China Watch: Leaked Database Shows CCP in US Companies

China Watch: Leaked Database Shows CCP in US Companies

China Watch: Leaked Database Shows CCP in US Companies

Rep. Eric Swalwell and his China honeypot Bang Bang . .  er, Fang Fang, are just the tip of the iceberg. We now know of a leaked database of members of the Chinese Communist Party which have infiltrated power bases throughout the English-speaking world. In fact, there are millions of them in corporations, universities, and consulates in the UK, Australia, and the United States.

The Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China, which includes Sens. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Bob Menendez (D-NJ) had received a leaked list of 1.95 million CCP members about six weeks ago. The IPAC then turned the list over to four media organizations. Internet 2.0, a cybersecurity firm, verified the contents and found that they were originally leaked on a messaging app in 2016, probably from dissidents. The list contains not only names of CCP members, but pertinent information such as identification numbers, place of birth, and even phone numbers and addresses.

David Robinson, a co-founder of Internet 2.0 and a former Australian Intelligence officer, said:

“We have high confidence this list is authentic.  Someone — an insider, a dissident — managed to get physical access to the server [in Shanghai] from outside the building. They didn’t have to hack it over the Internet.” 

The scope of the infiltration from China is breathtaking. Not only have CCP members worked in British universities and consulates, but they’ve worked at British banks, too. They also were employed at UK car manufacturers Jaguar Land Rover and Rolls Royce, as well as drugmaker Astra Zeneca.

Even worse, one member of the CCP worked close to a group of M16 intelligence officers working under diplomatic cover.

Former Tory Party Leader Iain Duncan Smith urged the British government to expel the CCP members:

“The Government must now move to expel and remove any members of the Communist Party from our Consuls throughout China. They can either serve the UK or the Chinese Communist Party. They cannot do both.”

Australian news media, which largely broke the story, discovered communists from China in that nation’s midst, too.

As for American companies, CCP members have penetrated corporate branches in China as well, including giants like Boeing, Qualcomm, and Pfizer.

Boeing, for example, has CCP members scattered throughout its 17 maintenance branches in China. In addition, Qualcomm Wireless Technology in China employs CCP members over several branches as well. Moreover, Qualcomm received a contract from the U.S. Defense Department in 2018 to develop security systems for military computers. So let that sink in.

Finally, members of the CCP showed up in four branches of drugmaker Pfizer in Shanghai. And, Pfizer is set to roll out COVID vaccines imminently.

Boeing, Qualcomm, Pfizer — all employ Chinese Communist Party members. What could possibly go wrong?


Harald Groven/flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0.

It’s also important to know that for a citizen of China, attaining membership in the CCP isn’t like becoming a Republican or Democrat. In fact, less than one in ten applicants successfully becomes a member. Plus, when someone does achieve that status, they must pledge their loyalty and take an oath with a raised fist, swearing to “guard Party secrets, be loyal to the Party, work hard, fight for communism throughout my life…and never betray the Party.”

That’s hardcore communist, wouldn’t you say?

As for our legacy media — where are they on this news? As of this writing, an internet search shows no major U.S. news organizations, save Fox News and the New York Post, reporting this story. Moreover, the reporter who broke the story in the NYP is Miranda Devine, an Australian national. You’d think that news about the U.S.’s greatest threat infiltrating our corporations would be kind of important, right?

Except that Bloomberg has major business ties with China. Plus Hollywood cozies up to them, as does the NBA. And then there are hundreds of well-known American corporations doing business in China. Can’t upset those bottom lines.

Finally, there are those shady business deals between China and the entire Biden family. These have included Hunter and his Washington, DC “office mates” (as Hunter called them): Jill Biden, Uncle Jim, Papa Joe, and Gongwen Dong. Who’s Dong? He was the chairman of the now-defunct Chinese energy company CEFC. The feds are reportedly investigating Hunter’s ties with CEFC.

But it’s more important for our media to protect the (designated) future First Family than the nation.

Again, I ask: What could possibly go wrong? 


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Featured image: Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library/flickr/cropped/CC BY 2.0.

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  • Aussie Supporter says:

    We don’t let committed Nazi’s anywhere near Public office or Corporate World do we?

    So why do we let Communists any where near these positions?Considering that Communism has killed 20 times more innocents than German National Socialism.

    Word is also from Australia is that major networks in the USA were given this list before the Australian Sky News. So why didn’t they go to print with this list?

    Of course we all know the answer.

    Your Country is in a state of Coup, with assistance from foreign powers. Please get ready to defend yourselves.

    Australian Supporter

  • Bob says:

    We hear of this list but why has it not been made public??…..publish it so the entire world knows who these people are…..the court of public opinion is more powerful than any agency could ever be………..oh, that’s right….it’s about the money…….it always is….

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