Warren Turns The Trans Pandering To Eleven

Warren Turns The Trans Pandering To Eleven

Warren Turns The Trans Pandering To Eleven

At this point, Elizabeth Warren has looked at the polls, looked at herself in the mirror, and said “Self, what more must I say to get Iowa voters to take me seriously?”

As she stared at herself in that mirror, she probably contemplated aloud, “I mean, I’ve promised to tax the wealthy, I made fun of Buttigieg going to a wine cave, I called Bernie a liar, I even showed everyone my very cute dog! What more can Iowans want from me? What must I say to them now, so that they will KNOW that I am serious and woke enough to be president???”

And then someone – probably a staffer – whispered from behind the mirror, “Have you said anything about transgender people lately?”

Warren stared at herself in the mirror, then cried “Oh, thank you, Great Spirit! THAT’S IT!

The Massachusetts senator spoke Sunday at a town hall in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where a voter told her that children are not learning enough about LGBTQ history or sexual education in public schools. Warren told the voter that she would require a transgender child to interview a future secretary of education nominee.”

“I have two qualifications that I have talked about over and over for my secretary of education,” Warren said. “The first, it has to be someone who has taught in a public school.”

Warren added that because it was a young trans person who had asked her about a “welcoming community,” she will also require that young trans person to interview the future education secretary.”

“I’m gonna have a secretary of education that this young trans person interviews on my behalf,” Warren said. “And only if this person believes that our secretary of education nominee is someone who is committed to creating a welcoming environment, a safe environment, and a full educational curriculum for everyone, will that person actually be advanced to be secretary of education.”

I don’t even have words for how insane the pandering in this one video clip actually is, or how stupid it sounds in practical terms. By all means, Senator Warren, please explain which “young trans person” should be entrusted with choosing a Secretary of Education.

You must check ALL the intersectional boxes, of course. Maybe Warren will run DNA tests to make sure that whatever “young trans person” is chosen is of the correct ethnic makeup. Unlike, say, certain presidential candidates. *cough cough*

We have all watched Elizabeth Warren rise in the polls, and then crater in the polls. Her current race in Iowa is a tight fight for third place between herself and Pete Buttigieg. Despite her glowing endorsement by the New York Times and the in-kind donations to her campaign by the media, Warren comes off as fake as her Native background. There’s no charisma, no driving warmth, no sense of humor, no nothing except her extreme leftist pandering that is drawing crowds to her. While the establishment Democrats rightfully panic over a potential Bernie Sanders nomination, Warren seems to be completely confused as to why she’s being rejected by the Democrat primary voting bloc in favor of the aged communist with a heart problem. Her solution? Pander like the wind! Suck up to public school teachers (newsflash – Warren was never a public school teacher herself. She worked in a public school as a speech pathologist. While speech pathologists do wonderful work with kids, it is often in one-on-one or small group settings, never as a single teacher in front of a classroom of students on a daily basis), and pander to the LGBTQpluseveryone crowd by making an insane promise that you will never have to keep! Because, thankfully, Elizabeth Warren is not going to be elected president in 2020.

The only problem is that all the other Democrat candidates probably heard Warren’s promise and thought “dammit, I should have come up with that first.”

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  • Joe in PNG says:

    Just 4 more days, and the Silly Season ends. It’s going to be super obvious that the Warren juggernaut was just a balloon filled with hot wind, something generated by the Media to keep the clicks coming- and hopefully derail Sanders.

    But, honestly, Fauxcahontas Walking Eagle is no good at this. She’d been toast if the Media wasn’t propping her up, and I suspect that they’ve already written the obituary for her campaign.

    • Kris says:

      Ends? It’s cute when that are that innocent …


      The maintain the Churchillian theme,

      “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

      • Joe in PNG says:

        This particular version of the game ends. Right now, it’s the political version of “Who’s Line Is It Anyway”, where all the numbers are made up and basically meaningless.
        Most of the polls are purely manufactured for clicks, and there’s a lot of ‘Build em up, Tear them down’ for clicks.

        But, once we get to Iowa, the game changes because actual voting delegates are involved. True, it’s a similar looking game, but now it’s similar to the BCS College Football stats. Instead of totally made up fake polls, the news moves to actual voting data- plus totally made up fake polls.
        Now, the Build em up game involves wild, uninformed speculations about potential momentum from this or that win, or how this loss isn’t really a loss, and so on.

        The big difference is that it is harder to carry an noncompetitive candidate via fake polling, as it become pretty clear that someone isn’t getting votes.

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  • MortMain says:

    The corruption and seduction of our children. Disgusting.

  • Andrew X says:

    No no no… she got it all wrong! The 13 year old trans gxrl (or whatever) should be interviewing and approving DEFENSE (and the national security team), and maybe Energy, not some piddly little wannabe cabinet post.

    C’mon, if you’re gonna bring hix into it, and least plug it in where it belongs!

  • David Longfellow says:

    The question is why anyone panders to about .001% of the voting population?

  • Bandit says:

    2 things that aren’t going to happen … Warren gets elected and this interview happens

  • csmats says:

    I don’t get it. If this young trans person gets an absolute veto even over Warren herself on who will be the EdSec, why not just cut to the chase and name the young trans person EdSec?

  • lin says:

    Great piece, Deanna, whoever you are. I was simply googling “warren panderer” and this popped up. Good humor, thanks for the smiles

  • Dave says:

    “Black trans and cis women, gender-nonconforming, and nonbinary people are the backbone of our democracy.” -Liz Warren, speaking to a group of black trans and cis women, gender-nonconforming, and nonbinary people.

    We need to invite her to a Star Trek convention so she can declare that obese unemployed Trekkies with poor hygiene are the backbone of our democracy. Then to a furry convention…

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