Why Won’t #BernieSanders Answer Questions About Why Socialism Is Failing In Venezuela [VIDEO]

Why Won’t #BernieSanders Answer Questions About Why Socialism Is Failing In Venezuela [VIDEO]

Why Won’t #BernieSanders Answer Questions About Why Socialism Is Failing In Venezuela [VIDEO]

Bernie Sanders  was put on the spot by journalist Leon Krauze on Telemundo earlier this week when he refused to answer questions about the future of his beloved “Democratic” Socialism in Venezuela. The Latin American country has been devolving over the past few months into what outside observers have described as a “Hellscape”. Bernie confessed to not being as familiar with Latin America’s goings on as he should be and refused to answer questions by stating that he was “Focused on his Presidential campaign”.

Under Hugo Chavez, who Obama has not only flattered prior to his death but whose actions he has mirrored in many ways, Venezuela descended into a pit of socialistic wealth redistribution and corruption which is coming full circle with the collapse of the country this spring. Tragic really since just a few short years ago Salon.com hailed Chavez’s Venezuela an “economic miracle”. A piece in said blog discussed how the country served as a victory for Socialism, instead of the usual “cautionary tale”.

“When a country goes socialist and it craters, it is laughed off as a harmless and forgettable cautionary tale about the perils of command economics. When, by contrast, a country goes socialist and its economy does what Venezuela’s did, it is not perceived to be a laughing matter – and it is not so easy to write off or to ignore. It suddenly looks like a threat to the corporate capitalism, especially when said country has valuable oil resources that global powerhouses like the United States rely on.”

Well, as of this writing the following is true of Venezuela:

Citizens money is worthless

The stores are empty

People are being subjected to having plastic milk bottle “drains” after surgery since the nations hospitals are out of supplies

Now it seems that France has joined its fellow Socialist nation in its turmoil this weekend. Half the nations petrol (gas) stations went on strike on Friday and riots erupted across Paris in protest of labor reforms which would, among other changes, would make it easier to hire and fire employees and end the long standing 35 hour work week in the country.

paris kick
French police kick protesters in Paris

What has driven the French over the line? It seems that in the departmental elections last year (much like a cross between our Federal government and U.S. State legislatures balancing national vs. local issues and legislation) the National Front (FN) party, led by Marine LePen, was second place finisher to the center right party Union for a Popular Movement winning a stunning 25% of the vote. As a result the FN swept the nation with FN loyal mayors in over a dozen city halls across France. This is what happens when your country gives in to populist rhetoric and empty promises after being frustrated by Socialism’s empty promises (sound familiar?). How did they get there? When Francois Hollande took office he toed the Socialist line of his predecessor Mitterrand circa the 1980’s.

” In his first year in office, he vowed his hatred for finance, proposed a controversial wealth tax, and tried to buoy sinking French industries. The return on Hollande’s efforts was dismal. By the end of 2014, when his campaign promise to “reverse the rising curve of unemployment” proved hollow, the president again took a page from Mitterrand’s playbook. He overhauled his government, tossing out those who advocated anti-austerity policies, and brought in Manuel Valls as prime minister, as well as Emmanuel Macron, a technocrat and former banker, to undertake the liberalization of the country’s burdensome labor laws.”

Predictably, these efforts at “liberalization” failed miserably and were unable to stem the country’s years long continued slide with rising unemployment and immigrant violence. Take note, even the police have given in to the idea that “violence is inevitable” according to a recent piece in Britain’s Daily Mail. If you are wondering why people like me in the #NeverTrump movement are calling Donald Trump a fascist this is why. When nationalist sentiment and populist rhetoric replace common sense and good governmental policy-what is happening in France this weekend-violence is the inevitable outcome.

French police punching a protester
French police punching a protester

The truth is this-no one system of government or economic policy is the perfect solution. But where capitalism has lifted more people out of poverty across the world since its inception, something even uber liberal Bono (of U2 fame) agrees with, socialism has only an impressive body count to offer those who answer its siren call.


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  • Wfjag says:

    Why won’t he answer questions about countries ruined by Socialism!? The same reason Debbie Wasserman Schultz can’t distinguish between the goals of the Democrat Party and Socialism. Bernie, Hillary, Debbie, and the rest see that eliminating freedoms and empowering the central government will increase their power and wealth, and that of their cronies. If that impoverishes nearly everyone else, they do not care. But, if they admit that, enough voters will see the fraud and not vote for them, and they will lose the election. So, they ignore such questions, knowing that there are few in the lapdog press who will ask, report or comment on the matter.

  • Mike says:

    Socialist Bernie Sanders has railed against all the choices in deodorant people have in this country. Solution? Venezuela doesn’t have the problem of too many choices of products on the shelves! Problem solved!

  • Jennifer says:

    People are literally hunting cats and dogs to feed their families. What a hot mess! I’m exhausted trying to explain it to Milleneals!

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  • isaak says:

    People, you never stop to surprise me. You asked why communist’s country economy collapsed. For me, a person from former Soviet Union, actually, occupied Latvia,it was never a question of long discuss. Then, back in the past, we always know that communist economy never worked and here were lot lf humuliative. Joks about it, tbe same like about communism, soviet leaders, shortages of everythings, etc.By the way, you are really the happiest person on planet Earth, when you bought easteuropian sneackers or finland desodorant.You cannot compare it with routine shopping in capitalist.country.Adbuster is very wrong.

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