Blue Invaders Are Coming For Your Hometown

Blue Invaders Are Coming For Your Hometown

Blue Invaders Are Coming For Your Hometown

Washington’s love affair with Jay Inslee Continues. After much hope, the Evergreen State is Blue once again-saddled with the feckless leader for another term.

Despite traveling through Washington state and seeing such an overwhelming enthusiasm throughout the state for Lauren Culp, The votes in brainwashed, indoctrinated, King County dictated the outcome of last nights elections.

And here we are, the Blue in Washington. How is it that we have a governor who has been rated by the CATO Institute As one of the most ineffective governors in our nation? How is it that we have a governor who is responsible for the epic failure of Western State Hospital and the epic failure of mental health care that has left individuals homeless and on the street? How is it that someone as incompetent as Jay Inslee, whose incompetent leadership allowed for money from our state that should go to our working people to be funneled to the Nigerians? There’s the disabling of a security system that could’ve prevented this from happening and there are still people waiting for their unemployment checks.

Let’s not even talk about the epic failure of our children in this state. The approval of Referendum 90- A “Comprehensive Sex Ed“ program in the state.

This is about the human rights and dignity of young people,. They are deserving of honesty and inclusion.”-Courtney Normand of Planned Parenthood

Rights and dignity of young people? I’m sure it’s dignified to learn how to use safe words? And, 9th graders have every right to learn what “fisting” is. Yep. I’d say any of us living outside of King County got fisted last night.

Instead, let’s talk more about depression. In waltzes Jay Inslee for a third term as governor of Blue Washington State. A governor who has sprung our students from school back in April. These kids have been learning online for almost a year. Some of these students are becoming depressed-day in-day out. The curriculum has been simplified to “meet grade level”. Any extra expectations are just thrown out of the window. But CSE? Deemed important to “social and emotional learning”.

Laurie Dills, who works for (State Superintendent), Chris Reykdal, spent your tax money to promote an article that proclaims using pornography is good for kids, it gives them a safe space for experimentation.”-Todd Herman, KTTH

Because why not use porn for experimentation? Our teenagers are homebound doing virtual learning and hell, they’ve got nothing else to do but “experiment” and then take trips to Planned Parenthood when they cannot handle the consequences of their experimentation. Want another addiction, kiddies? The corner store you used to get a Coke at is closed because the owner could not afford to stay open during the ridiculous COVID lockdown but there’s a pot shop open next door! Save the whales:

I know I have sounded off on multitudes of occasions on Jay Inslee, on being a Red girl in a Blue World. Could I move? Sure. Could Republican candidate, Loren Culp, have campaigned a bit more in King County? Perhaps. But he shouldn’t have had to. The Blue tide, the very wave of Blue that makes up my home state of Washington and Oregon and California to the south of us, is not just a phenomenon on the liberal West Coast. Blue policies infiltrate to become the popular policies, to become the well-known policies, to become the accepted norms. Individuals in Blue counties in the suburbs honestly feel like they are doing the public a huge service by voting in these lawmakers and policies and when their cities get trashed because they voted to defund the police, they leave. They move to other states, they move out to the country to escape the riff-raff and they start “grassroots” Blue movements in these quaint, little small towns. Their friends come to join them and open up coffee shops, boutiques, wine-tasting rooms, yoga studios with the token “In this business, we believe all lives matter” signs.

As the Presidency hangs in the balance, here we are. Watching, hoping and praying Trump has a path to victory. Blue counties speckled all across The United States are prepping to do a victory dance. If you’re in a Red State or a Red county, look out. The Blue Invaders are coming for you with their masks on. Time to take the gloves off.

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  • Andrew X says:

    It’s all about feeling, not thinking.

    All of it.

  • samoore says:

    And Denny Heck will be Lt. Governor.
    I remember when he first ran for the Washington House for the 17th District, where I lived, and I thought he was scum then.

    He’s the Washington version of Joe Biden.

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