Warren Is A Heap Big Fail, Drops Out Of Primary

Warren Is A Heap Big Fail, Drops Out Of Primary

Warren Is A Heap Big Fail, Drops Out Of Primary

For one brief moment in time, Elizabeth Warren was the front-runner in the Democrat primary. It didn’t last very long, and her campaign has been limping along for quite a while.

Despite the media adoration and the successful attempt at scalping Mike Bloomberg live on the debate stage, the rest of us could read the smoke signals that the Warren campaign was just about to collapse in on itself. And today, after being soundly humiliated on Super Tuesday, Warren made it official.

She made an official announcement to the press as well.

And immediately, the post-mortem examination began. As you know, the media were all in on Warren. So it can’t be that they were WRONG. It also can’t be that Warren was a bad, unlikeable candidate. Oh no. The voters must be SEXIST. SO MUCH SEXISM EVERYWHERE.

And it is so true – the harshest rebuke to Warren was coming from within her own house. She placed THIRD in Massachusetts, her home state! If she couldn’t convince the voters of the state that she represents in the Senate to vote for her as president, then why should the rest of the country? Sexism? Hardly.

What Warren wanted up until now, with her front-runner days solidly behind her, was to be Bernie Sanders’s vice presidential pick. But with Bernie getting steamrolled right now, she may be reconsidering that option. The fact that she declined to endorse anyone clearly illustrates her dilemma. Warren is a radical, and she agrees with Bernie far more than she agrees with Biden. She tried styling herself as a younger, female, less shouty version of Bernie, and it didn’t work. But Bernie himself has dug a fairly large hole with his own mouth that may mean that Biden locks up the nomination before too long (but don’t tell the Bernie Bros that). If Bernie isn’t a viable candidate any longer, will Warren still hitch her wagon to his fading star? Unlikely. But we also know that Warren isn’t going to fall in line and simply endorse Biden because everyone else did. Warren did some harm to Bernie by staying in over Super Tuesday – but maybe that was the point? Hmmm. It sure would be a super sneaky move for the DNC to push Klobuchar and Buttigieg out of the race in time to help Biden, while watching or allowing Warren to take votes away from Bernie on Super Tuesday.

Regardless, the Elizabeth Warren moment is over. She had many plans. Too bad they all stunk on ice and relied on an unconstitutional “wealth tax” to boot. Happy trails to the senator from Massachusetts. Or not. Regardless, just go, and take your Medicare For All math with you.

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  • I’m not a beer drinker, but this news makes me want to celebrate with one.

    Oh, and according to Democrats, the Democrat voters are misogynists for not voting for her. It definitely wasn’t her compulsive lying and how her entire career was a fraud built on the minorities she claims to care about.

    P.S. Remember when the Democrats were so gracious to Sarah Palin and were excited that a Republican VP candidate was female? Good times.

    • Scott says:

      Good points.. It’s interesting that various demonrat candidates when they dropped out of the race claimed that it was due to racism and sexism (and I believe them on both counts), but they fail to mention that only DEMOCRATS get to vote in the primaries, so they people they’re charging with such things are THEIR OWN PARTY!… not that it should surprise anyone that’s paying attention that the party of eugenics, the KKK and Ted Kennedy, Mike Weinstein, etc is the one that’s racist and sexist…

  • Oh, and she is busy selling her hypocritical soul to the highest bidder. There is no other excuse for her not endorsing someone else already.

  • Joe in PNG says:

    My take is that her lead in the polls was always smoke and mirrors, a whole lot of wishful thinking and scale pushing by the media. The why is probably a mixture of reasons: the media needing to play the game of Build Them Up/ Tear Them Down to keep the clicks coming. The Dem Establishment needing someone to sap any potential momentum Bernie may get. The fact that Lying Liz is one of “them”- the Ivy League educated education snobs who tried to push her further than she could go.

    But as for endorsements, future Veep nods, and the rest, she’s pretty much done. Other than female middle aged MSM writers and editors, who really likes her?

  • So now Pocahontas agrees with Comrade Sanders that a woman can’t be elected president, eh?

  • Joe in PNG says:

    And why is it that so many Democratic candidates can’t seem to eat normal people food without coming across as weird and odd- like the Coneheads from the old, funny SNL?
    Warren, with her “I shall now drink this carbonated beverage beloved by the poor people”. Bloomberg and his crimes against pizza. Or Kerry pretending to eat at a Wendy’s.
    Say what you will about Bill Clinton, but one absolutely believed that he loved McD’s, and say what you will about W, but you just know he could talk about barbecue, and know what he’s talking about.

  • Skillyboo says:

    Of all the words written and said about her dropping out of the race I think the Babylon bee said it best.

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