Cringe Worthy: Mike Bloomberg’s Big Gay Ice Cream

Cringe Worthy: Mike Bloomberg’s Big Gay Ice Cream

Cringe Worthy: Mike Bloomberg’s Big Gay Ice Cream

Campaign managers should be put in the dunk tanks of the county fairs they make their candidates endure. Other times the cringe worthy moments are entirely the fault of the political critter who desires to look like he or she is just regular folk.

An awkward ice cream tasting video put out by Michael Bloomberg left some critics cold Wednesday.

This doesn’t leave me “cold”, actually my forehead is a little warm from the slapping it just endured. Unless the Bloomberg campaign is staffed by Sanders’ moles, the only way that clip got through to Twitter is that Mike liked it. But I bet he’s never eaten ice cream straight from the carton … EVAH

Mike is certainly not alone in the Season of Silly. Indian Princess Warren needed to show she was relatable with all you people who drink beer … in your kitchen … from a bottle … while carefully covering the label …


Don’t believe for a second that age has anything to do with cluelessness on display. Alexandria Occasional-Cortex has made it her mission to fulfill every sheltered, chauffeured, participation-trophy Millennial stereotype out there …

We’ve been here before …

The birth of the internet didn’t start these cringe moments. Politicians have been shoved outside their personal comfort zones for at least a couple hundred years. Which is actually the beauty of the Electoral College. Back on topic:

Remember this guy from the Cringe Worthy Hall of Fame?

In 1988, then Governor Dukakis used the “Massachusetts Miracle”—the transformation of his state into an economic engine—to spellbind Democrats in the primaries. But the magic didn’t work in the general election; he won only 10 states and the District of Columbia. The photo of Dukakis with a dopey grin and a huge helmet aboard a tank was turned into an ad ridiculing him as soft on defense.

Who could forget John Kerry and the pic that launched a thousand photoshops …

Cringe John Kerry moment NASA pic

Some people shouldn’t get near lab attire …

If we must endure the stage-managed moments of carefully crafted, focus group approved, bafflegab and baby kissing, the only saving moments are the laughs we get when these sheltered critters try to fit in. I don’t know who expects them to fit in every where, but a more genuine moment would be their acknowledging they are outside of their comfort zone.

You know, kind of like Mike Rowe in Dirty Jobs. But then they wouldn’t be career politicians, would they?

Stay tuned, more Big Gay moments ahead.

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  • Joel says:

    I remember when there was a photo taken of President Nixon walking on the sand near the beach wearing dress shoes.

  • Joe in PNG says:

    My favorite is when they dress up in a starched blue buttondown Oxford shirt, and pretend to do something related to physical work. And it’s inevitably a long sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up.

  • Charles N. Steele says:

    Bloomberg’s “Big Gay Ice Cream” is actually fun to watch. He reminds me of Larry “Bud” Melman from early days of David Letterman.

    He’s *so* much more fun to watch than that dreadfully lame and stilted “Pocahontas drinks a beer.” Heck, Bloomberg gives Pocahontas’ dog a run for its money. Dem fortunes looking up!

  • Andrew X says:

    Remove the word “ice”.


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