CNN Is Super Sad That Kamala Is Still “Living Out Of Suitcases”

CNN Is Super Sad That Kamala Is Still “Living Out Of Suitcases”

CNN Is Super Sad That Kamala Is Still “Living Out Of Suitcases”

Poor Kamala. Living out of suitcases” is super sad says CNN. All the repairs and such at the Naval Observatory residence are taking way too long.

“It’s unclear why the renovations are taking so long, said one administration official, but it’s a situation that has left Harris increasingly and understandably bothered, according to several people who spoke to CNN about her situation. “She is getting frustrated,” said another administration official, noting with each passing day the desire to move in to her designated house — a stately, turreted mansion two-and-a-half miles from the White House — grows more intense.”

Oh my word. Please call up the violins and WAAAHHHMBULANCES ASAP! 

Currently Kamala and her husband Doug are living at Blair House. Blair House isn’t your average ordinary dump. It has one hundred rooms, full-time staff, a gym, and a private hair salon. Oh, and two hundred years worth of history, paintings, and furnishings. It’s typically where Heads of State stay when they are visiting the President. It’s definitely NOT a shack. In fact, if Blair House was a hotel, I’d say the rooms would go for a thousand or more a night. 

But NOOOOOO…let’s weep for Kamala that she is homeless and *GASP! living out of suitcases! 

Meanwhile, as CNN writes this lovely little sob story, one wonders what is going on at the Border? 

Furthermore, the AP style book was amended in order to figure out how to call the border issue a crisis without using the word CRISIS

The surge, that isn’t really a surge but now is one after the Washington Post stealth edits their reporting, is stretching resources among CBP, ICE and others incredibly thin. We have a record number of children in detention centers along the border. Several hundred or more are being sent to the Dallas and San Diego convention centers, while others will be housed at Fort Bliss and sent over to San Antonio. 

These kids will need caregivers. Which means the federal government, using our taxpayer dollars, has to hire more caregivers. 

“The Biden administration is not requiring FBI fingerprint background checks of caregivers at its rapidly expanding network of emergency sites to hold thousands of immigrant teenagers, alarming child welfare experts who say the waiver compromises safety.


And to staff the sites quickly, the Biden administration has waived vetting procedures intended to protect minors from potential harm.

Staff and volunteers directly caring for children at new emergency sites don’t have to undergo FBI fingerprint checks, which use criminal databases not accessible to the public and can overcome someone changing their name or using a false identity.

HHS issued a statement Friday saying that direct care staff and volunteers “must pass public record criminal background checks.” Public records checks generally take less time but are reliant on the subject providing correct information.”

Read the above again. Key protocols, designed to protect children from harm and/or predators, are being waived by the Biden Administration. One can only assume that Kamala is fully aware of this issue and, as the head of the border crisis response, signed off on this. 

Think about it. The FBI has said it’s ok to hire caregivers for children WITHOUT doing the necessary detailed background checks. Instead, the FBI will rely upon their say-so and whatever is in public records. 

Do you see the dangers in this? I certainly do. 

Hold on, wait just a minute. Biden said, during his sad train wreck of a press conference, that families were being sent back. Oh?

If people are being sent back, why is the FBI along with CBP scrambling to hire more caregivers and waive crucial background checks?

Let’s ask Kamala! She’s in charge of fixing this! She’ll know the answer…right? Never mind, she’s all upset because she’s living out of her suitcases in a home that had a very pricey makeover in 2012 by a celebrity designer. She doesn’t like that style, she likes modern and sleek. 

“Harris has recently been spotted at her future home, popping in for an hour-long visit three weeks ago, per CNN. Two administration staff with knowledge of the ongoing updates told CNN that Harris — who likes to cook — requested work be done on the kitchen.”

You know what that tells me? The delay in the move isn’t anyone’s fault but Kamala’s. She wanted the kitchen redone, and it doesn’t matter if you’ve watched Property Brothers or Fixer Upper, with a historic home, renovations take LOTS of time.

While Kamala is hoping to quit living out of her suitcases soon and enjoy the relaxing meditative benefits of cooking the family meals, children at the border are sleeping on cots and concrete floors with only a plastic bag to hold what few possessions they have.

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  • Rupert Smedley Hepplewhite says:

    Kinda wondering what she’s going to cook when she kicks Joey out of the White House.

  • John A Wilson says:

    As an Architect I can tell you with certainty that the more expensive the kitchen the less it is used for real cooking. Try to get spaghettis sauce splatters off that there marble backsplash! The best kitchen I ever produced was a fantastic setting for the caterers. And does Kamala really cook? Not!

  • rbj1 says:

    I guess Kamala is unaware of where Harry Truman lived when the White House underwent such extensive renovations that basically only the exterior remained.

    I had to go through an FBI fingerprint check when I got hired as a child care worker for mentally retarded and emotionally disturbed children (actual phrase used in the 1980s.) Fraudident Joe*s administration is encouraging child abuse.

    • Oy Gevalt says:

      Well, maybe Joe is hiring sniffers to care for the kids. As to Kamala, let’s face it – she’s more concerned about redecorating the White House when she moves in although she’ll want to wait long enough so that when she replaces Joe she can try to get reelected for two more terms.

  • SFC D says:

    Maybe she could blow the contractor. After all, that’s how she got this far in life. Stick to what you know.

  • Mark Gist says:

    The running gag in the Tom Hanks movie Money Pit was that everything would be done in “two weeks”.

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