Elizabeth Warren Interview Was Downright Awkward

Elizabeth Warren Interview Was Downright Awkward

Elizabeth Warren Interview Was Downright Awkward

Yesterday morning, radio personality, Charlamagne tha God, interviewed Elizabeth Warren on the syndicated radio show “The Breakfast Club”. He called her “the original Rachel Dolezal”! Take a listen:

Despite Warren’s attempts to pander to Democratic voters and use the interview as a platform for her hot issues, Chalamagne pressed on. Warren mentions that she came up with the claim “long ago”. Is that like, many, many moons ago in Native American terms? Get ready for the tap dancing!

Uh….I learned about my family the same way most people learn about their family, My mama, my daddy, aunts and uncles. It’s what I believed….”-Elizabeth Warren

Waltzing Woman of The Wind dives straight into campaigning for herself:

I can’t go back. But what I can do is try to be a good partner. And that’s what I do every day. So, for example, in the things we are talking about here…what I want to see us do in education is I want to see us get rid of the student loan debt and make an investment in the historically black colleges and universities. I want to see us in housing-hit redlining head on. I’ve got the first housing proposal to smack straight into that.I want to see us in healthcare. Address healthcare disparities-in particularly-maternal mortality rates-for..uh..black women…we’ve got serious problems…”-Elizabeth Warren

Charlamagne continues to press on…and She Who Dances holds firm:

It’s what I believed.”-Elizabeth Warren

You know what, Liz? I could have believed that I was an Egyptian princess, too, but my family indicated otherwise. Families have traditions. After the many holiday courses of food, food and more food, the yelling across the tables, the bellowing laughter and the passionate, heated arguments (that included a few cuss words in the native tongue) about who made the better Sunday “gravy”, there was NO DOUBT in my mind and no pretenses that we were an Italian-American Family with some Greek and some Slavic peppered in for more flavor. Does she mean to tell us that her parents didn’t know their own heritage? Chief Throw Your Mama Under The Bus is at it again! She blamed her family! Seriously. And people actually think this person is going to fight for them?!

The DNA test said it all. But the damage was already done. She claimed she was “American Indian” on documentation from the Texas state bar.Then there was “Pow Wow Chow“. This was a claim that Warren has been making for years.

Still, some believe Woman Who Tells Tales…

Okay. Fine. Let’s entertain this for but a second. So she has a distant relative (removed how many times) who was Native American? Is there a category for “Distant Native American” on college or employment applications? Is there a category for “Part Native American” on these documents? Funny, I don’t remember seeing any-which would mean Warren probably should’ve checked the box that said (gasp) Caucasian! “I’m not a person of color nor do I belong to a tribal nation”, she says. Conveniently, she is not making these claims now but was more than happy to make them before she got caught.

She Who Believed Lies From Mama received a good dose of skepticism yesterday. I am a little bit surprised that the hosts of “The Breakfast Club” weren’t 100% on-board with the ideology of “if you believe you are something, then it is true” but they weren’t. Is Warren really like Rachel Dolezal? Maybe not quite on the same level of crazy but the two women have claimed to be members of ethnic groups of which they did not belong to gain favor and benefits. The difference? One has changed her name and has been charged with fraud and the other wants The White House.

It does not require many words to speak the truth.”-Chief Joseph, Nez Perce (1840-1904)

Elizabeth Warren, Squaw Who Stepped In It. Big time.

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