Biden Team Favor Iran Deal More Than Protests

Biden Team Favor Iran Deal More Than Protests

Biden Team Favor Iran Deal More Than Protests

IF you thought that the recent protests in Iran over the death of a young woman would maybe cause the Biden administration to put a pause on the attempt to reconstitute the Iran Deal, guess what? It’s not.

But is this really any surprise? Joe Biden has been determined to do whatever it takes to bring back the Iran Deal, just so he can say that he brought back the Iran Deal. At this point, Biden could likely be talked into giving the Iranians nuclear secrets with a carton of ice cream and the promise of a “deal.”

But for anyone who has been paying attention to what is happening in Iran, the death of Mahsa Amini could be a turning point… IF the Iranian people knew that a supportive United States was standing at the ready, prepared to publicly support those who demand freedom to not wear a hijab and not be beaten by the “morality police.”

And the women of Iran are taking to the streets, and more have died in these protests.

According to a tally by The Associated Press, at least 11 people have been killed since protests began earlier this month after the funeral of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who died in custody after being detained by Iran’s morality police. State media has said the toll could be as high as 35.”

“I feel the anger of people right now through their text messages,” (Masih) Alinejad told The Associated Press in New York City, where the 46-year-old opposition activist and writer in exile has lived since fleeing Iran following the 2009 election.”

“They have been ignored for years and years,” she said. “That is why they are angry. Iranian women are furious now.”

Amini’s death spurred this latest explosion of outrage. She had been detained Sept. 13 for allegedly wearing her hijab too loosely in violation of strictures demanding women in public wear the Islamic headscarves. She died three days later in police custody; authorities said she had a heart attack but hadn’t been harmed. Her family has disputed that, leading to the public outcry.”

Protests started after her Sept. 17 funeral, and have taken place in more than a dozen cities. The Iranian government has pushed back, clashing with demonstrators and clamping down on internet access.”

Videos of the protests are still getting out via Twitter, and what the regime is doing to their own citizens.
And no matter what the Iranian regime says, they do not have control of the protesters.

Hundreds of anti-government demonstrators returned to the streets of Tehran and dozens of other provincial towns as darkness fell on Sunday, despite claims by state-run news agencies that pro-government rallies have put an end to the protests.”

The protesters organized themselves despite a crackdown by security forces, arrests of protesters and internet disruption. Protesters chanted anti-government and anti-Supreme Leader slogans, as well as “death to dictator,” while venting their anger against the Basij militias.”

At least 35 people have died in Iran in recent protests over the death of Amini, state media outlet the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) said late on Friday.”

Amnesty International previously said that 30 people had died. CNN cannot independently verify the death toll — a precise figure is impossible for anyone outside the Iranian government to confirm — and different estimates have been given by opposition groups, international rights organizations and local journalists.”

At least 1,200 people have been arrested in connection with the wave of protests, Iranian state-backed news agency Tasmin reported Saturday, citing a security official. The IRGC has accused the protesters of “rioting” and “vandalism,” and called on the police to “protect the security of the nation.”

At least 17 journalists have been arrested in Iran as anti-state protests spread across the country, according to a report from the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), a non-profit that monitors press freedom.”

Iranian authorities say they will restrict internet access in the country until calm is restored to the streets. Meanwhile, the IRGC, the elite wing of the Iranian military that was established in the aftermath of the country’s revolution in 1979, has asked all people to identify protesters, the country’s semi-official news agency Fars News said.”

With everything that is happening, you would think that the Biden administration would make some kind of comment. Wrong. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, who thinks the administration did an AWESOME job in Afghanistan, put out a couple of lame tweets on the death of Mahsa Amini before showing up on “Face The Nation” on Sunday morning to explain why the Iran Deal is still even under consideration.

In an interview on CBS’ Face the Nation on Sunday, host Margaret Brennan asked White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan about the protests in Iran and if the situation is “making you reassess the offer you put on the table to lift sanctions on Iran in regard to its nuclear program?”

“The fact that we are in negotiations with Iran on its nuclear program is in no way impacting our willingness and our vehemence in speaking out about what is happening on the streets of Iran,” Sullivan said, who added that the U.S. has taken steps to “sanction” the morality police by making it easier for Iranians to access the internet and communications technologies “that will allow them to talk to one another and to talk to the world.”

“So, from our perspective, we will do all that we can to support the brave people [and] the brave women of Iran,” Sullivan said.”

“I was asking you about the offer to lift sanctions off of Iran in regard to its nuclear program, because that would allow for the regime to have a financial lifeline,” Brennan then said.”

“I think it’s important for everyone to understand that at the height of the Cold War, as Ronald Reagan was calling the Soviet Union ‘the evil empire’…he was also negotiating an arms control with Russia. So that is what we’re talking about here,” Sullivan responded.”

He continued: “We’re talking about diplomacy to prevent Iran from ever getting a nuclear weapon. If we can succeed in that effort, and we are determined to succeed in that effort, the world, America and our allies will be safer. And that will not stop us in any way from pushing back and speaking out on Iran’s brutal repression of its citizens and its women. We can and will do both.”

Sullivan was the designated Biden administration offering to the Sunday shows, so he went on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” where he also offered excuses for why Team Obama screwed up during the Green Revolution, so Team Biden is so very much ON BOARD with these protests and told everyone at the United Nations so!

Leaving aside the fact that Jake Sullivan should have been fired over Afghanistan, his reasoning here is atrocious. Reagan negotiated with the Soviet Union from a position of strength, calling them an “evil empire” while also introducing the SDI program, and then having arms talks. Biden is trying to coax the Iran Deal back into existence by begging and pleading and offering goodies. This is hardly a position of strength. It’s the position of desperation.

If we had a strong president and a prescient administration, one that actually cared about the rights of women internationally, then they wouldn’t have abandoned millions of women in Afghanistan to the Taliban, and they would be speaking out in favor of the women of Iran. Sadly, we have neither. Perhaps we can get a strong president again in 2024. Maybe the women of Iran will understand the delay.

Featured image: Iran flag by jorono via Pixabay, cropped and modified, Pixabay license

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  • Scott says:

    “With everything that is happening, you would think that the Biden administration would make some kind of comment. “.. Why would you possibly think that? Sleepy Joe was part of the Zero administration when they left the whole world hanging during the “arab spring”, and I haven’t seen any reason (outside of possibly incompetence) that he would do any better..

  • American Human says:

    I was a fly on the wall at the latest negotiations with Iran after Sullivan told everyone how he could be “very persuasive”:

    Sullivan: Give up the nukes!!!

    Mullahs: No

    Sullivan: Please….

    Mullahs: No

    Sullivan: Come on, I’ll be your best friend!!!

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