White House Vaccination Plans Produce Media Howling

White House Vaccination Plans Produce Media Howling

White House Vaccination Plans Produce Media Howling

So, who remembers when President Donald Trump was diagnosed with COVID-19, and left the White House for Walter Reed? Everyone? Good.

That sudden sense of “oh no this can’t be happening” is the reason why the current White House staff is reportedly going to be receiving COVID-19 vaccinations much earlier than the general public.

“Senior officials across all three branches of government will receive vaccinations pursuant to continuity of government protocols established in executive policy. The American people should have confidence that they are receiving the same safe and effective vaccine as senior officials of the United States government on the advice of public health professionals and national security leadership,” National Security Council spokesman John Ullyot said in a statement to The Hill.”

Another White House official said in a statement that providing the officials with a coronavirus vaccine “will further ensure that the United States Government will continue essential operations, without interruption, for our citizens as continue to fight this pandemic and work toward a return to prosperity for our Nation.”

Two sources told The New York Times that the White House hopes to stop more government officials from contracting the coronavirus, beginning with the most senior staffers closest to the 74-year-old president. The reported goal is to immunize all White House employees.”

Now, the blue-checked media is suddenly shocked, SHOCKED, that the staff surrounding the president would get vaccinated early. After all, the media wants to say, it’s the WHITE HOUSE’S FAULT THAT THIS EVEN HAPPENED.

Huh. It’s like the Very Smart Media People have forgotten where this virus came from (China), who covered it up (China and the WHO), and who took a victory lap for “beating” the virus while condemning thousands of elderly to die under an insane policy (Govenor Andrew Cuomo, D-Grandma Killer). Nope, all Trump’s fault! And by extension, blame all the people working in the White House, too!

It would be almost funny if it wasn’t for the fact that we all know of the double standard involved. If a Democrat was in the White House right now, the media would DEMAND that said president get vaccinated immediately, for “national security” purposes. As if a hospitalized president is only a bad thing when it is a Democrat, and not the Bad Orange Man – as if our enemies across the globe actually cared. And not only would the media be droning on about how the president and vice-president must be vaccinated now, but they would also insist that the White House staff get vaccinated, as they could accidentally expose someone to the virus, which could then spread… oh, let’s say, through the communications team at the White House.

Mark my words, should Joe Biden be inaugurated, he will be immediately vaccinated (keep anti-vax truther Kamala Harris away from it) and the press will stand up and applaud. “He’s old and at risk,” they will say, “of course he, and EVERYONE AROUND HIM AT THE WHITE HOUSE should get vaccinated,” without a hint of shame or irony. I don’t even need to lay down a betting marker for that one.

However, because the president and many of the White House staff have already contracted – and recovered from – COVID-19, President Trump tweeted out that he was asking for an “adjustment” in that plan.

As the president still likely has good antibodies from his bout with COVID-19, it makes sense that the First Family would pass on getting the vaccine right now, and let someone who hasn’t contracted the virus yet have it instead. And there are White House employees who would be staying put, even with a potential change in administrations. Those people should be vaccinated – something a self-righteous snob like Michael Beschloss isn’t taking into consideration with his bitchy tweets.

Meanwhile, the vaccine is now on the move in the United States, something that the media swore that Trump was lying about when he first said that we could have vaccinations by the end of the year. Any apologies, now, mainstream media? All I hear are crickets as the planes take off.

Nope, no apologies. And as has been pointed out by Nina, barely any mention of Operation Warp Speed, if the media can help it. The vaccine has simply come, like Santa Claus down the chimney, and the media believe that no government program or entity should get the credit until someone else is sitting in the White House and can accept the praise without making the media eat large shares of crow.

The media is going to valiantly attempt to give Joe Biden, should he be president, all the credit for “curing” COVID-19 – while they insist that he get the special treatment due to a president and his staff in getting the vaccine. It’s now our job to make sure that we never let the media forget that it was President Trump who made Operation Warp Speed possible, and give credit to the doctors and scientists who worked tirelessly to get this vaccine formulated, tested, and proven.

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  • Democrat nabobs that run over the little people to get to the front of the line will be hailed as “making the common citizen comfortable with being vaccinated.”

    Democrat nabobs that hang back until they see whether the little people start dropping like flies after they are vaccinated will be hailed as “making sure the common citizen is taken care of first.”

  • Politically Ambidextrous says:

    The NYT today points out that all technological innovation is the result of the Federal Government’s “funding” of R&D. Paging Dr. Robert Stadler.

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