Snowflakes Take Sides in Warren and Bernie Breakup

Snowflakes Take Sides in Warren and Bernie Breakup

Snowflakes Take Sides in Warren and Bernie Breakup

Better than Bravo Reality TV, the fighting between Grammy Liz and Poppa Bernie has their snowflakes  children progressive supporters in fit of breakup fallout fear. Before CNN dubbed the post debate video, the kids had an idea that Grammy Liz was angry. But after the audio was added, they saw firsthand the tomahawk aimed at Poppa Bernie’s scalp. Standby, the kids are taking sides in this family breakup squa-bble. 

Liz was on the warpath for Bernie, frankly, demonstrating a set of brass nuggets and a steely spine otherwise lacking in this Democrat field. As amusing as it was to watch, it was even better with sound.

All plausible deniability left the room after the audio came out. There was no possible way to reframe the incident as anything other than a well timed, aggressive accusation against a challenger. Bernie, like the kowtowed beta-man he is, hunched down and requested they reschedule the throw down.

Ilhan Omar: #TeamPoppaBern

Hey, Bernie. Everywhere outside of your mom’s basement… this means you lost the optics. But that’s okay, because your favorite Islamic Socialist has you covered. Ilhan Omar picks you in the breakup! The PTSD, quasi-divorced, woman of more color than Warren is on your side!

For a party that “sees beyond color and gender”, you have a lot of supporters using both to bolster your credibility. I mean, how can you be accused of sexism when you have women friends?

Certainly tweets like hers will help pull the ultra progressive faction back together.

Bernie’s Wife, Not Helping Mend the Breakup….

Bernie, maybe your wife is a good proxy on this subject? After her great comment from to the AP, I’m sure Grammy Liz is mulling reconciliation.

“We remain committed to continuing a progressive movement made up of women and men, black and white, gay and straight … The message is unity.”

Simultaneously, she slighted Warren’s memory of the event, and forgot to include the rest of the progressive alphabet soup (seriously, #youaren’tmymom and #grammyliz types noted this in the Twitter feed. “what about non-binary people?” uhhh sorry non-binary person of no discernible skin tone, I got nothing here…).

“Maybe people sometimes misremember things that happened … But I know without a doubt that it is not anything Bernie would ever say. It is inconceivable because it’s not what he believes. And there’s proof of that going back many, many years. I’m not attacking Elizabeth Warren in any way, shape or form on this … My message is Bernie is trying to bring people together.”

Ouch… why not just chalk it up to menopause, or some other “womanly” ailment. Here’s an idea dear reader, go tell your wife she “misremembered” something. Better still if it’s something she believes to be true.

When you pick yourself up off the floor, let me know how that worked out for you.

If This Breakup is in a Parallel Universe, Can I Be Taller There?

Okay, probably not a parallel universe, but certainly one that is presently awry. Donald Trump is defending Bernie’s views on women… truly off the chain…What is happening, and were do I live?!  Most interesting to see if progressives use Trump’s comment in support of Sanders. The man they hold responsible for a shortage of pink yarn, a reprobate womanizer, is defending their Poppa Bernie. From Trump’s stump speech via Politico,

“I don’t believe that he said this because you know, I don’t know him. I don’t particularly like him. He’s a nasty guy… but it’s not his deal … She said that Bernie stated strongly that a woman can’t win for president.“

Somehow I don’t think Bernie’s kids want to toss this “support” into their next fundraising letter.

A Liar By Any Other Name… AKA, If the Moccasin Fits…. #TeamGrammyLiz

The women scolds are out in force to support Grammy Liz. The light pigment variety,  because Grammy Warren’s bench is remarkably shallow on women of color. Well, any color but white. In “Identity Politics”, Poppa B takes this one. But Grammy Liz still has support. Of a sort. Enter NYT columnist Maggie Haberman. She’s telling the judge that Grammy Liz is her pick. Of course, based on this tweet, I doubt her ability to make reasonable decisions.

Why could Grammy Liz’s version be wrong… Uh let me think. Because She Lies? If she were Native American, her name would be “Lips Moving Lies Spill.” If her lies were pounds, they would make Jerry Nadler look like a model from Paris Fashion week. She has dropped more whoppers than The Hershey Company. Maybe that’s why the “automatic assumption” is that she’s “misremembering” facts and events. Because that’s what she does. The Washington Examiner reviews some of Grammy Warren’s best whoppers here. Highlights include,

  • Her kids attending public schools. They didn’t.
  • Her Background. Hint, she’s so white!
  • Her dad’s job as a janitor. Dad denies this.
  • Being fired for getting pregnant. Didn’t happen this way.

Gosh, I wonder why the presumptions? Okay, just because she has a history of telling lies, doesn’t mean she always lies. But I wouldn’t take her word that the earth is round without first doing a fact check.

Can the Snowflakes, err, Children…. ahh Progressives Get Them Back Together?

The trouble brewing in the progressive paradise is causing some consternation amongst the elites in the party. They fear a fracture will endanger their chances of beating Trump in 2020. If the #2 & #3 candidates take out each other, it leaves Biden sitting securely in the nominee chair (better bolt it down, because Hillary will wrestle it from you, before bludgeoning you like a baby seal pup). The Washington Post reports that, Rep. Jamie B. Raskin (D-Md.), who is preparing to endorse Warren, said,

“It’s hard to project an image of unity a couple of weeks before the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primaries … It was obviously a tense moment … I’ve spoken to a number of members of Congress today who want to be sure the rivalry is robust and uninhibited, but it doesn’t lead to the kinds of bruised feelings and burned bridged that took place in 2016.”

Grammy Liz and Poppa Bernie are going to have to play nice. The next few weeks is not only the road to the caucuses, but the Senate is hearing the articles of impeachment against Trump. Breakup or not, these two need to function like adults who are a united front. Then again, it’s more fun for us to watch them behave like squirrels fighting over a nut, or a kernel of truth.

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"CC" to her friends. Recent escapee from Northern VA to the Great State of Texas. I'm a Pro-LIfe, Pro-Gun, Libertarian type... There is very little that fresh lime juice and good tequila can't fix.

  • George V says:

    Instead of the GrammyLiz hashtag, I prefer #HOAPresidentfromhell because that’s what she reminds me of. Has a plan for each and every part of the the subdivision to make everything “right”. All you have to do, you poor idiot who just happens to own a home here, is go along with everything she says and fork over whatever cash she says she needs for her HOA projects. Oh, and design your landscaping, house exterior, and heck, while we’re at it, the interior of your house in accordance with her taste. Ehhh, maybe you should dress better when you are outside also.

  • UN Agenda 21. I believe the replacement for “neighborhoods” is “human encampments” in high density. I can’t help but think of the UN success with their refugee relief camps…. Major cities in America have signed on to the plan, and I’m somewhat certain that the push for “accessible housing” is the flotsam on this river of crap. VA is redefining zoning laws in single family neighborhoods to allow for multi-family homes on single family lots. Now my neighbor can build a granny shack and thereby change my residential neighborhood into a multi-family area. Of course, there’s a reason I purchased my home in a single family home neighborhood…. But damn my desires and home price! It’s selfish of me to want that for myself.
    Liz is behind the ball on this path. But I’m sure she’s a fan.

  • Joe in PNG says:

    The Non Aggression pact is over, now that actual votes are on the line. There’s only room enough for one commie radical on the primary ballot to (they hope) garner enough delegates to have a chance at the convention.

    Liz Liawatha Walking Eagle is working the mean girl strategy here- spread rumors that benefit you, but deny you are the one spreading them. It’s probably not going to work.

    • Joe in PNG says:

      To go a little further. If there’s more than one leftist radical on the ballot, they’ll cancel each other out, and will have no voice once the convention comes along.
      So, they need to get the one radical candidate set early, to gather up what delegates they can and thus have some kind of say down the road.

      It appears that Liz and Bernie both want to be that radical candidate, and neither is about to back down in the interest of the greater good they pretend to espouse.

      I also suspect that the Party is pushing Liz in order to short out Bernie After all, the crazy SOB might actually do what he say he’s going to do, and that hurts their comfortable little rice bowls. Obama at least had the courtesy to not upset the apple carts of the really rich and powerful.

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