Biden Emerges to Pretend Last 4 Years Didn’t Happen

Biden Emerges to Pretend Last 4 Years Didn’t Happen

Biden Emerges to Pretend Last 4 Years Didn’t Happen

Biden came out of his bunker just now to speechify how he’s going to be President of all Americans and that we must come together like we have always done. Biden is really going there?

Notes I took while listening (and not trying to punch out my monitor):

Biden rolled out a statement just now full of sophomoric platitudes and declaring himself winner but pretending he isn’t declaring it.

He is still calling President Trump MR. Trump. So judge his credibility as considering this as a legitimate process by that.

Biden claims AZ as his win even though there are reports of serious irregularities including that poll workers in GOP precincts handed Sharpies to voters and those ballots were then rejected as invalid.

The Arizona Attorney General’s Office is investigating voter concerns about voting with Sharpie markers. Election officials say ballots will be counted regardless of what kind of pen voters used.

Of course, the NYTimes and others are playing the part of Baghdad Bob claiming there’s nothing to see here, move on.

Biden claims that we need to come together “like we always have.” Has he missed the last 4 years and wants to demand we pretend like we didn’t witness it AND his own part in it?

Sorry, I’m done here. I have no more cheeks to offer to a duplicitous, senile old man and front for the vicious racists and Marxists of his unAmerican party and their aparatchiks.

See for yourself.

featured image, screenshot of CSPAN broadcast

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  • Bill S says:

    Agree Joe. If you win, I will use Dems as my role model in what coming together looks like. I will do so by pledging to be ungovernable, I will resist by any means necessary, I will never acknowledge you as my President, and I will try to subvert your administration every chance I have.

  • Chad King says:

    Cocaine Mitch should show the same cooperation to Biden in confirming his executive branch and judicial nominees that Schumer showed to Trump. No hearings, no votes, no recesses, no confirmations. Schumer impaired Trump’s ability to forward his agenda and SCHUMER WAS IN THE MINORITY! Payback is a bitch.

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