Warren Wants To Be Bernie’s Vice President

Warren Wants To Be Bernie’s Vice President

Warren Wants To Be Bernie’s Vice President

At this point, the American public should be getting combat pay for watching any of these Democratic debates. While there weren’t any massive unanswered attacks at this debate in South Carolina, it’s become clear that Elizabeth Warren is shifting her goals.

Warren, who was once the front-runner before there was actual voting, has come to the realization that she’s got no shot of winning the nomination for herself. But she could definitely position herself as a vice presidential candidate for Bernie Sanders. So Warren continued her chosen role as “attack dog sicced on Mike Bloomberg” tonight while deliberately walking around the red meat that Bernie has been leaving out all over the place.

Oh, and she recycled her “I was fired for being pregnant” story that has been pulled apart as well.

Warren is the figurative bulldog on the stage who won’t let go of the chew toy that she likes best, and that chew toy is Mike Bloomberg.

But if she really wanted to be president, wouldn’t she be going after Bernie? Bernie Sanders has made himself an easy mark – as proved by some of the questions that were asked at the debate – and Elizabeth Warren has taken aim at Bernie in debates in the past. Remember how she claimed that Bernie said that a woman could never be president? So why is Warren burying the hatchet with Bernie (wink-wink), and only whining about how he won’t eliminate the filibuster in the Senate?

The truth is that Warren has peaked and is now in a downward spiral. She has blamed the press for not covering her enough, even though the New York Times could not have kissed up harder to her.

The truth is that the American people have listened to Elizabeth Warren, and have given her a pass. She’s simply a younger, female version of Bernie Sanders, and why would the hard left go for the remake when they could have the original?

It’s likely that all the candidates on stage tonight stay in until Super Tuesday. But if that day shakes out with more Bernie wins than not, Warren may not be able to make it much beyond that point. The next Democrat debate is scheduled for March 15th, after Super Tuesday. My best guess is that Steyer, Buttigieg, and Klobuchar won’t be on stage for that debate. Biden, who really should just pack it in and go home – but apparently, no one cares enough about him to keep him from continuing to embarass himself – will probably show up at that debate because he has nothing else to do. Bloomberg can afford to stay in the race as long as he wants. But Warren? She wants to be the last woman standing, so there’s no way she drops out before Klobuchar does. Can she hang on until March 15th? Will she be reduced to singing Bernie’s praises in hopes of being his vice presidential pick? We shall see.

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  • cthulhu says:

    Nothing like being one heartbeat away…..

  • Linda S Fox says:

    Especially when that heartbeat is faltering.

    I enjoyed the debates – I was watching them live. Couldn’t believe the viciousness – like watching a girl-fight (as a teacher, I’d seen more than a few of them; low blows and dirty tricks were the norm).


  • Paladin says:

    Hillary Clinton minus the charm and warmth.

  • Joe in PNG says:

    The question is, what does she bring to a potential ticket?
    -Likeability & charm?
    -Widespread appeal?
    -Verified minority status?
    -Sheer number of delegates?
    She may want the spot, but she’s not going to get it.

  • Bec says:

    I am an indigenous American and I have to say I see more complaints from white america than any other race regarding Warren’s ancestry. I have forgiven her for the public way her heritage was handled and many natives I know have an understanding for how this could have happened to her. For one, It was an intentionally racist president that gave her a racist nickname and made the whole thing a disrespectful show and yes as I mentioned- she did not handle it correctly. White Americans should realize that they are not making any valid point by constantly attacking her, most minorities hear and see an honest person, who is not perfect but she works hard for what is right. She speaks to crowds of white Americans about issues that affect Latinos, natives and blacks – we see that and we see how she is attacked and not praised.

    • Hi. There are a couple different issues in your comment, I’ll break out what I read as your underlying theory, “we’ve overlooked her disingenuous statements, because she’s bringing up issues important to us.”
      One of the biggest complaints I hear from non-whites is that they have no “real” representation- namely people who have walked the walk, so to speak. What they get is a group of white people who “understand” and “empathize” with their issues.
      (This is gonna sting, but please finish reading my reply)- those politicians….they are full of shit.
      They can’t possibly understand.
      I can be angry when the cop pulled over my very dark Hispanic father, and requested to know our destination, and ID from everyone in the car. All the Anglo looking females driving in a BMW with the dark man. We were on a road trip, looking for a friend’s lake house in the hills of Tennessee. To say I was pissed is an understatement. I was mad on his behalf, but I can’t say that I understand how he felt. I can’t really empathize because I have no basis of experience for that emotion -“I understand and know your feelings” rings hollow. My dad (long familiar with being a stand out – he was one of the first nationally ranked Hispanic collegiate football players. His records still stand at a prestigious Southern California football school). What did he do when the cop asked for ID? He handed it over, and then flashed his retired LA County badge. The entire tone shifted as soon as the cope saw not a Hispanic man driving a car full of young Anglo looking women (in an area rife with sex trafficking…), but a brother.
      In my anger all I saw was obvious racism. Meanwhile my dad was chill and looked at it from the perspective of law enforcement and a father, and a Hispanic man. Suffice to say, he had complicated emotions regarding the incident.
      None of which I could truly empathize with. I wasn’t yet a parent worried about the the dangers of the world to my kids. I wasn’t a law enforcement officer, telling those parents that their missing daughter had been found with sex traffickers because a cop performed a “random” stop. I don’t look Hispanic, and have no basis for anything but blending into a world I never even think about my skin (aside from sunscreen. Did you know Hispanic people burn in the sun? )
      Point here…? If I said I understand what my dad felt in that situation- it would be a lie.
      Same for why Warren pisses off people with her statements of understanding discrimination. She never felt it. Maybe she imagined how it felt. But the underlying statement of “I know how how it feels to…” It’s complete bullshit.
      I’m curious why people who live with those experiences don’t demand more honesty and integrity from people who want to represent them. Especially the Native populations who are still living with the ramifications of promises made by whites who stated an understanding of the situation.
      To this day I have yet to see a reservation that is as clean, affluent, and prosperous as Warren’s Harvard neighborhood.

      But she totally gets it because some family fable gave her insight.

      What has she done to really improve the lives and communities of the people she claims to understand?
      How has she already used her power to benefit those she claims to understand?
      White people don’t dislike her only because she repeatedly misrepresented herself. It’s because she used something that would get her the most mileage on the road to victimhood status. “Look what I overcame! All the racist history my family experienced! It makes me worthy of your vote because I understand!”
      My question is- why aren’t more people offended that she’s appropriating their experiences to further her career? And then only offering a “whoops, sorry!”
      I guess she could have asked her ex-husbands DNA lab to verify that claim…. yeah. Her ex owns a lab that works with DNA…
      Sometime we don’t want to know the truth, because it destroys our narrative.

    • As an aside- my Great Great grandmother, Lular Bolden ( her maimed name), walked the trail of tears. We have the genealogy traced to her (Mormons were always good at keeping records!). I’m 1/16 Native American. Other than some physical traits, like awesome hair(!)… I wouldn’t even deem to claim the heritage or lineage for personal gain. It’s just another small part of the whole.
      It’s not what we are, but what we do that defines us.
      She’s done very little.

  • Scott says:

    ” She LIES to crowds of white Americans about issues that affect Latinos, natives and blacks”.. FIFY… That’s great that you’ve forgiven her for lying about her ancestry, and using it to advance her career.. But here’s the thing, an HONEST person (sorry, that’s NOT her) does NOT claim a heritage, in order to gain from it, unless they’re DAMN SURE that it’s true. All she had were stories, and ran with it. That’s stupid at best, patently dishonest at worst.. then look at her lies about being fired for being pregnant (irrelevant to her made up ancestry, but very applicable to the fact that she’s a liar through and through). and your claims that she’s only attacked because of a “racist” president (bullshit claim there too, but you already knew that) crumble to nothing..

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