Jake Sullivan Pleased With Afghanistan Withdrawl

Jake Sullivan Pleased With Afghanistan Withdrawl

Jake Sullivan Pleased With Afghanistan Withdrawl

The entire Biden administration would like you to forget about Afghanistan.

But if you’re not going to forget about it, then please accept their alternative reality, where it was a success because we left. Just listen to National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and his opinion on how the withdrawl from Afghanistan went.

“We safely and effectively drew down our diplomatic presence,” Jake Sullivan claims. Um, I think I can safely and effectively say that you are full of shit. There was no “safe” and “effective” draw down when you had to SEND IN HELICOPTERS to get diplomatic personnel out of the embassy. There were REASONS WHY it was being compared to Saigon.

Not safe. Not effective.

Jake Sullivan glosses over the deaths of 13 servicemen and women, the horrific visual of Afghans falling from planes, and the deaths of innocent people, including children, by drone strike. After all, we know that this was Sullivan’s end game – he was one of the proponents of the “leave at all costs” camp that overrode the “brass” and insisted on a quick withdrawl. The chaos that followed should have gotten him fired – something Biden was unwilling to do. Sullivan’s performance during Afghanistan even drew criticism from Democrats who thought that he SHOULD be fired. But in the end, absolutely no one was held accountable for the deaths of military personnel by suicide bombing, the abandoning of thousands of people who should have gotten to leave, or for the children killed in a drone strike.

Jake Sullivan still has his cushy government job, so… Afghanistan was a success! For him. Not for those who died.

But he goes on to say “we lifted tens of thousands of vulnerable Afghans to safety in a unique American example of capacity, committment, and sheer logistics.” Uh, yeah, about that – we abandoned those who should have gotten out, and has been slowly leaking out, we have ZERO idea of who actually is now in the country.

More than four months after the Biden administration airlifted nearly 75,000 Afghans out of the war-torn country, it still does not know the identity or backgrounds of many who have since been resettled in the United States, according to three senators who received classified briefings on the situation.”

“During a nonpublic briefing before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, it was made clear that not all security and vetting measures have been taken to ensure the safety of our homeland,” Sens. Ron Johnson (R., Wis.), Josh Hawley (R., Mo.), and Rick Scott (R., Fla.) disclosed in a letter sent Thursday to the Department of Homeland Security. The lawmakers are ordering the Biden administration to account for its failed vetting efforts and to “address the lack of transparency regarding this evacuation and resettlement operation.” Congress, the lawmakers disclose, still does not have basic information about who the refugees are or if they were qualified to be brought into the country.”

“It is beyond unacceptable that several months after President Biden’s disastrous and deadly withdrawal we still do not have a full account of all the Americans who are still trapped in Afghanistan or a full account of the Afghans who were evacuated to the U.S.,” the lawmakers write, according to a copy of the letter obtained exclusively by the Washington Free Beacon.”

This tracks with what was increasingly obvious during the withdrawl – getting on an airplane was simply about being in the right place at the right time, not necessarily having the right papers. So who got here?

In the months since the Biden administration airlifted Afghans out of the country, it has obstructed congressional investigations into the bungled evacuation effort. Secretary of State Antony Blinken admitted to Congress in September that most refugees were not vetted prior to arriving stateside. Internal emails show that those helming the evacuation effort were ordered to fill flights to “excess” with unvetted Afghans. More than 12,000 Afghan refugees, and potentially more, arrived without a visa or basic identification, the Free Beacon first reported in October.”

We got men who brought “child brides.” We got child predators and domestic abusers. We got people who had previously been deported. If Team Biden had its way, we would never know any of these gory details and hold them to account. Just like when it comes to who is getting across the southern border, we are expected to shut up and not ask questions or we are meanies and racists and other such nonsense.

So seeing Jake Sullivan, still gainfully employed under Joe Biden, pat himself on the back for what he considers a job well done in Afghanistan, is beyond sickening. Biden couldn’t even bring himself to make this smug dumbass the fall guy and fire him. And we are only eleven months into this disaster show of an administration.

Featured image: National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, cropped, government work in the public domain

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