Vaccines Ship Today, Media Ignores Operation Warp Speed Role

Vaccines Ship Today, Media Ignores Operation Warp Speed Role

Vaccines Ship Today, Media Ignores Operation Warp Speed Role

Vaccines ship today to 600+ places across the United States. The media is reporting all of that in great detail. Only one thing is missing. Any real mention of Operation Warp Speed.

“UPS and FedEx usually compete fiercely for business. Now, the rivals are working side by side to ship the coronavirus vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech, the first of the vaccines to win U.S. government approval.

The two shipping companies said they had put plans they had been working on for months into action after the Food and Drug Administration gave the vaccine emergency authorization late Friday.”

According to the New York Times, these two shipping companies just magically saw that a vaccine would be available, so they decided to work together to build a distribution network that would concentrate on getting the vaccine where it is needed. Did Operation Warp Speed have anything to do with that? Not according to the media.

2.9 million doses, the first rollout of the vaccine, will be shipped to key hospitals, and clinics around the United States. 

“Vaccine shipments will be getting special treatment, including priority access at the airport. If a plane with vaccines is coming in for landing, other passenger planes will have to circle and wait their turn.”

Once those vaccines arrive at the various airports, they will need to be transferred to specially refrigerated trucks and driven to the specially designed cold storage units at the identified distribution points. 

“That suitcase-sized box, something they call a “thermal shipper,” contains anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000 doses. These custom thermal shippers act as mobile freezers for clinics that don’t have the necessary specialty equipment.

FedEx and UPS have been enlisted to safely transport the thermal shippers from Pfizer storage sites in Michigan and Wisconsin to 64 states, territories and major cities across the nation.”

Now, there’s a great deal to unpack with all of this. Specifically, how will the vaccines get where they are going given this is the busiest time of year for shipping? And, quite frankly, this year is even busier because people are engaging in MORE on-line ordering now than ever due to rabid power-hungry governors shutting everything down with little reasoning and ZERO data. Yes, Cuomo and Polis, I’m looking at both of you. 

Something else to think about. Fed Ex and UPS can get the vaccines to major cities via airplane, and keep the vaccines at the correct temperature. HOWEVER, trucks are still required to transport it to the final destination. Quite frankly, there may be problems with on-time arrivals. 

Believe me, as soon as there is word of a truck breaking down through no fault of the driver, or a blizzard keeping trucks from getting across I-70 or even I-80 (which is horrendous in the winter), or the cold storage breaking down, you can bet the media will launch themselves into a furious blame game. And you can damned well bet that they will do backflips of glee by blaming President Trump for those failures. When, as General Perna has stated, the military along with Fed Ex and UPS have done their best to plan for every contingency. 

Yet, that won’t matter to the media crowd. Nope, it will be a 24/7 blame Trump for this dastardly Operation Warp Speed mess! 

Then again, this is the same freaking media who panned Operation Warp Speed in the very beginning. 

Meanwhile Andrew Cuomo, nursing home and restaurant killer, literally told the world that, just because Pfizer had a vaccine, he wouldn’t take it. Why? Because President Trump authorized Operation Warp Speed and the vaccine arrived DURING his administration. So, while Andrew Cuomo is now planning a $10,000 per person virtual Birthday party for himself and his campaign that includes The Fonz, he’s also deciding that a public service campaign is needed.

Why? To convince New Yorkers to take the vaccine that HE HIMSELF said was dangerous!!! 

Meanwhile, there is an opinion person at The NY Times who believes that Americans need to be scared into compliance. 

“As cases were mounting in September, the Michigan government produced videos with the exhortation, “Spread Hope, Not Covid,” urging Michiganders to put on a mask “for your community and country.”

Forget that. Mister Rogers-type nice isn’t working in many parts of the country. It’s time to make people scared and uncomfortable. It’s time for some sharp, focused terrifying realism.”

This journalist, who used to be an ER doc (I really have to wonder how long she lasted in the ER) wants ads running that show patients fighting the ventilator. Scare tactics for all! Uh huh. She’s obviously NOT paying attention to social media these days. People are on edge. People are frightened out of their gourds. Realism and reality has gone out the window, and fear is definitely present. 

It isn’t just about how the vaccines will get shipped and to whom. It is who will be receiving it first, second, and third. Not only that, but those receiving the vaccine will not be allowed to stockpile. New shipments will arrive at facilities when it is shown that the hospital, clinic, nursing home, etc are nearing the end of the previous shipment. 

The logistics of getting these vaccines distributed across the United States is daunting for sure. However, if it weren’t for Operation Warp Speed, the transportation logistics would be WAY behind the curve on this. The media doesn’t want to admit that. Thus, in all their news stories, the role of Operation Warp Speed is buried deep. 

Feature Photo Credit: covid vaccine vial via Artem Podrez on Pexels, cropped and modified

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