The Dana Loesch Two-Minute Hate Continues

The Dana Loesch Two-Minute Hate Continues

The Dana Loesch Two-Minute Hate Continues

Old and busted: actually trying to hold the Sheriff of Broward County accountable for the failures of his department.

New hotness: hating on Dana Loesch and the NRA because GUNS!

Yes, it’s more fun to take pot shots at Dana Loesch and her family than it is to assign culpability for the multiple law enforcement failures that keep cascading in on themselves in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting – where a 14 year old and a football coach were bigger and better men than Deputy Scot Peterson. Who cares about that? Someone has dirt on NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch!

Dana was amused by this, until the media decided to run with the story AND publish the names of her children, as reported by Ben Howe of RedState.

Interestingly, Dana recalls it somewhat differently. She showed me the tweet at CPAC, laughing it off as some idiot that approached her years ago to try and get attention for himself. I asked if she had any correspondence saved from that long ago and if so, to forward it to me.

She couldn’t find any email correspondence, but she did find a much nicer version of Mr. Guyot when he sent her an invitation on LinkedIn about 9 years ago and she forwarded that over to me as I was considering writing a post about it.

This doesn’t exactly sound like Dana was doing the asking.

Image via RedState
Howe continues:

I had considered not posting it (she showed me the tweet on Thursday when it had about 225 retweets) and I decided I didn’t want to draw attention to this obvious ploy for attention from someone who shouldn’t need it after his widely acclaimed role as “bellman” in the 1993 blockbuster juggernaut, “Born Yesterday.”

But then Page Six picked up the story, as did the Daily Mail (I won’t link to that version since they went the extra mile and included the Loesch children’s names in the story), and it seemed like a good time for me to post this.

Loesch has responded on Twitter, and says that the media reporting this never asked her for comment.

The anti-gun crowd has decided that the NRA and Loesch are the ones who need to be hated and threatened out of existence.

So it’s time to pile on with the Two-Minute Hate and name children as well.

Meanwhile, the sheriff’s department is trying desperately to cover their rear ends from the impending civil lawsuits.

Well, Sheriff Israel is supposed to be on CNN with Jake Tapper tomorrow morning…

… and I’m pretty certain it won’t be the rally of applause and praise that it was last week when the sheriff was on CNN.

This has been a terrible week for the public discourse in America, and attempting to cast dirt and pile on Dana Loesch isn’t going to fix the obvious corruption and incompetence in the Broward County Sheriff’s Office that could have stopped this killer before he stepped out of his Uber.

Jesus Christ.

Deputy Scott Peterson knew Cruz well enough he ID'd him by sight. He watched him exit an Uber with a…

Posted by Kenneth Ellis on Friday, February 23, 2018

If the narrative continues to be to trash the NRA and Dana Loesch personally for an event they had nothing to do with, while giving the cowards of Broward a pass, then we are all in deep, deep trouble.

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  • Scott says:

    Dana Loesch is beautiful and brilliant, Sheriff Israel is a partisan hack, and an incompetent LEO, Scott Peterson is a coward and a fool, and the left is a bunch of no life trolls, as always.. they have no problem attacking and using those who cannot defend themselves.. Here’s hoping that the rest of America wakes up to this, and stops listening to their leftist drivel.

    • stan jones says:

      Dana Loesch is , herself , a partisan hack , and a hatefull troll who attacks anyone who doesn’t subscribe to her particular brand of insanity , and lies every time she opens her pie hole.

      • GWB says:

        Maybe partisan. Not really a hack (“intentions are more aligned with victory than personal conviction”). Not a troll (she’s not hammering at people just to get a rise out of them). I’m hard-pressed to recall when she has ever lied.

        Of course, that you mark pro-gun and pro-liberty positions as “insanity” is a good indicator that you yourself are a partisan of the anti-American, anti-freedom sort. If you actually listened to the arguments put forth by folks like Dana, and engaged them with the rational part of your brain, you might learn something. Your vitriol indicates that is unlikely, however.

      • Scott says:

        Stan, please go back on your meds! The regular readers here are far more intelligent that the folks you’re obviously used to being around, and not likely to fall for your left wing talking points. Outside of stating that Ms. Loesh is far more intelligent, and has a much better grasp of history, the Constitution, and dare i say reality than you do, I really can’t improve on GWB’s post below..
        Have a nice day!

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