#ChickenTrump: Social Media Squawks After Donald Trump Backtracks on Debating Bernie Sanders

#ChickenTrump: Social Media Squawks After Donald Trump Backtracks on Debating Bernie Sanders

#ChickenTrump: Social Media Squawks After Donald Trump Backtracks on Debating Bernie Sanders
Photo Credit: Red State
Sanders vs. Trump: Game Off (Photo Credit: Red State)

Late into last night, Donald Trump was trending heavily on Twitter, even besting the NBA Finals. But not in a good way. Seems The Donald painted himself into a corner on the Jimmy Kimmel show Wednesday night, saying he’d “love to” debate Bernie Sanders, who’s debate date with Hillary Clinton in California has resulted in a no-show on her part. Trump’s only requirements? A willing major network and charitable donations of $10 million bucks. His proposed date’s answer? A big, slobbering, “Yes, please” from the Sanders campaign, with two interested networks willing to air the debate, both offering “a major” charitable contribution per Trump’s stipulation (quick, remind me again where that six million dollars earmarked for veterans ended up?). His prerequisites were met, so the Trump-Sanders SlugFest is on, right? Wrong. Trump backtracked as quickly as Michael Jackson moonwalked off the set of “Thriller:”

Cue the moonwalk:


Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders was not lacking in progressive policy-laden rhetoric in response to Trump backpedaling on his California Rumble invitation:

I mean what could be more exciting that a debate between two grumpy old-timers with dueling ideas about big and bigger government, right? Seems a lame-duck excuse for a guy who says he’s chomping at the bit to take on Miss Hillary. One would think debating a Far Left Commie would be child’s play in comparison. And boy has Trump’s flipflop du jour handed diehard Sanders supporters a goose, er, chicken egg with which to bat about the interwebz. To say that social media is squawking is the understatement of the campaign week:

Zing! But wait, there’s more:

…with at least one super-hero Bernie (because nothing screams “America!” like Big Government Socialism)…


…and at least one skit complete with dancing chickens:

You get the idea. The razz-fest was relentless, and decidedly Trumpesque in its rapid-fire flame-throwing. By the way, remember that time Mr. Trump debated Senator Cruz one-on-one to demonstrate his superior knowledge on everything federal government? Yeah, me, neither.

But in all seriousness:


Photo Credit: Rush Limbaugh
Communism vs. Capitalism: It’s a TKO! (Photo Credit: Rush Limbaugh)

If I were Donald Trump, I’d brush up on my anti-Socialism and pro-Capitalism message and arm-wrestle the would-be Hugo Chavez right back to the old folks home and maybe gain myself some votes to boot. Instead, Trump has handed his geriatric counterpart a golden egg with which he’s making Free Omelets. And Donald Trump seems to be paying the hefty price tag: For Trump, it’s a missed opportunity to expose the utter failure that is “Democratic Socialism,” and the Democrat platform in general, having gone down in flames wherever and whenever it’s tried (hint: there’s no “good” Socialism; only the death and destruction kind), meanwhile showcasing the successes of conservative policies that have pulled so many out of poverty and into the quest for the American Dream. He’d need look no further than the current state of a dying Venezuela juxtaposed with the thirty-one GOP-lead states across the nation whose economies and freedom are bustling. But then again, he’s already shown he can’t articulate the latter. And maybe that’s what he’s really afraid of.

Hey, Donald: Time to rent a copy of Conservatism Rocks for Dummies. And take off that chicken suit.

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  • Siddhartha Unchained says:

    Yet another reason to give serious consideration to Trump – he had spared us a stupid “debate” which would have been no such a thing. He had spared us stagecraft with the klieg lights bright on the chorus, i.e., chorus girl interlocutors (male and female) upstaging the stars. He had spared us the silly questions and sillier sound bites masquerading as answers. He had spared us from having once again to witness his love of the limelight mugging. He had spared us from listening to the imperviously knucklehead Sanders who had not yet noticed – after twenty-five years – the implosion of high church socialism across the globe – Venezuela being the most recent. and horrific, example.

    Now if Trump refuses to “debate” Hillary whose only talent, political or otherwise, seems to be a natural ability to sniff out loose change in the sofa and chase after dollars, then hurray! And vote for Trump.

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