Biden: The Pudding President’s Insults Continue

Biden: The Pudding President’s Insults Continue

Biden: The Pudding President’s Insults Continue

So much for Joe Biden and his quest to “tone down the angry rhetoric” and “unifying” our country. As Republicans gain strength and Democrats stand the chance to lose their ground in blue states, the fighting words have ramped up.

Biden stopped in Joliet, Illinois yesterday to speak at Jones Elementary School in a semi-rural part of Will County. To our knowledge, young girls were spared from his hair-sniffing, creepy, hairy-legged grandpa escapades. Biden made the stop to campaign for Democrats and, apparently, was triggered by some protest signs he saw outside of the venue.

I love those signs when I came in. Socialism. Give me a break, what idiots.”-Joe Biden

Insert the laugh track of a handful of people after he utters the word “Socialism”. Yeah, that word’s really funny, don’t you agree? “Idiots”, says the “unifier in chief”. Now those fighting, scathing insults will for sure get a red to turn blue. In truth, Joe’s blathering could just be out of sheer desperation. Or it could very well be a portion of America voted for an angry, old man who is indeed also an idiot.

Biden visited Joliet, home of the Illinois State Penitentiary, to bolster Rep. Lauren Underwood. This was, as the Chicago Sun Times calls it, a last-minute trip. A last-minute trip in blue state, Illinois. This reeks of desperation.

Sure, Biden’s insults to Republican protestors could been seen as fear oozing from the festered wound that is the party of Democrats. Their fear is palpable and rightly so. Americans are weary and quite frankly, pissed off. Although, I am not sure Biden bolstering anyone right now is a good move on behalf of the Democrats but hey, we’re the idiots. They are, once again, the intellectually superior party of virtue.

This from the party who constantly confuses a woman’s vagina with her uterus. This from a party who says boys can be girls and girls can be boys and pre-pubescent kids can take puberty blockers and have harmful surgeries they may regret in their adult years. Why? Because science. And the right (or as they like to call all of us now-HARD RIGHT, Mega-MAGAs) are the idiots.

Enough about Lauren Underwood, you get the drift. Back to Biden and his anger issues. Biden also called out Senators Ricks Scott of Florida and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, repeating claims that mouth-breathing, fact-checkers in their parents’ basements have debunked about how they supposedly want to eliminate those long-standing entitlement programs.

Who in the hell do they think they are? I really mean it, think about it.”-Joe Biden

I hate to break it to you but here goes nothing. In case you haven’t already figured this out, Biden cannot explain the agenda. He’s got nothing. Biden does not have the mental capacity to even understand the agenda. Biden cannot help but to blabber. This is who he is. This is who he always was, even in his prime. I would argue that in his prime, he was more deceitful and dirty and was better able to mask his disdain for the average, working American, though.

The gaslighting sham is over, angry Joe. The Democrats, with the Biden/Harris administration at the helm, have dragged this nation through the mud with their incompetency. I really mean it, think about it: a failed border policy, abandoning Afghanistan, failed foreign policy and inflation. Let’s add some Cool Whip atop this pudding cup: encouraging and spouting angry rhetoric targeting political opponents of all backgrounds. This is just part of the obvious idiocy the average American has had to live through over the past few years. To say Americans do not want to support this administration and the politicians who, in turn, support them, would be dead-balls accurate.

Hey, Mr. Biden? You forgot to add “semi-fascists”, fascists, deplorables, Extreme MAGA Republicans, nazis, bigots, racists, stupid bastards, dog-faced pony soldiers and “chumps” to your list of insults here. Hurl insults all you want, genius. Show all of us idiots your intellectual superiority and tell us what you really think. Keep throwing the sludge around all the way up until Tuesday night. Do it. Please. This white woman, Republican “cockroach” implores you. The soul of this nation depends on this.

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  • Cameron says:

    If there is a red wave, I fully expect the Democrats to invoke the 25th Amendment in response.

    • GWB says:

      I’ve always thought they would invoke the 25th after mid-terms. Their problem was that Kamala was going to be that “historic First Black Woman” president, and they knew that would go over badly in the long run (because she’s a dolt whose qualifications for office only allow her to work just outside Las Vegas). They’ve been trying to figure out how to replace her so they can slide Nancy in as that “historic First Woman”.

      The possible blood bath in the mid-terms has them panicked because they lose Nancy as an option. Then the decision becomes to oust Biden and convince Kamala not to run in ’24 or to hope she can carry two terms on her own skills. I think they realize there isn’t enough days in the week for her to employ her skills on enough of the electorate to accomplish that.

  • SCOTTtheBADGER says:

    I thought Joliet State Penitentiary closed? Did they build a much needed replacement?

  • BonHagar says:

    There’s been some election reform laws that seem to have hold of the regional and federal judiciary. Let’s hope we can keep the cheating/stealing election fraud to a minimum.

  • GWB says:

    Biden stopped in Joliet, Illinois yesterday
    I hate NAZIs. Especially Illinois NAZIs.

  • opus says:

    Dude has always been a mediocrity, a life long one. Not to mention the perfect embodiment of the DC swamp rat. So it will be fitting for him to be at the helm as the century long progressive edifice begins its collapse. Once it starts (fingers crossed) gravity will take over. He will be a historic figure who flushes his party down the drain. I love it.

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