Yang Garcia Alliance In NY City Mayor’s Race Raises Eyebrows

Yang Garcia Alliance In NY City Mayor’s Race Raises Eyebrows

Yang Garcia Alliance In NY City Mayor’s Race Raises Eyebrows

The Yang Garcia campaign alliance this weekend made for interesting news fodder regarding the NY City Mayor’s race.

Andrew Yang and Kathryn Garcia, two leading candidates in the New York City mayor’s race, joined each other on the campaign trail on Saturday, a late alliance that the contest’s front-runner, Eric Adams, immediately sought to portray as an attempt to weaken the voice of minority voters.

I find that amusing given that Yang is Asian, and Garcia is a woman. Needless to say, their alliance got a bit of attention.

But that didn’t stop Eric Adams from crying foul!

“I think it’s a level of hypocrisy,” he told reporters at a campaign stop in the Mount Eden neighborhood of the Bronx, focusing his ire on the former sanitation commissioner.

“We heard Kathryn talk about how Yang treated her as a woman. We heard how she felt — he did not have the experience and know-how to run the city,” he said. “He has criticized her. Their teaming up together is just a level of hypocrisy in my opinion.”

He then alleged the move was an attempt to make sure “candidates of color” were locked out of contention.

“They’re saying that we can’t trust a person of color to be the mayor of the City of New York, where the city is overwhelmingly people of color,” he said of Yang and Garcia, accusing them of deliberately announcing the agreement on Juneteenth, a holiday that celebrates the emancipation of enslaved people in the U.S.

I’ll admit, I haven’t followed the NY City mayor’s race closely. However, what I do know from spending a couple of hours researching the race is that all the Democrat candidates will further de Blasio’s agenda of running the city into the ground. 

Keep in mind, we followed Andrew Yang when he was running for President. He came up with some interesting and absurd ideas. Eliminating cattle and cars will save our planet. Will he do a “Freedom Dividend” for New Yorkers?  Oh wait, don’t tell me, it’ll be bar code swipes for vaccines. 

Again, I don’t know much about all the candidates (eight on the Democrat side) who are attempting to take Bill de Blasio’s place, but what I do know is that this bit of snark from Garcia on the supposed joint campaign appearances was laugh out loud funny. 

“Kathryn Garcia is a true public servant,” he said through a microphone, highlighting her years of public service. “For anyone listening to my voice right now, if you support me, you should rank Kathryn number two on your ballot.”

Garcia did not return the favor.

“Let me be very clear, I’m not co-endorsing,” she told another crowd an hour later outside of Stuy-Town in Manhattan. “We are campaigning together. We are promoting ranked choice voting.”

Garcia, as the New York Times pointed out, ALSO wanted to co-campaign or generate ranked choice promotions from other candidates. Specifically from Raymond J. McGuire, but talks fell through. 

Yang tried to recover from her diss and well…

Maya Wiley was even approached and declined. Maya, as Kim wrote here, would be exceptionally bad news for the city. You think de Blasio is bad? Maya would be bad times TWELVE for the city. 

Here’s the deal. New York City has been a mess since de Blasio took office. It got exponentially worse in 2020 and now in 2021. Why? Because de Blasio has been hard at work defunding the police, while willy nilly letting people out of jail. 

Jews and Asians are getting the snot beaten out of them on the streets of New York. Have ANY of the candidates stepped up to bring policing back up to par and shut these cretins down? Not that I can definitively find, and lip service doesn’t cut it.

Andrew Yang and Kathryn Garcia kind of sort of campaigned together in order to beat the potentially preferred candidate Eric Adams, …or Maya Wiley. 

Will any of the Democrat candidates for mayor step up for law and order in the city? Will any of the candidates stop the tax bleed and quit proposing MORE taxes? Will any of the Democrat candidates truly pay attention and address the issues of the NYC school? I doubt it. 

Why am I not focusing on the Republican candidates? Because, sadly, the Republican candidates have little chance in a city that is overwhelmingly liberal, and voters will still have their heads up their ass while pulling the lever for their favorite Democrat candidate who has promised all the best stuff and things while costing them millions in tax dollars. 

Feature Photo Credit: Andrew Yang in Des Moines 2019 by Gage Skidmore via Flickr, cropped and modified

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  • 370H55V says:

    I grew up in NYC, but that was long ago. I can remember a time when there were some solid GOP redoubts within the city limits, which made it possible for the Republicans to control the state senate for many years.

    Today there are but three Republicans on the city council, one state senator and two assemblymen from the entire city. And as Dem rule becomes ever more unsurmountable, the conditions described in this article will continue to exacerbate. The ominous conclusion is that in New York, as in many other cities, there actually is a sizeable and growing pro-crime constituency. Sooner or later this constituency will bump up against the natural biological right of individuals to protect their own lives, and the outcome will not be pleasant.

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