AP News Goes To Bat For Rioters

AP News Goes To Bat For Rioters

AP News Goes To Bat For Rioters

Rioters are not really violent says AP News. They just got “caught up in the moment.”

Yes, AP News tweeted that with a straight face. Oh, but it gets better. You see, after spending tons of hours scouring arrest records across the United States, the AP declares that most of those arrested have no affiliation with Antifa. 

“President Donald Trump portrays the hundreds of people arrested nationwide in protests against racial injustice as violent urban left-wing radicals. But an Associated Press review of thousands of pages of court documents tell a different story.

Very few of those charged appear to be affiliated with highly organized extremist groups, and many are young suburban adults from the very neighborhoods Trump vows to protect from the violence in his reelection push to win support from the suburbs.”


But many have had no previous run-ins with the law and no apparent ties to antifa, the umbrella term for leftist militant groups that Trump has said he wants to declare a terrorist organization.”

AP News is here to tell us that the riots have been “mostly peaceful.” Are your eyes rolling?? Mine are. Now, this is the same AP that wrote this about Portland riots last month. 

“Protesters in Portland hurled several firebombs at officers in Oregon’s largest city during a demonstration over a Kentucky grand jury’s decision to not indict officers in the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor, police said, escalating tensions in a city that’s already seen nearly four months of nightly protests over racial injustice and police brutality.”

Hurling firebombs is evidently evidence that the very innocent protestors are just “caught up in the moment.” Whether AP journalists want to believe it or not, the six months of riots and protests have not been ‘mostly peaceful.’ What happened just the other week in Denver involving an unlicensed security guard and a hat maker shouldn’t have happened, but it did as Democrat politicians running those cities only offer platitudes instead of solutions.

In San Francisco, a free speech rally got violent very quickly. 

It wasn’t those advocating for free speech who were violent. No, it was those who evidently wanted to shut down free speech. But I guess rioters hurling bottles and punching people in the face were just ‘caught up in the moment.’

Months of looting in SoHo isn’t considered violence.

We are supposed to believe that rioters engaged in protests that turn violent aren’t bad people and they are NOT affiliated with that ideology thing called Antifa. 

A protestor named Cyril Lartigue is walking around free right now. 

“”The judge said there are lot of people “who do something stupid that’s dangerous that we don’t even consider detaining.”

“I’m frustrated because I don’t think this is a hard case,” the judge said. “I have defendants in here with significant criminal histories that the government agrees to release.”

“We have no evidence of him — at least that’s been given to me — being a radical or a member of a group that advocates violence toward the police or others. We’ve got no criminal history. … What evidence is there that he’s a danger to society?” the judge asked.””

Here’s the problem with the judge’s ruling. Cyril was caught ON CAMERA making a Molotov cocktail. In other words, good ole Cyril was making a bomb. But he isn’t an Antifa guy, so all is good!

Understandably, AP News is getting dragged for their report. 

Just three days ago, BLM protests in Phoenix turned violent and arrests were made.

Setting fires inside Starbucks is peaceful?


Oh yes, that’s right. Those innocent kiddies from the suburbs, one of whom was carrying a flamethrower, were just ‘caught up in the moment.’

The media continually wonders why they are not trusted. Given they continue to dig holes for themselves and step on very large rakes, it’s obvious that the media has their narrative and will cling to it even as the cliff crumbles around them. 

AP is working overtime to get us to believe that the vast majority of rioters are super misunderstood and have no affiliations whatsoever with groups like Antifa or Black Lives Matter. Essentially the AP has just declared that the apple we see is really a banana. Nothing to see here, move along.

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  • deadrody says:

    Apparently, AP thinks that there are “Antifa membership cards” or some bullshit. Well, you don’t have a membership card, I guess you aren’t part of Antifa after all! You’re free to go. I mean what “ties to Antifa” are they imagining ? When you appear in court do they have a court order to search your social media posts ? Extremely unlikely. And that’s really the only place such a thing would exist.

  • NTSOG says:

    “… most of those arrested in U.S. protests look like regular citizens caught up in the moment -”

    I seem to remember that the likes of Erich Eichmann and other supporters of AH who followed the evil policies of the Third Reich to the [well-documented] letter have often been described as just ‘normal’ or ‘regular’ people, not the raving psychopaths one might have expected given the terrible and violent crimes they committed. Perhaps they too were ‘caught up in the moment’ and their involvement in the Reich’s ‘business’ gave some ‘meaning’ to their mundane existence – just like the hordes of spoiled white Antifa brats whose life is apparently meaningless?

    As for ‘affiliation’ with an organised group [of terrorists] operating with a board of management according to a constitution I bet that the group of terrorists in France who executed the teacher a few days ago were not formally organised. Terrorists are as terrorists do.

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