Warren Picks Fights And Soapboxes For Attention

Warren Picks Fights And Soapboxes For Attention

Warren Picks Fights And Soapboxes For Attention

Pretty sure that no one was asking “What is Senator Elizabeth Warren up to these days?” But that’s okay. Warren is determined to get herself back in the spotlight.

To that end, the senator from Massachusetts has been actively burning up the Twitter feeds over the last week. First, she would like to inform everyone about the terrible, horrible, no-good legacy of the filibuster and its inherent racism.

You know who disagreed with Warren? That would be that noted supporter of filibuster racism Senator Barack Obama, circa 2005.

This entire argument is performative hypocrisy, and the Democrats expect you, the public, not to notice. You see, when they are in the minority in the Senate, the filibuster is a holy and sacred part of democracy that must be preserved. When they hold the slimmest majority possible, the filibuster must go because it is an impediment to shoving massive progressive programming down the throats of the public. We have more than one Democrat on record with being for the filibuster before they were against it, but again, YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO REMEMBER THAT.

We here at Victory Girls, because we have longer memories than just a few months ago, remember quite vividly the use of the filibuster to block Senator Tim Scott’s police reform bill by Democrats. We also remember how Senator Dick Durbin, who wants the filibuster gone, thouroughly embarrassed himself at the time when he vocally opposed Senator Scott’s bill by calling it a “token” effort. Racist much, Dick Durbin? And where was Elizabeth Warren? Wasn’t the blocking of an African-American senator’s bill a prime example of the racism of the filibuster? No?

Warren believes that if Democrats could just rid themselves of the filibuster, then they could get minimum wage increased and all the gun control they want. Less than 24 hours after the shooting in Boulder that the media is now trying to ignore because their preferred narrative didn’t materialize, Warren was demanding that the filibuster had to go so that the Democrats could pass gun control.

Again, because we have memories more than a few months long, remember quite well the riots over the summer and the demands of “defund the police.” Here’s the problem, as was pointed out at the time – you can’t “defund the police” AND demand that the average American citizen then be defenseless. Again, you’re not supposed to remember or notice the problem with these diametrically opposed arguments. You’re just supposed to accept the rantings of Elizabeth Warren, because she’s on her soapbox and she’s rolling.

How do you really know that Warren is just in this for the attention? She picked a fight with Amazon News that just stank of senatorial entitlement.

The fact that she’s picking fights on Twitter (oddly Trump-like, wouldn’t you say?) is one thing, but the idea that she should not be “heckled” with “snotty tweets” because she’s a senator? WHAT. Sure, Twitter can ban people as they see fit, but Warren is essentially telling Amazon that she is going to bust up Big Tech in order to make sure that her high-and-mighty senatorialness is not bothered by the peasantry or their PR departments.

Elizabeth Warren really thought she had a shot at being president. Sadly, her dreams are no longer attainable for at least another seven years (because she won’t dare to challenge either Grandpa Joe or Kamala Harris in 2024, so the earliest that Warren could try running again is 2028). That means her only hope of not fading into obscurity as yet another leftist senator with no real power or platform is to keep herself front and center in social media with ridiculous videos, soapbox preaching and picking fights on Twitter, and a smug sense of entitlement. What a sad way to exist.

Featured image: original Victory Girls art by Darleen Click

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  • 370H55V says:

    She’ll be 79 in 2028. Let’s hope she doesn’t make it.

  • rbj1 says:

    Let’s see
    1) Senators are not to be heckled
    2) The filibuster is now racist, despite the Democrats using it last year
    3) Elected Senators are being blocked from investigating the effect’s of Fraudident Joe*’s open border policies.

    Obama really wants to fundamentally transform America. (Joe is not in charge.)

  • American Human says:

    For all leftists, democrats, media, etc., history started yesterday.

  • Taylor says:

    The Commonwealth of Massachusetts ahs had the worst Senators for along time: Ted Kennedy, Ed Markey, John Kerry, and Long Liz Warren. They are just as bad as California.

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