives are victims. But how can they be? Republicans control the entire government!

Crush bullies like Laura Ingraham and Donald Trump who use positions of power, money and platform to bully ordinary citizens from disabled reporters to teens like David Hogg. They never pick on people their own size. The NRA/gun lobby Republicans have decided that rather than engaging the arguments gun violence survivors are making, they will try to discredit the messengers, often through blatant ad hominem attacks.

Laura Ingraham apologized after taunting Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg over college rejections. Now this “good Catholic Christian” should use Holy Week as a chance to confess then retire from public life. She’s a bully unfit to host a show using celebrity to pick on kids.

Of her breast cancer Laura Ingraham said “I decided it was time to look at my own life and my own choices and path and decide if I could do better.” As she attacks kid survivors of mass shootings Ingraham proves she learned neither grace nor kindness from her brush with mortality.

Even though Ingraham apologized and Hogg rejected her apology:

Schaeffer did not back down on Morning Joy (gag):

“The conservative Roman Catholics like Laura Ingraham … look at her, she’s a convert to Catholicism and here we are in Holy Week, culminating in Easter, and she chooses this time to mock a teenager who stood up against gun violence.

Look at the fall she has taken, now a poster child for imitating Donald Trump’s ugly intolerance,” he continued. “Imagine that, in Holy Week, at a time when Christians around the world are saying ‘he has risen.’

“We are in a moment of betrayal of the teaching of Jesus. We have an arrogant president who disrespects people and those who follow him are now imitating this vile behavior in Holy Week … that is where we are this Easter morning.”-Frank Schaeffer

Ummm…who, again is denigrating ordinary Americans? You know, those of the “uneducated”, “Christian” variety who apparently are not college educated and who do not believe in science because they worship God? Middle America? The “little women” who were “afraid” to vote for Hillary Clinton because their big, bad husbands were going to come after them? I digress. Moving right along…

Laura Ingraham is picking on poor witttttle David Hogg. Really? She is sooo not becoming to the Christian faith, right? Because young David Hogg should be canonized for sainthood or something:

“When your old-ass parent is like, ‘I don’t know how to send an iMessage,’ and you’re just like, ‘Give me the fucking phone and let me handle it.’ Sadly, that’s what we have to do with our government; our parents don’t know how to use a fucking democracy, so we have to.”-David Hogg

Because he’s honoring thy mother and father my calling them decrepit and “old-ass”, right? Commandment Number Four.

Laura Ingraham picked on a foul-mouthed young pissant who threw himself into the spotlight and she betrayed Jesus? And the virtuous Frank Schaeffer who once made money as an Evangelical and decided it may be more profitable to appeal to the mainstream liberal lot attacks a woman who has suffered through breast cancer and supports Hogg’s call for a boycott of her advertisers because she “attacked a defenseless teenager”?! Attacking a single mother who adopted three children to give them a better life? Yep, that shows how much of a better person you are, Mr. Schaeffer! That’s what these people do. They kick others when they are down.

As as far as “tolerance” and “acceptance” on the left goes? Pfft. Case in point: I had to say goodbye to my beloved 19 year-old cat on Good Friday. Think any of my animal-activist, pro-abortion, anti-Trump, uber-liberal college friends offered their condolences or a virtual hug? Nope. Most of them still cannot get past the fact that I did not cast my vote for Hillary, that I own a gun and that I believe in God and said “He is Risen” today. So, yeah. This is where we are on Easter Sunday.

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  • Lincoln Annie says:

    I’m deeply sorry about your cat. Been there many times over the decades; it hurts so very much.

  • Teresa Bacon says:

    Your last 2 paragraphs says it all, Hogg is a snot nosesd brat foul at that. I read this morning his Mom is an Exectuive at CNN which IF true explains a lot.

  • Scott says:

    Well said Lisa, accurate across the board… though it seems more like you have “former” friends than current ones, if they didn’t reach out to you at such a time.. that being said, condolences for your loss.

  • rbj says:

    Condolences on your cat. My rescue Chihuahua (age unknown) is going down that path, she’s actually lived longer than I expected.

    The aptly named Hogg seemingly doesn’t want a conversation. Which, is fine, I won’t listen to a thing he has to say on matter.

  • Lisa Carr says:

    Thanks for the condolences, all. It was a hard weekend. And as a result, I have very little sympathy for liberal, hypocritical Christian-bashing. Especially in defense of a little twerp such as the likes of David Hogg.

  • GWB says:

    She thinks all conservatives are victims. But how can they be? Republicans control the entire government!
    Ah! Now that’s exactly what we conservatives have been complaining about………………….

    the arguments gun violence survivors are making
    What?!? Where?! Point me to the arguments, please! (“We were there, so shut up and listen to us” is NOT an argument. It’s actually… bullying)

    Laura Ingraham apologized after taunting Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg over college rejections.
    Well, he whined about it (before her tweet) like a tween girl watching Days of Our Lives, so he deserved to be taunted.

    As she attacks
    You keep using that word. I don’t think that word means what you think it means. (That goes for “bully” too.)

    a teenager who stood up against gun violence
    Oh, poppycock, he did NO. SUCH. THING. He has taken the opportunity to push for a progressive agenda item that he’s always desired. (Yes, he’s an opportunist.)
    If he had “stood up against gun violence” he would have been trying to save his schoolmates like those ROTC students did. Of course, that would have required a depth of character that he doesn’t have – as evidenced by his apparent involvement with bullying the guy who turned into the school shooter.

    This guy gives jerks a bad name.

    Commandment Number Four.
    Careful, you’ll get all our Baptist friends in a dither. 🙂 (I discovered way back in high school the difference in dividing the “tables”. Some folks got very upset at me about it.) 🙂

    And, condolences on the cat, Lisa.

    • GWB says:

      Again, if you look at all of this as projection, it makes a LOT more sense.

      • Scott says:

        Spot on GWB! all the whining from the left is projection. They consistently accuse the right of doing exactly what they’ve been doing for decades!

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