Biden Tweets Dictatorial Election Eve Message

Biden Tweets Dictatorial Election Eve Message

Biden Tweets Dictatorial Election Eve Message

Want to know why it is SO important to vote Republican today? Look no further than this tweet sent out last night from Joe Biden’s account.

Read it, and then read it again. This is what they believe. The curtain has been ripped to shreds and it is showing us that the Emperor and his minions are naked dictators. 

Our Republic was formed because a dictatorial government tried to tell the colonists what they could and couldn’t do. Our Declaration of Independence was written precisely because a tyrannical monarch and Parliament were telling colonists who they could and couldn’t vote for, what they could and couldn’t buy and more. No questions asked. 

We fought a revolution to kick this kind of dictatorial tyranny to the curb. Our Constitution specifically gives us the right to tell our government to go pound sand if we so choose to do so. 

So what does Biden do last night? Tells Americans that he will NOT ALLOW DISSENT if it goes against the Administration’s chosen narrative. 

Despite many such as James Carville sounding the alarm, Democrats campaigned by talking down to and past voters. 

Driving the news: “If Democrats manage to hold on to the House and Senate, it will be in spite of the party brand, not because of it,” Third Way writes in a memo synthesizing its conclusions, shared first with Axios.

“Despite a roster of GOP candidates who are extreme by any standard, voters see Democrats as just as extreme, as well as far less concerned about the issues that most worry them.”
Why it matters: Lifelong, respected Democrats are saying the quiet part out loud — that if Republicans have a huge night on Tuesday, as polls are blaring, Democrats must blame “much deeper” problems than simply the “historical trends” that beset the party in power.

Right up until the very end, Kathy Hochul doesn’t understand why Lee Zeldin and New York voters are so concerned with all that imaginary crime. 

Again, that is precisely why so many are voting Republican this cycle. The Democrat party has gone off the deep end and is happily swimming with extremists of their own making. 

They’ve spent the last three years, with the media’s help, ordering us to NEVER QUESTION THE NARRATIVE. It didn’t matter whether it was school closures, lockdowns, the Afghanistan debacle, critical race theory, inflation, taxes, the war on oil/coal/gas, Covid… the Democrats demanded we shut up. And too many of us did. 

Hence Joe Biden’s team really thinking they could send out the above dictatorial tweet and no one would have a problem with it. 

Guess what? WE DO.

This is the same party that tried to tell us to forget, forgive, and move on from the lockdowns. Sorry kiddies, no amnesty for you. Ever. 

Writing in The Atlantic, Emily Oster called for “pandemic amnesty,” arguing, “Reasonable people — people who cared about children and teachers — advocated on both sides of the reopening debate.”

This is simply not true. Those opposed to reopening schools were neither reasonable, as no amount of actual evidence could persuade them that schools were largely safe, nor caring about children.

At the top of the list of people deserving blame for the academic destruction we’re now uncovering is president of the American Federation of Teachers, Randi Weingarten. She treated our public schools as her personal fiefdom, and Democrats let her get away with it.

They not only did, they cheered Randi on, and the education of our kids suffered horrifically. Yet the Biden Administration believes sending out a tweet ordering Americans to NOT QUESTION the Emperor is peachy keen. 

Are we awake yet? Do you understand why our votes and our voices are so damned crucial right now? 

We have a Constitution in place that gives us permission to question our government. We have a Constitution in place that tells our government(local, state, and federal) that THEY work for US. 

Except the Democrats, by shoving Joe Biden into place, don’t care about the Constitution. They’ve shown us for the last three years that their priorities are not American. They don’t care about inflation, healthcare, our kids education, nor the safety and sanctity of this Republic. Their priorities are power, fear, and division. 

You can damned well bet that this tweet from Joe Biden is a harbinger of things to come from the Democrats after they lose today. There will be new narratives bred from the hidden narratives we only learned about in January 2021. The next election – 2024 will be fortified anew with the elites and power-hungry Democrats peddling new narratives of hoaxes, gaming the system with social media, and running more anti-Constitutional January 6 style hearings while cheering on the destruction of our cities through riots and looting. 

Joe Biden’s team meant what they said in that dictatorial tweet. It’s not about the pandemic funds.

It’s about informing the world that Americans are NOT ALLOWED to question the Emperor. 

We cannot and must not let that stand. 

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