NYPD Gets A Bad Rap For Doing Their Job

NYPD Gets A Bad Rap For Doing Their Job

NYPD Gets A Bad Rap For Doing Their Job

An illicit open-air “market” was broken up by NYPD yesterday after it was reported and discovered this “market” sold stolen goods by migrant “vendors”.

I mean, why are we calling this a “market”? This is straight-up lawlessness.

On Tuesday, cops were back at it — converging on a triangular block bound by Roosevelt Avenue, Elmhurst Avenue and 91st Street around 1 p.m. to scoop up apparel items from about 10 vendors who had displayed the apparently stolen wares on blankets for sale.”The New York Post

Note the language at the end of this clip. Some people say these are just people “trying to make a living”. They’re just honest-to-goodness migrants “trying to make a living and feed their families”. By selling goods that they have stolen from other businesses who also have workers/owners “trying to make a living and feed their families”.

You see, they’re just celebrating the art of free trade and free enterprise in Comrade Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s congressional district. Yeah, too bad she kicked Amazon out of the neighborhood and celebrated booting them out. They could have sold more hot-off-the-truck items to sell on the street.

This dark-skinned guy [officer] threw me on the ground over some shoes. I’m over here working to take care of my family – they don’t go after people who are actually bad. But we are here working and they’re trying to f–k with us.”-Mateo Hipolito Dominguez

People who steal are bad, Mateo.And, I’ve got news for you. NYPD has tried to work and do their job but Democrat mayors (and constituents like you) have been trying to f-k with them for years. Do we need to go back to 2020 to show you an illustration or two?

Stealing stuff to sell on the street, to some of these illegals is work. How else are they supposed to make money? After all, Mayor Eric Adams says this is just the “byproduct” of bringing thousands of people to a city and telling them they cannot work. They gotta do what they gotta do, right?

Hmm. Maybe we shoulda thought of that before bringing them all in, Eric? The lack of logical reasoning of these people befuddles me sometimes.

This is also a byproduct of Eric Adams telling immigrants that they would get free food, lodging, credit cards, healthcare and schooling (to name a few). These are the benefits given to those who try to circumvent the legit immigration process.

The area we speak of, that I will mention is part of AOC’s congressional district again, just for emphasis, was not just an open-air “market” for stolen items but a place where hookers liked to prowl. But NYPD are the bad guys, here. Illegal immigrants cannot sell these stolen goods. And hookers, some who also may be illegals, cannot prostitute themselves and sell their bodies, apparently. NYPD putting a stop to this insanity is the oppressive force. This is a sad state of affairs for these people who are here illegally. This is the America they think America should be. We have given them the “American Dream” of stealing from others to make ends meet (much like the very politicians who promote this craziness). We have given women the “American Dream” of prostituting themselves on our streets. We have told them that they do not need to bother with rules or work hard to come here nor did they go through legitimate channels. They came because Joe Biden on Day One of his presidency said, “come”. Then, Joe Biden said “don’t come” but by that point, it was too late. And now, they are here.

As far as NYPD clearing them out and leaving the area, have no fear. These “hard-working” migrants thieves/AOC constituents, hookers/AOC constituents will find another street corner to sell stolen wares. They will find another apartment to squat in. The landlord will have a hell of a time clearing them out. They will find other neighbors whose ancestors came off the boat in Ellis Island in the early 1900s and WORKED to build their better life here in America, to harass for food because what the encampment offers is “not good enough” for them. The criminals who came here, illegally, will go back to a lifestyle of lawlessness, dealing drugs, doing drugs, and killing innocent Americans. They will not change.

But NYPD and the police are the bad guys trying to f-k with these poor people selling stolen items and turning tricks.

“Eff the police”, say the Democrats.

New York is not the only city experiencing this pain. Will Eric Adams follow in the footsteps of Mayor Mike Johnston of Denver?

Denver Mayor Mike Johnston announced last week a package of $45.9 million to fully fund programs for “newcomers” for 2024 and avoid worst-case scenarios projected by the city. That’s in addition to $44 million in spending already secured for the program through previous budget moves.

Denver’s police department, meanwhile, will have its budget cut by $8.4 million, about 1.9% of its budget.”-Adam Shaw, Fox News

She Tweets whilst sitting in her space, guarded by security detail and free of crime. She Tweets after turning her congressional district into, basically, what resembles a third-world county.

But she implores you to stop the facists. Like those fascist NYPD officers who are preventing these migrants-I mean-criminal thieves-from selling goods they stole from somewhere else? Those fascist NYPD officers who stop prostitutes from spreading STDs and paying their taxes (snort)? Revel in this progressive strength (barf) and policy transformation (gag). This is what the Democrats in multiple cities across the country have given us. There may be a transformation (not for the better, I might add) but there certainly is no strength.

Be looking for more “open air markets” combined with middle-of-the-day prostitution in our cities if they win. THIS is the path they have “charted”. Lawlessness. Defiance. Crime. Entitlement.

We cannot let this happen. We can, and we must, vote them out.

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