Bernie Goes After Biden’s Baggage

Bernie Goes After Biden’s Baggage

Bernie Goes After Biden’s Baggage

Joe Biden’s baggage makes him an unsuitable candidate for President says Bernie Sanders. Evidently, since the Bern has raked in a lot of cash this last quarter, it’s time to go after Joe Biden.

““It’s just a lot of baggage that Joe takes into a campaign, which isn’t going to create energy and excitement,” Sanders said. “He brings into this campaign a record which is so weak that it just cannot create the kind of excitement and energy that is going to be needed to defeat Donald Trump.””

Well yes, Biden’s campaign has been all over the map. I’ve never seen a campaign so full of unforced errors. Biden is even beating Hillary in regards to the flubs and gaffes he’s put forth. The list is incredibly long.

One of his latest involves his stop in West Virginia. Coal miners, according to Biden should have ZERO problem finding new jobs once the coal mines shut down. All they have to do is learn to code program!

As for his actual baggage, Biden has quite a bit of it. Specifically his Hunter Biden Ukraine problem. No, it won’t go away and it shouldn’t.

First of all, Biden’s bragging about his own brand of quid pro quo regarding the Ukrainian prosecutor and withholding promised U.S. funds has not been solidly addressed by any of his Democrat competitors. Will Bernie step up to the plate?

Secondly, Hunter Biden is a big huge problem for the Biden campaign. Claims of having no money to pay child support but able to purchase a two million home in California this summer? The judge in the paternity case abruptly recusing himself on Tuesday is another piece of Biden baggage due to the questions the move raises.

Politically, Joe’s stances on NAFTA, along with his embracing of climate change and programming in the middle of coal country will hurt him. I’m sure Bernie will go after him on that. Furthermore, Sanders seems to believe that Biden has an Iraq problem because Biden supported the Iraq War. Sure, Biden waffled around quite a bit later on, but then he definitely understood why it needed to be supported.

Furthermore, Biden’s “Malarky” tour has undergone a shift change. 

“”I think our very democracy is at stake,” Biden, 77, said during a campaign stop in Anamosa, Iowa, on Thursday. “Democracy has to be earned, as we used to learn in school. It turns out to be right. It has to be earned by every generation.””

Thus the debut of his new bus tour.

How many times did Hillary rebrand her campaign? We lost count. Part of Biden’s baggage is that he seems to be following the same playbook.

Lest our readers think I’m sympathetic to Bernie, think again. He has his own busload of baggage he is carting around.

Could someone in the media or the debate stage PLEASE ask him to explain why he has been all in on the Soviet Union since he and Jane honeymooned there?

How about asking him why he is supposedly one of the ‘little guys’ when he owns three homes and rakes in a million or so a year?

Anyone care to inquire about that college that Jane bankrupted? 

Bernie slams Lizzie and Petey and their wine cave donors. Yet he has some donor problems of his own.

That’s a bit of a problem.

As is his complete embrace of socialistic Medicare for All, and AOC’s stupendously awful cow fart of a Green New Deal. And NO Bernie, she should NOT be considered for the Vice President role. Unless you want a ditz afraid of garbage disposals and things growing out of dirt as your second. Then sure – give it a try. She’d get hammered by Vice President Pence in the debates.

Is he going after Tomahawk Liz’s supporters?

Bernie wants to go after Biden’s baggage. Good deal, let’s let the Democrats eat their own. However, Bernie must not forget that his own baggage is ALSO fair game.

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