Biden Administration Still Hoping Iran Wants A Deal

Biden Administration Still Hoping Iran Wants A Deal

Biden Administration Still Hoping Iran Wants A Deal

Democrats are admitting that the Iran Deal is likely a dead deal, but the Biden administration is acting like the teenage girl who sits by the phone each day, hoping for a call from the cute boy from school.

Apparently, hope springs eternal for Team Biden. Maybe, JUST MAYBE, Iran will finally say they will go out with them agree to the terms of the nuclear deal that this administration has been trying to coax them into ever since they came into office. The problem is, as it has always been, that the West has been begging Iran to PUHLEEZE just tell them what they want so they can have a deal again, and the truth is something that the West keeps telling itself that Iran isn’t actually saying. The truth is that Iran wants nuclear weapons in order to hold them over the West’s heads, and use them on Israel. They want all the sanctions dropped and their Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps off the list of terrorist groups. That last one was a step too far, and bipartisan opposition to removing the IRGC from that list kept Biden from bending over to accommodate.

So, what do you do when Iran won’t call you back? Even Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee are saying it’s time to throw in the towel.

“I’m not optimistic there will be such a deal. The administration believes that strategically it makes sense to keep the offer on the table, but I don’t see the pathway forward. That’s my own view,” Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) told The Hill.”

Menendez said accepting a new accord is a divisive proposition within Iran’s political establishment, which is making it difficult to revive the agreement.”

“I think there’s conflict inside Iran, so there’s no clear pathway forward,” he said.”

Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.), a senior member of the Foreign Relations Committee, said, “You just don’t know what the Iranians are thinking.”

“My guess is, at this stage, that it is unclear whether the Iranians want a deal or not. There’s some disagreements within Iran itself,” he said. “The U.S. has put forward a proposal. The ball is really in the Iranians’ court.”

If the ball is in their court, then I think it’s fairly obvious that the Iranians are choosing to play “Let’s Make A Nuke.” A little over a week ago, Iran decided to start turning off some of the cameras that were supposedly allowing the International Atomic Energy Agency to keep an eye on their nuclear facilities.

Iran told the agency overnight it planned to remove equipment including 27 IAEA cameras as of Thursday, which is “basically all” the extra monitoring equipment installed under the 2015 deal going beyond Iran’s core obligations to the agency, (IAEA chief Rafael) Grossi told a news conference.”

That leaves a window of opportunity of three to four weeks to restore at least some of the monitoring that is being scrapped, or the IAEA will lose the ability to piece together Iran’s most important nuclear activities, Grossi said.”

Wow. It’s ALMOST like the Iranians just don’t like the West like that, and don’t want to talk about where those uranium traces keep coming from!

But Team Biden, despite saying that they would have to give up at some point, is refusing to stop sitting by the phone.

A senior Republican senator on the Foreign Relations panel who attended the administration’s briefing Wednesday on the talks said the prospects of a deal are “not encouraging.”

And Sen. James Risch (Idaho), the senior Republican on Foreign Relations, said he didn’t know what was happening in the talks when they started but has now been brought up to date.”

“I do know where the negotiations stand and they should’ve been over. They promised us it was going to end in February if there wasn’t a deal,” he said, referring to what some senators thought was an assurance by administration officials not to let the talks drag on without buy-in from Iran.”

Ha! If Team Biden knows nothing else, it’s that you don’t have admit defeat if you never give up! Even if the other side never shows up! And if you never tell the Big Guy (because there’s a LOT of things they don’t tell the Big Guy), then he doesn’t know that you’re never gonna give Iran up, or let them down, or any of that.

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